Monday, 19 September 2011

Crochet Bowl Tutorial

Hello Lovelies,
here is my photo tutorial for crocheting a bowl like the ones above.
First lets talk yarn. For this project you will preferably need some cotton yarn or similar. Stretchy or woolly yarn will not have the strength to allow the bowl to maintain its shape. This is my random selection of cottons and cotton blend yarns. I think there is some bamboo in there also. I've gathered these from reduced bins .
For that reason I don't have much of each colour .But for this project that doesn't matter at all..........

The next thing to consider is hook size. Even though I'm working with two strands of yarn held together I have still only used a 4.00 mm crochet hook (there is a good hook size conversion chart here if you need it )
This means the finished bowl will be quite tightly worked and therefore more rigid than if you chose a bigger hook. This is important to avoid a floppy bowl .
If you are struggling with a small hook going up a size will probably be ok. It all depends on the thickness of your yarn,

This bowl is made in a continuous spiral so even though I'm writing about rounds there is no start and finish point to each round and it is important to have a stitch marker ( I use a safety pin ) to remember where each round begins and ends.

This tutorial is for 6 inch bowl....the biggest size I've made (on the left in ths picture above )
At the end of this tutorial are instructions for making the smaller sizes .

So lets make a start shall we. As usual I'm writing this in U.S. crochet terms.(sc = single crochet)

Holding two strands together make a slip knot in the normal way....

Next chain 2........

Insert hook in the first chain........

Round 1 Make 6 single crochet into the same chain. In this picture I've made 1 sc....

Here I've made all 6 and you can see how the chain stitch has opened up .......

To close the hole simply pull the tail ends of yarn till your work looks like this.......

Round 2 Next make 2 sc in each of the 6 stitches of round 1.If you are not sure where to start it helps to count back from your hook :0)......

When you have completed that round you should have 12 stitches .....

Round 3 Make the first stitch of round 3 then mark this with a stitch marker......

Make another sc into the same stitch the 1sc into the next stitch. Continue around till you reach the stitch marker repeating the 2sc,1sc pattern . You should now have a total of 18 stitches........

At this point I have changed the colour of one of my strands of yarn by cutting the yarn about 10" from the work and knotting on another colour. Remember to leave long enough tails to weave in at the end....

When you reach the knot encourage it to be on the wrong side of your work. If it ends up on the right side pull the tails to move it to the wrong side.

Round 4 This is a repeat of round 3 ...2sc in the first stitch, 1 sc in the next stitch, and repeat around (27 stitches)
 Every round it important to remove the stitch marker and then reinsert it into the first stitch of the next round .
Round5 This round is 2sc in the first stitch then 1sc in each of the next 2 stitches. Repeat this pattern around ( 36 stitches)
Round 6  2sc in the first stitch followed by 1sc in each of the next 3 stitches. Repeat around.(45 stitches)
In this picture I am just getting going on round 6 and you can see I've attached a new yarn colour....cutting the colour I've been using since the start and attaching a new colour......

This is the end of round 6......

Round 7 This is predictably...2sc in first stitch,1 sc in each of the next 4 stitches ,repeat around.
Round 8 You have reached the last increase round's 2sc in first stitch then 1sc in each of the next 5 stitches, repeat around.

Here is where it's going to get a whole lot easier :0)
Throw away you stitch marker (not literally ) and just sc in each stitch . This will eventually begin to make the sides . It will take a couple of rounds  before this starts to happen . In this picture you can see I just have a floppy circle........

Remember to change colours using the method above when ever you like

Here I have done about 3 rounds of sc and my bowl is just beginning to turn up at the edges ( the wrong way ! ) .........

Here I've worked a bit further and the sides are beginning to grow. I've encouraged it to turn the right way out .....

Then it's just a case of repeating the sc 's around and changing colours to your taste. You can make the sides as high as you prefer. .....
Once you are happy with the height simply fasten off the ends and weave in .
Here is the inside once I've sewn in all the pesky ends...A boring job but it doesn't take too long........

And you end up with a colourful beauty like this ......

Of course you could stick with the same two colours all the way through , this would look pretty too .

