Wednesday 7 July 2010

A day out and some simple crochet

Yesterday was an INSET ( teacher training) day at my boys school so we decided to go to a local Country Park. Do you have these where you live ? I am very fond of this park as it's size means in never feels too crowded and it's a lot more natural than a traditional park.........

As you can see there are well maintained paths for walking and bike riding,as well as plenty of open areas of grass ( like where the boys played football in last weeks post).There is a traditional play park which they loved when they were younger.

I love the wild flowers and areas where the grass is left to grow.....

Isn't summer great !

The lake was also looking especially beautiful on such a perfect summer day,notice the pretty scuddy clouds............

Here comes a family of swans to see if we brought bread.......

The cygnets are growing up fast......

Foolishly I forgot to take any crochet with me on this trip. There's always so much else to remember like Bikes,drinks,hats,suncream,picnic blanket etc.etc.

So while the boys were off riding their bikes ,I took some photos of a little crochet I did last year.....

Can you tell what it is yet ?

It's a case for my sunglasses........

This was so simple to make and so practical.

I used 2 strands of yarn held together and a 6mm hook. This gives a stiffer, more padded result.

All you do is make a chain as wide as you want your case, Then single crochet (U.S. term)in second chain from hook,and each chain . At end of each row chain 1 and turn. repeat rows of s.c. till you have a long enough rectangle for two sides and a flap.
Sew or slip stitch the sides closed .

I lined mine to prevent the glasses catching on the yarn. I also added an oversize button and a chain loop closure.
Mine has already seen lots of use and seems to be holding up really well.

I suppose this would made a great portable crochet project for holidays and days out.
Happy Hooking
Jacquie x


  1. Oooh guess what I'm making for my holidays!!!!

  2. Oh yes I always like to take some. Can't be parted for a fortnight from hooking!!

  3. What a good idea, I will have a go it will take me forever to finish my blanket at least I'll feel like I have achieved something thanks for sharing
    Cate x

  4. Fabulous glasses case...I've never owned a glasses case (probably because my glasses only cost £1 from Primark!). I think I will have a go. Thank You for sharing. Love your new Granny Cushions. I was quite taken with your Thrifty finds that you attached your squares to. I can never find pretty crocheted goodies when thrifting. Thanks for your Granny Cushion Love...I hope to post a pattern soon. axxx

  5. I wondered why I hadn't received any updates on your blog on blogger and I've just realised that it's because I'm not following you! How did that happen?! I am rectifying that immediately lol. Love the glasses case and adore your granny cushions from previous posts.

  6. Yep Love the granny glasses case. I am afraid that everytime I read your blog there is something else I want to know this is a problem for me as I already have TOO much on the go lol! Love your cushions btw(I have been trying to keep up amongst all the chaos of late)


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