Thursday 8 September 2011

Autumn arrives and a Ta-dah

Hello Lovelies,
we have certainly seen a change in the weather this week. It's been wet and very windy at times . Popping out into my garden on Tuesday morning I noticed a few battered looking Chrysanthemums and just had to rescue them . I popped then on my Kitchen windowsill and immediately felt cheered up....

Isn't this a gorgeous orange seasonal . I know my grandad used to grow chrysanth's on his allotment and when we visited there would often be a vase of them in the bay window. I didn't particularly like them as a child but now I can see why my Nanna loved them......

Did you spot my squash ?...I expect so , it's hard to miss :0)
 This was not grown by myself (though we are attempting pumpkins for the first time this year) I picked it up in the supermarket . Last years lasted for months so I'm hoping this one will add a bust of colour to the dull days too ....I love it's plump shape and purely by coincidence, it's colour goes so well with my flowers.......

Along with the new uniform sorting and altering I've been busy with this week, I've managed to finish my blooming flower cushion . Would you like to see ????

Ooooh , I'm so pleased with how this turned out  :0) Thank you so much Lucy for the brilliant tutorial which made it so easy......

I was fortunate to have a thrifted cushion perfect for this project, does any body remember this cushion I bought back in May? It has a curled feather pad inside and I rather liked the Laura Ashley "Sweet Pea" fabric. ...

It was sacrificed for this project though. I had the idea to use the back of this cushion cover as the back of my cushion ,utilizing the fitted zip.

So after unpicking the two sides I cut some fabric from an old shirt into a circle the same size and sewed my crochet to this. As well as attaching it around the edge I attached a couple more rows further in ,before sewing this to the cushion cover back. I'm hoping this will add strength and prevent the yarn from getting stretched as has happened to me before .Cushions get a pretty rough ride in our house !!

Here is how  the back looks  .....

I've saved the rest of the lovely fabric for patchwork

I'm happy with how the more muted colours have worked in this project...

And I must thank you all for your lovely comments . It's always a bit daunting changing to a different palette.

 I was pretty unsure if I even liked the start of my "vintage" giant granny. So imagine how happy and reassured I felt after reading all your wonderful comments. In fact I was rather scared to add more rounds in case they didn't come up to scratch . Silly I know .

I have braved more rows is how it's looking today...sorry about the rubbish picture....dull weather didn't help......

I think I like it and I'm looking forward to seeing the two projects together in my chair :0)

After I took this picture I threw my newly finished cushion on top of the blanket WIP which was on the floor ,to check they looked OK together ....When I took a picture I was delighted with how it came out ......

WOW........I love this image..........the flowery crochet cushion framed by granny gorgeousness. LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!

 It's a week for firsts in our house ....secondary school seems to be going O.K. and all being well I'm doing something that I've never done before at the weekend .I am feeling a bit anxious right now ....will fill you in soon :0)
Jacquie x
P.S. Sorry I forgot to mention the yarn I'm using . A few of you have asked what it is.
It's mostly Stylecraft....I'll list the colours in my next yarny post. There's also some Cygnet and Bonus from my stash. It's all acrylic.


  1. Girl, the pillow is positively yummy! Great job!

  2. wow Jacquie, what hard work you have done! And that last picture is indeed a beauty and my favorite too :-). Love it!


  3. Happy first week of school for your house!! Autumn is peaking around the corner here. Although the temperature is still quite warm, the weather is changing. Lovely cushion and blanket. They look great together!
    xo Susan

  4. Bungy jumping, parachuting or crocheting in public this weekend perhaps, I'm intrigued Jacquie......

    Your flower cushion looks, blooming wonderful and the colours are great. Put it together with you rug WIP it's going to get a lot of use over the coming months.

    Just as well you picked up that round cushion it's certainly come in handy.

    Look forward to hearing about he weekends activity, enjoy the rest of the week.

    Claire :}

  5. the blooming pillow is gorgeous! and your blanket is coming along wonderfully!

  6. It is sooo good to change somehow the colors that you used to have in every project...the result is wonderful! I simply LOVE your blooming cushion and the blanket is turning out beautiful:) the colors are stunning!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous cushion. It's so pretty I would find it hard to lean back on in case I squashed it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  8. Your cushion and granny blanket are just stunning! I love the pic of them together. I have rearranged my to-make list and have moved that cushion to the top. It's so amazing - thank you for the inspiration again hon.

