Friday 27 August 2010

My First Giveaway

Hello Lovelies,
I'm sooooo glad the sun returned today. A few dull,wet days had really got me down.

This is a little worrying as we head into Autumn (how did that happen !).My moods never used to be so linked to the weather.

On Wednesday the rain held off long enough for a meet up with friends I made in anti natal class. Our children played happily together and it was great to catch up with all their news.

I thought it would nice to do a little crochet as we sat on our picnic blankets ,so I packed my hook and yarn along with our picnic.

When it came to getting started I suddenly felt self conscious. I mentioned I had brought my crochet along. One friend made a comment about granny's house and the sound of knitting needles. My crochet stayed firmly in my bag.

It's so different with you lot.I love being creative ,it makes me happy,even on a rainy day.
Being able to share my creations ,with you like minded lovelies makes me extra happy.
Your kind comments really do mean a lot.

So whilst I was on holiday I made a little something to send to one of you,wish I could send you all something really ,but that might take some time!

Here is my finished cushion cover. The colours remind me of heather. Purple,blue,lilac and green.......

There is a cute flower in the centre,pattern from here........

And lilac spotty buttons to close.........

I'm hoping you like her .She was made as a thank you to my special bloggy friends,who understand my crocheting ways.
I also picked up this cute little seaside tin ,whilst on holiday, for you.....

If you would like a chance to give her a home ,please leave me a comment on this post.

In a couple of weeks I'll get one of the boys to pick a name out of the hat.

So don't be shy, now is a great time to start commenting if you haven't before.
Please make sure I can contact you ,in case you win .
Good Luck ,and have a great Bank Holiday if you are in the U.K.

Jacquie x


  1. I'm trying very hard to learn to crochet at the moment, in the mean time I'd love a chance to win your gorgeous cushion, thank you!

    B xxx

  2. It is sad isn't it how we can feel uncomfortable doing something like knitting or crochet in front of some people. I was thinking that today as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep after a night shift. I don;t go a day anymore without picking up something yarn related. I guess I am growing in confidence as I will happily get out my hook anytime. I choose to ignore or turn around the comments that seem to follow. I can only do that now, a few months ago, mine too would have stayed in my bag. I guess I got to thinking that people don't bat an eye when someone gets out a book, and I like it when someone looks, and you can tell is itching to say something nice about seeing someone do a craft that they have fond memories of. So hook with pride. Or maybe the Anti natal lot just really wanted to say 'Ooohhh, I'd love to be able to do that, I wish you could teach me!!' Oh, Yes, I almost forgot, please enter me for your give awasy, the cushion is wonderful xx

  3. Beautiful! I love the flower in the middle and the buttons :) it would fit perfectly into my new living room ;)

  4. I take my crochet bag everywhere with me,I have even been known to crochet in costa coffee whilst my hubby rudely read the papers.
    I love your cushion, the flower is beautiful and the tin is divine.
    We also had plenty of sun today in sunny Nottingham but this evening does feel quite chilly, autumn is just around the corner, we will soon be snuggled under are granny blankets .
    jacey xx

  5. So, so pretty - love the colors. Please enter me in your giveaway. :)

  6. What a lovely giveaway - count me in!

    I love to crochet in the car and around family - and I have taken mine along to friend's places too, but often are too shy to pull it out! Sad aye - we should totally not care what people think!

    Maybe we need to make a goal this year to crochet in awkward places and take pics to prove we have on our blog! i.e. in a cafe, in front of friends etc. Hmmm - I might have to think about starting a blog!

  7. I've been in the same spot as you. I brought my project with me and then was embarrassed to take it out because of some unthoughtful comment someone made. Then I sat for hours, miserable, when I could have been happy and productive. I need to get brave and do what I want!

