Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Half Term Part 1

Yesterday dawned frosty and crisp.But the sun was already shining. Letting the rabbits out first thing I was struck by the prettiness of the frost on the plants..........

But , my ,it was chilly. Perfect pancakes for breakfast weather........

I was so happy to get good weather as I had promised to look after one of the boys friends for the day.

So, mid morning we headed off to Beacon Hill. I've posted about this great country park a couple of times before .

I was keen to see this lovely place in a different season, and knew it would be an excellent place for 4 boys to let off some steam.

The woodland was still looking quite green in places , with the ferns turning brown beneath the trees ...

Other trees had gorgeous autumn colours...........

Loving the long shadows cast by the low sun even in the middle of the day........

The climb thorough woodland leads to a great viewpoint, today the distance was hazy,and magical.............

The jagged rocks making the image of a face against the blue sky.......

The boys ran and climbed over rocks ..with me saying " slow down a bit" and" It's slippy be careful"

It was still pretty chilly , but so refreshing. I rounded them up for group photos, including this arty shadow one . The stick I'm holding was picked up by one of the boys then given to me to look after.That happens a lot to mums doesn't it :0)...

Scary how big their shadows look...even my littlest looks pretty tall.
We stopped for a little picnic,which included homemade mince pies with a view...

On the way back down the boys were still finding frosty leaves where the sun hadn't reached......

Definitely a day to wrap up and seek out the suns warmth.I've dug out my Lucy wrist warmers which were such a life saver last winter,especially as my fingers go completely white and numb if they get too cold .....

As you can see I wear mine with gloves underneath, those with the little grippy spots so they are ideal for driving and taking photos ! My wrist warmers are made with 2 strands of yarn held together, so they are lovely a warm.

On the way home we stopped at a local play park as the boys still had enery to burn.I sat in the warm car and munched the last ,rather battered, mince pies with some milky coffee from my flask.
My, they are good, my homemade mincemeat is really tasty. I forgot to mention it was inspired by the lovely frugal queen......

Just hope there's still some left at Christmas !

Once home I had another activity planned for the boys, inspired by this .

All they did was glue squares of orange tissue paper onto jam jars,then make a face out of black paper,and add that. I made a wire handle and added a tealight.....

Sometimes I think blogs, mine included, paint a rather rose coloured take on life. But that's O.K.isn't it ? Today we have homework, housework and rain. Just so you know :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Hey there, yeah I think we do have a tendency to paint the rosiest picture but I think that is the best thing to do, it helps you remember all the nice little things that sometimes get lost amongst the angry, sad, irritating, depressing big things that life throws. I think blogs also inspire you to make more effort to do nice things(so you know you have photos to share)
    Loving the walk pics, especially the rock face. I wouldn't make mince pies as there is only my eldest and I that like them so you know...get even fatter I would ;)
    Loving the pumpkin jars. I have loads of jars from the wedding and everyday I look at them and think I must do something with them! Maybe tonight I will.

  2. I was just thinking of making some mince pies myself as I have about a tonne of mince meat!

  3. I love the lantins and your mince pies look divine

  4. Looks like you had a great day!
    It is raining here too today, its also so dark that we have had to put the lights on.
    Love your pumpkin lanterns, great way of recycling.

  5. All so lovely isn't it? I am new to your blog. Love it!

  6. Your pictures are lovely - I felt as though I had walked with you! Might have a go at those lanterns myself - they look fab! Have also bookmarked the receipe for homemade mincemeat - mince pies are a favourite here! Thanks for sharing x

  7. I think it's nice to have a rose tinted view of life on some days, just to cheer us all up! I love the Halloween idea with the jars, think I will pinch that one for my 2 children to make! xx

  8. I like the rose colored blog posts because it is an escape from my own reality. I also appreciate the ones where truth slips out for us to read, understand, console or relate to. Looks like a fun jaunt in the park and the owls are fantastic. A very nice post.

  9. I love your lanterns and owls (we are definately on the same wavelength)Its true about the rosy specs, I wear mine daily now otherwise I think I would go crazy :) x x x x x

  10. Great pictures! I love them all!!!

  11. Hey Jacquie, lovely post and photos. Boys would've had a great time at Beacon Hill.
    Must've been chilly if you had to wear gloves and wrist warmers! Mince pies and milky coffee sounds just perfect and pancakes for
    breakfast yum.
    I think we all know that the day to day, humdrum, boring stuff takes place behind the scenes.
    The owls look great, am sure the boys would love them and the lanterns are a fab idea. You have been busy.
    Thanks for visiting and enjoy your week.

  12. What a lovely walk ~ just the place for boys to run around and get rid of all that small boy energy! Love the owls and the halloween lanterns too :O) x

  13. Dear Jacquie,
    I love your pumpkins lanterns so cute and your owls I adore them (for the second time:)hehe)
    I am very happy that you liked my blankets :)
    Have a perfect evening!


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