Saturday 17 July 2010

Teacher Prezzies

back in April I made some crochet flowers from a pattern I found here.
I thought they would make a nice brooch .
So, now the end of term is 4 days away ,I'm busy making more of them for teacher prezzies.
Here's one we actually gave on Friday, as it was one teachers last day...

We attached it to a card ,which the boys decorated and wrote a message inside.

I was really pleased with this one, and I'll share what the rest of them turn out like next week.

In the mean time I thought you might like the instructions on how to make the flower into a brooch,so here goes.

To start with I added a fabric covered button to the centre. I bought these two part buttons which are designed to be covered........

The instructions say to catch the fabric on the spikes .....

but I found this nearly impossible so, after much bad language ,it dawned on me I could just gather the fabric with a running thread.....

And draw it up ....

then add the back...

Voila .....

This is then sewn in place from the back.....

Because this flower is concave on the back I cut out two circles of felt so I could add some padding .....

I then sewed a brooch back to one of the circles before sewing them together with blanket stitch,stopping three quarters of the way round to allow stuffing....

Once lightly stuffed you end up with this...

Which you place into the recess in the back of the flower and sew in place...

And that's about it.

Had anyone wondered about the blue polka dot fabric in the background of this little tutorial?

Well here's what it belongs to....

My new AL-fresco crochet chair!

Here's my bag ,modeling the Flower brooch for you....

Ooohh ,I LOVE this image !! Ploka dots,crochet stripes and flower, all looking so pretty on a sunny day, with my beloved garden in the back ground .

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend.
Jacquie x
P.S. my chair is from The Range x


  1. I do love this little brooch! Clever you and lucky teachers! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. the polka dot chair is darling!!
    what a great spot to crochet such sweet gifts for the teachers :)

  3. I love the brooch. Lucky teachers! Thank you for the instructions and the link for the flower. Kim :)

  4. Ploka dots sound better than the regular kind!!! Must go now Im off to the range for one of those babies!!!

  5. That is beautiful I love it, I have been trying to make these but nowhere near as beautiful as yours. Love the chair too!
    Kandi x

  6. Great picture indeed. Like a lot. Love the bag. I don't think you were cheating at all making a new outside for an already existing one. Ithink that is really clever. Even I could find time to do that. Now straight to my attic to see if I have an old ugly bag lying around somewhere... Thanks for sharing the brooch.

  7. So very jealous of that chair. A portable beauty to crochet in style ;)
    The brooches are a wonderful idea. Why did I not think of this...oh wait because you hadn't shown us, I will now know for the future. They are gorgeous thanks Jacquie xxxx

  8. Wow what a great idea! I have loads of flowers already made up, it didn't dawn on me to use them on cards!

  9. dotty fabric and crochet, it makes me happy !!
    Louise x

  10. Oh I love that image as well! Fantastic idea for the flower card combo. I may attempt that one day!

  11. I love the image of the brooch, the polka dot chair and your bag, just wish we could see your garden too, you must be really enjoying it at this time of the year, Aubrey

  12. Oh thank you thank you thank you! I too couldn't do the so called easy buttons. I've had a stroke so I was really narked that this was yet another thing I couldn't do - sorry but it was comforting to know a "normal" person thought it difficult as well :)
    Know what you mean about the peg bag left out in the rain too - makes you want to wrap it round their neck doesn't it - lol!
    Sorry this will sound odd - I don't think I've ever commented before and now my first comment sounds like from an old chum - the fun of blogland!

  13. Hey Bunny Mummy - my name is "Bunnyess" :o) Love your page and your helpful non preachy "look what I found" attitude! I am about 250 squares into a large bed throw and will start sewing the rows today using your method - thank you! Will be needing your double V edging to finish it ....... in about 2015!!


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