  8. Jacquie, I TOTALLY understand how you feel about crocheting around friends! Most of my friends know that I've found this new hobby, but NONE of them crochet and most of them think it's a little weird that I enjoy it so much! I feel really self-conscious about doing it around them and although I always have something in my handbag, I'm rarely game to take it out! So, also like you, I love crochet-blogland - it's a place I feel understood! So glad someone else knows how I feel. :)

    Caz from Never Knew
    P.S. Your cushion is really sweet, by the way. :)

  9. So lovely! I have crocheted for over 50 years and have made a little bit of everything. I really love seeing what others are making and I collect little hooky things others have so lovingly hooked.

    I would love to display your beautiful piece of handiwork in my humble home.

  10. Gorgeous colors on the pillow and buttons to die for -- purple with polka dots!

    Aren't people so thoughtless sometimes? We should all be open and ready to experience something new and different (your thoughtless anti-natal mothers, I mean). I prefer to think we crocheters, knitters, crafters, et al, ARE open to new things.

    Am I qualified to enter your give-away if I live in the USA?

    Have a better day, love.

    Renee, spear401

  11. I do, do enjoy your blog so much and, frankly, I do not care what people think when I crochet in public. Being over forty and a responsible mum and worker I have the right to do whatever I choose. As nowadays really few people crochet in my country I think they consider me weirdo and let them think so. They do not really know what they are missing. I just wish you keep doing nice stuff and make us happy with your blog posts.

  12. I agree with you lovely ladies, I too feel self conscious. If it were men with such talents theyd have crochet arenas in parks and we'd be forced to watch and ooo and arr about how wonderful they were (bit like celebrity chefs) Sorry grumpy old woman mode. This week I will wontonly hook infront of someone, its not like I'm showing my boobs!!! WHO'S WITH ME??????
    By the way did you say antinatal class? If so congratulations I must have missed that. Hugs Lou x

  13. I'd love to win the cushion - although I'm sure you'll find it very hard to part with!

  14. Forgot to give you contact details -

  15. I'd love a chance to win that gorgeous cushion - I wish I could master crochet (i keep trying & failing ;( ).

  16. What a lovely cushion, I love the lilac buttons. I have been busy making lots of flowers like those, they are very addictive.
    Hope you have a good weekend. I know what you mean about the weather so I hope it stays nice for you.

  17. That cushion is beautiful! Just getting into crochet myself it's great to see finished bits as inspiration. I have no one in the 'real world' interested in knitting, crochet and sewing and my family and friends all think I'm a bit odd. Anyhoo, please add me in to your lovely giveaway.
    Kandi x

  18. Already when I saw the cushion on your last post I thought 'what a lovely idea with the flower in the middle - must keep this in mind for the new cushion for our sofa, which I planned to make during the winter'. But even more better than the making by myself is to get this pretty cushion from you, so yes, please, count me in!
    I never crochet or knit in public, but that´s only because I am holding my needles in some strange way and I always thinks this must look really weird to strangers. I don´t mind about people around me who think handcrafting is "granny-y", but I think it look good when you are doing so and this is not the case with me. When I meet with friends I don´t think it´s really kind to interupt our chatter every now and then to count the stitches or so, but if they are staying in my home and it becomes evening, I love to sit in our living room and crochet or knit and then, while the others may watch TV, I do it with great joy.
    Here it is raining since days, so I couldn´t send some sunbeams, but I could wish you much more luck with the remaining summer than we have here,

  19. Its so lovely, I wish I could crochet. I don't admit I make my bears, people just don't understand. Thats why I like the blogs, like minded people.

  20. The weather is sure to improve as soon as the school holidays are over!
    Please enter me - such a pretty cushion.

  21. I too don't have many friends who are interested in crochet, knitting or quilting - all the things that I enjoy but do you know what - I don't care and crochet where I like, when I like. In my youth I used to get terribly self conscious about things but age has brought (some) wisdom and confidence and I just don't care what other people think anymore. If you enjoy what you do - DO IT AND DO IT FOR YOU!!!

  22. OOH!! I would love to be in with a chance of winning such a gorgeous cushion ~ count me in please !! :O) xx

  23. Wow Jackie! What a beautiful cushion! Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. I am a beginner so I will save it until I get the necessary skills (and experience).