This bowl measures 6 inches or 15cm across.
To make a smaller bowl simply stop increasing sooner.
The smallest of my 3 bowls measures 4 inches and I stopped increasing after round 6.
The middle sized bowl (on the right in the first picture ) has higher sides but measures 5 1/2 inches across. For this size I stopped increasing after round 7 .

I hope all this is easy to understand....any problems , please let me know :0)
Enjoy :0)
Jacquie x

P.S. till the end of Sept '11 you can win one of these lovelies, just leave me a comment on the previous post.


  1. I'm trying to make contact true your comment but with great difficulty. I'm loving every second of your blog. Thank you for that. Just dropped by to tell you that!!

  2. Oh! Now it 's working.. Ok, well : lovely bowls. I'm trying one out tonight!! Tnx.

  3. Those are so pretty, great tutorial!

  4. Thanks for tutorial Jacquie,I going to add these beauties to my 'to do' list!love juliexx

  5. Guess what I am going to do tonight!Thank you.

  6. Thanks for sharing and for a great tutorial.
    Sarah, Sweden

  7. I. Must. Try. This is so neat! I can't wait to get going! Your colors are simply wonderful! Thanks so much!
    Grace Ann

  8. Definitely will be pinning this!! Are you on Ravelry by any chance?

  9. I've only ever made bowls/baskets with string - much less colourful and I think the coloured ones are nicer. I never thought to use cotton yarn, assuming it wouldn't hold its shape. It never occurred to me to use 2 strands together.

    Here's a little tip which you can ignore if you like :0)...
    on the first non-increasing round if you crochet into the back loops only it makes a little ridge which creates a crisp edge between the bottom and sides of the basket. Of course, you may not want that effect, but it's always good to share these things, I think! xx

  10. thank you so much. I love your blog!

  11. Hey Jacquie, well done on the tutorial, they must take quite a bit of time to put together, so thankyou..........

    Just as well I bought some cotton yarn on sale over the weekend. After work this evening I think I might sit down with hook in hand and have a go at the smallest size. I already have a use in mind for it, that is, if it turns out as well as yours, hehe....

    Claire :}

  12. Thanks for such a clear tutorial - definitely going to have a go at this! x

  13. Fantastic, thank you for the very clear tutorial. I can't stand crocheting in rounds as I always lose count and never seem to put the marker in the right place but you have cleared that one up! Might try with string and a colourful cotton joined together...
    Sandra x

  14. Jacqui - so generous sharing the tutorial!
    they are so LOVELY :)
    Renee xx

  15. Wonderful tutorial - thanks for sharing with us!

  16. Beautiful! So nice of you to share this crochet pattern with us!

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  18. ooooooo pretty crochet bowls, they would be so ideal to keep things in! I may have to make some.

    Thank you for sharing the little tutorial!

  19. Hello,
    so very nice!!
    Greet Crissi

  20. Thanks for posting the tute--I have loads of cotton lying around from my last dishcloth-knitting phase. Now all I need is time!

  21. Great tutorial Jacquie now I'm going to add it too my project list! :o)

  22. Fantastic! I think there are a bunch of these in my future. :)

  23. Looks easy enough... and they are really nice!
    Thank you for showing how to make them :)

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  25. Lovely bowls. Thank you for the tutorial. So pretty!

  26. Hello Jacquie! How wonderful bowls and great tutorial! Good idea to use cotton yarn to make them more steady!
    Sorry I missed your Marathon run! I'm impressed - well done!!! Your flowers are really beautiful!
    xxx Teje

  27. I have made a little one and a bigger one, see on my blog

  28. Saw you on Rav thanks for that.
    I think I have your email address, can't see it on here!
    Love Suex

  29. I'm going to try this tomorrow and see how I do. (I'm a terrible crocheter, but your pictures are helping me.)

  30. Ya very good tutorials there. Such kind of educative tutorials give us the teaching of craft.
    There are many good online teaching sites which provided coaching for professional courses as IPCC coaching in Delhi and more.

  31. bellissimi e che bei colori!!!!