  9. Yummy yummy yummy, they look fab together! x

  10. I love that pillow, SO happy looking. Yay!!

  11. That cushion is fabulous, Wow! Goes really well with the blanket you are making as well.

  12. Your flowery cushion is really stunning.
    A x

  13. Your cushion and blanket look ever so brilliant! Especially when there are no flowers in the garden anymore, you will have the cushion to cheer you up!
    Have a nice day!

  14. Beautiful colours!!!! so pretty! wish i wasnt so basic at crochet, the things ive made will not be shown hehe x yessy the colours looks fabulous -the golden oranges! such Autumn colours! actually i thought it was a pumpkin! hehe ;0)x

  15. Turned out really nice! Looks so soft and fluffy and squishe. sigh. Pillows are such nice projects to make :-).

  16. Jacquie, I love, love your cushion and I could gaze at the picture of it together with your blanket for aaaages. A close second comes that beautiful close up of the juicy chrysanthemum - gorgeous.


  17. Your cushion looks great, I prefer it to Lucy's, I like the colours better. Good luck with the aniti-stretching technique, my living room crochet cushion has stretched and is now baggy despite using a pad 2" wider than the cover.

  18. The cushion is beautiful, and it looks so lovely in the picture with the granny blanket. I have realised that my last few projects have taken on a very different colour palette to my usual one. I feel a shift now into more Autumnal colours, and it feels quite a nice change!


  19. Hi,im a new follower!! just had to let you know your blooming flower cushion is gorgeous, so pretty, and your bunnies are adorable, we have just rehomed a couple of girls as well, look forward to your next post, Justine xxx

  20. Love the blanket, is goin to be soooo beautiful!

  21. So much gorgeousness all together in one post! And the colours are just scrummy - and I must must make one of Lucy's cushions too :)
    Good luck with your mysterious activity - can't wait to discover what you're up to!
    Jane x

  22. Ahhh it looks wonderful - your cushion. Blooming marvelous. xx

  23. Love that pillow! Fantastic job :)

  24. happy september :) I love your new crochet...I think the colours in your giant granny are just perfect..makes it look more vintagey too x
    x x x x x x

  25. Just beautiful Jacquie, your colours, all those stitches and gorgeous floral-ness xox

  26. Wow that picture is my idea of heaven, crochet cushion on granny blanket!
    That chair looks so inviting, I would never leave home if I had that to sit and look at all day :0)
    Well done
    Kandi xx

  27. Love your flowery cushion, it looks great!

    S x

  28. O MY ;-)) That cushion is adorable i love it and what great colours to. You are so clever, and your blanket is looking so lovely to. Glad to hear secondary school is going well. dee x

  29. That cusion is simply delish! You won an award on my blog! Pop on by and pass it on if you'd like!
    Grace Ann

  30. Oh gosh Jacquie, the photos on this post really do it for me! My favourites are the chair with your purple squares blanket & blooming flower, and then the blooming flower framed by your giant granny.

    I agree, it can be daunting changing to a new colour palette but also really refreshing and exciting. :-)
    Heather xxx

  31. Lovely! Really beautiful, autumny colours.
    Emily x

  32. I love your cushion and blanket they look gorgeous together. The more I see these gorgeous flower cushions the more I want one. Such a beauty

  33. Very pretty Jacquie!!!!!

    I can't wait to start my own cushion, I think I already have all the colors I want to put into it.

    But for now, fundraiser potholders and baby booties.

    Have a great weekend!!!!


  34. Hi Jacquie!
    Lovely cushion! And what a great idea, using the back of the old one with the zip! The blanket is coming along nicely, too, I think the colours are great. Looking forward to seeing more photos of it.
    Have a great weekend!

    Kristina x

  35. Your cushion is insanely gorgeous. Job well done!

  36. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
    They look very happy together!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  37. That cushion is gorgeous - well done!! I have no idea how you manage to make so much. The blanket looks fab too :o)

  38. Your flower cushion is gorgeous, I love it. I'm new to your blog and now happily follow along.

  39. I'm in love. The cushion and the blanket are utterly gorgeous.

  40. This is beautiful! I would love to get the pattern for the GINORMOUS flower.


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