    Please consider me for your giveaway! Thanks again.


  24. Oh thats sad that you felt self concsious, I know what you mean though. Infact my whole blog life is own big secret between me and me!! Nobody knows and I like it that way.
    And do you know, I would LOVE to be able to crochet and as I dont drive and have to travel by public transport everywhere, I would most definatley use that 'spare time' wisely....for a bit of hooky!
    PS. The cushion is beautiful, please add my name xx

  25. I also only have 2 really good friends that I can crochet with, that know the longing to sit and chat over a cup of tea over yarn, crafts and beautiful handmade things. Like you I feel awkward and very self conscious doing it in front of my anti-natal group, as no-one shares the same appreciation for it.

    Anyways, just wanted to say I love the purple pillow and your blog is lovely.

    Have a lovely weekend, can't believe we have such lovely weather and another 2 days of the weekend left - yay!

    Have a good week.

  26. could be they are a bit jealous of your talents and also rather rude.
    my blanket is coming along very slowly might be ready for next winter, trouble is I hop from one thing to another :)
    Your giveaway is very thoughtful
    Cate x

  27. Hi this is my first comment- I think !!
    But I do read your blog everyday as I am a crochet fanatic as well! I love the cushion cover you have made ESP the colour comb. I hope u enjoy the rest of the hols!

  28. Such a pretty cushion, love the colors. The flower just makes it so elegant. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  29. Hi Jacquie
    Nice to see you have been enjoying the Summer. Your photographs of your holiday are simply amazing! I'm so sorry I haven't been over lately I think probably the last time was the post on your beautiful little cards.
    I take my hooking everywhere. I feel if I dont take my hook I get withdrawal symptoms. So I'm pleased to say all my friends and their squares' are travelling in the car with me all the time!
    Which is lovely.
    Thanks always for your great comments.
    Your blanket is absolutely beautiful and I am pleased you are getting some wonderful use out of it. I love how you decorated your holiday home what a wacky thing to do! Fantastic. Your little cushion is simply the best, such pretty colours, absolutely gorgeous well done to you!
    Anyway enjoy the Bank Holiday. So dark at the moment looks like rain.
    Hugs Suex Thanks for stopping by.

  30. That pillow is gorgeous! I'd love to be a part of the Giveaway! Something from England!

  31. Hi Jacquie! I echo Poppy Cottage above! I bet they secretly wanted to see what you were crocheting. Absolutely love your cushion! Please will you count me in? I'm crocheting Christmas gifts at the mo. Hope to be back soon and will show you everything I've been up to. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  32. Hi Jacquie, your cushion is very sweet. Love the colors...very calm and cozy. I hope you and your family enjoy a beautiful week!

  33. I would so love to have her come live with me. She's just beautiful! Thanks for having this give away.

  34. Lovely cushion, beautiful colours.
    Sounds like you had a lovely holiday.

  35. Hi, Jacquie! I take my crochet with me everywhere I go! My Mom do it along with me and we talk and crochet, talk and crochet... such pleasure!
    About the giveaway,I´d love to win your lovely cushion and tin, but I´ll totally understand if I can´t be part of it because I live to far away from you: Brazil!!!
    Anyway, I love your blog!

  36. Hello Jacquie - You are very very talented - life is too short to let other people stop you doing stuff :)
    Love your blog.

  37. Glad you stopped by today as I was trying to remember the name of your blog to visit. That's the problem of liking so many. Pretty good surprise when I see what a lovely and generous giveaway you have too.

    I thought it was a real shame you didn't get out your crochet. I think they could learn a thing or two from you about how great and ungrannied it all is. Last time I got mine out on a beach trip I ended up showing one of my friends how to do it so she'd have something to do on her caravan holiday nights.