  32. I am having a hard time. this is new to me. I get confused at the beginning where we have to single crochet 6 in the same chain...and then after pull the tail ends to close the hole. when I pull nothing happens, but i also don't think I am doing the 6 sc right. can you help? or is there a different tutorial that might help me?

  33. i just say: wonderful!!!! I have to try it! thank you!

  34. Thanks for this, it looks like it'll be easy to follow. I've printed these instructions and will be taking them with me today to have a go while I volunteer for the afternoon in a craft shop.
    I'll let you know how I got on :)

  35. This is indeed easy to follow. Thank you very much :)
    Incase you're interested, I posted about my bowl (and linked back to you) here:

  36. Hey Jacquie,
    I absolutely LOVE this project! My name is Melissa and I'm the managing editor for I'm creating an article on crochet bowls and I'd love to have your permission to publish this project in full on our site and include it in the article. You can reach me at for more information.
    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

  37. What a wonderful tute on these cute bowls! I found you through Mark Lipinski's fan page on Facebook (!/pages/Mark-Lipinskis-Fan-Page/114478598583255)
    I can't wait to try it out!

  38. I made a bowl yesterday and it turned out great. Your directions are easy to follow. I'm wondering how you use your bowls?

  39. Hi Jaquie..instead of throwing away all my yarn ends I was going to store them in a jar..this is the ideal place to put them in - it's sooo pretty. A lady had left a comment on Attic24 to say that she sprinkled hers around the woods in springtime. Such a fab idea. Imagine that..little colourful woolly nests in the trees!!! Thanks again, :-D x

  40. Thank you! loved the pattern! I just made a little basket/bowl for some of the changing table extras for my new baby (lotion, diaper cream, etc)

  41. I just finished two of these, one slightly smaller than the first so it can "nest" inside the bigger one. I may make a third even smaller because you made this pattern so easy to understand! Thank you for your thoughtfully detailed tutorial. I love it!

  42. first thing i ever crochet! so lovely. i'm going to felt mine.

  43. JCQUIE,lindo seus trabalhos!sou novata em crochê, mas vou tentar aprender mais com você,descobri seus trabalhos em Sonho de decorar.Abraços!

  44. Thanks for the tutorial. I have been looking for a pattern I could use. I have made these before but lost my pattern. I have found they make really nice caddies for serving bowls to protect my dinning table. Not only do the protect my table and insulated the serving bowl, they add a nice touch to the table apperance.

  45. I can't give you enough thanks for clear correct instructions!
    My life would be ever so much easier if I weren't so ambitious and impatient! Been trying to make baskets using yarn and rope (not hard) but everywhere I tried a pattern my bottom was so wavy around the edges-! So this is like the 5th try, and thank you so much, its nice and flat!

  46. Dear Jacquie
    Thank you so much for this inspirational tutorial - I have had such fun making some of these. Will be posting a link to you in my post on them. They are just fab and your instructions are super! Thank you so much. Have a lovely weeeknd! E x

  47. Any suggestions on how to stiffen them up? I love the bowls and would like to use them in ore ways.

    1. Hi Cindy, if you use two strands of cotton and quite a small hook they will turn out quite stiff. You could also spray them with starch or paint them with diluted pva glue which dries clear and will protect them from dirt too.
      Have fun .
      Jacquie x

  48. I love this pattern! I'm definitely going to try it. Do you have any advice on making a handle that would stand up (at least a little bit) to convert this into an Easter basket? Thanks!

  49. I'm just starting out crocheting and have been wanting to make some bowls or bags - you instructions are great - I can't wait to get started! Thank you for the beautiful pattern!

  50. How cool are these! Will def give it a try thank you

  51. Thanks for the bowl pattern. I am trying this with recycled plastic grocery bags. I have made a hand bag this way but really want to try your bowl!

  52. Thanks for the great tutorial, mine turned out great x

  53. It's a beautiful IDEA, I'll try do it!

  54. So simple, easy, and only takes one day! I am going to try to make the bowl with the bottom of the sunburst.

  55. Beautiful. So simple and easy in 1 day. I think I will try making the bottom with your sunburst which I love from the owls!


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