  38. Hi I just found your lovely blog! Your cushion is so nice, love the flower in the middle and the spotty buttons are the best! I agree about sharing your crafting with some folks, its just not appreciated. Keep at it though, show them finished projects and you will wow them eventually! I take my rag rugs into a big staff room at school and only a few are interested but those that are have become good friends and give me orders :) Please enter me in your lovely giveaway and do visit my blog :)
    Heather x

  39. Hey Jacquie, quite understand how you felt about doing a little crochet with your friends. But you are obviously a trendsetter amongst that circle and they are just slow catching on! I think we need stand up and say we are "happy to be hookers/hooking or 'we hook with pride ' or maybe not!!! Doesn't give quite the right message, hmmmm........ shall have to rethink that one, but you know what I mean.
    You are leading the way, don't be self conscious about it (easier said than done, I know)
    Your cushion is just gorgeous, those lovely colours reminded me of the Violets that are flowering in my garden. Purple, mauve and the lovely greenery around them. That sweet little tin is so cute, Love Seagulls and Puffins, could hold all sorts of treasures in that, so count me in please and good luck everyone.

  40. Yes please I would love to enter your give-away. I am loving your purple spotty buttons.

    Louise x

  41. I love your cushion cover!! The colors,too! I did a cushion cover with the same pattern and it was really pretty! I'd love to join your giveaway. Thanks!

  42. Hi just found you via Marmaladerose. I love the cushion. I'm going away tomorrow and I shall be taking a project with me. I always do, a long journey is a waste of good crafting time otherwise.

  43. Hi,
    I love to participate in your giveaway. I love it all
    Actually I learnt crocheting when I was seven years old. growing up in Egypt , I remember my grandma crocheting curtains, tops, tablecloth, and slinky black tights. Good memories.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.
    -Samya :-)

  44. The cushion is sooo pretty! I love the flower in the middle!

  45. Count me in. I would love to win the lot. Great blog and lots of inspiration to go around.

  46. I'd love to give your cushion a new home, but get so much more from your inspiring words. Your comments about clandestine crocheting sounds very much like my place of work, where me and a few others knit or sew or crochet in sporadic places rather than face the comments in the main staff area.
    But we are doing something right, as my 16 year old daughter will attest, as there she is one of the growing number of youngsters pulling out the needles wherever they are - and I DO mean kntting not hyperdermic!! We were both delighted when we visited Camp BEstival this summer to see there was a Knitting Marquee - festooned with knitted bunting, and several old and bashed up sofas to sit on,, you could sit and knit and be served cups of tea while you watched and listened to the festival outside. What a fantastic idea! We certainly need more people to be bold like this, and I am "up for it" too! It's only a few years that breast feeding in public has become acceptable, how daft that it's handcrafts now that cause a raised eyebrow!
    (Off to knit myself a soap box to stand on.)
    Carry on the good work. XXX

  47. oh what a gorgeous cushion!! I would love and would be so glad to win it :)
    Love, xxx Giusy

  48. Wow!!! I love the colours!!!!

  49. Its a lovely cushion and that tin is sooo cute! Would love love to win this giveaway

  50. Hi Jaquie, my first visit,I just loved reading your blog,I am in Australia 61 and go to a little craft group,I have only ever tried to crochet but a lovely 85 year old old teaching us all!!!! how wonderful is that. i will be back to read more and enjoy. Thanks you for sharing your talens I am going to come sit with a cuppa and stare and drool at your work. Have a lovely day.Carole xx

  51. So pretty, please count me in x

  52. Gorgeous cushion ( love the colours!) Was it easy - I'm still a beginner!

  53. I love the cushion it is usual with your work :)
    When I first started knitting and crocheting at the beginning of this year I had a lot of people ribbing me about it and making out I might as well put my name down for a home etc I simply laughed bought myself a rain hood to go with my walking stick and when my little bugs baby blanket was made and being shown off Oh how people asked where I got it from...This old boot made it I told them!
    So don't worry about it most of the time it is a little jealousy or just plain not understanding :)

  54. Beeoootiful cushion cover. Please count me in.

  55. I can't believe I hadn't entered your lovely giveaway - please count me in!

  56. Beautiful cushion could i please be in with a chance of winning :0) Goreous work, wish i could crochet.


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