Sunday 27 September 2015

Our Derbyshire Weekend ♥ part 2

Hello Lovelies, 
Waking in a strange bed always leaves me slightly disorientated. Where am I? what day is it?
What a lovely feeling it was seven days ago, to work out it was Sunday and I was still in lovely Derbyshire.

And what a wonderful surprise to open the curtains and see a beautiful mist on the fields.........

And Mrs Pheasant sitting on the dry stone wall........

How I would love this sort of view all year round.........

I didn't want to miss a minute of this fleeting Autumn morning beauty, and soon couldn't resist going out to get another angle for my pictures :0)

It was about 7.30am and the sun had not quiet risen. How I loved the mysterious and romantic atmosphere the haze created........

Around the back of our hotel I found a gate way........

Where I stood in the still, chill air and waited for the sunrise.........

The fog hung in the valley..........

And I played around with my camera, trying to get a nice shot of the lovely old dry stone wall.......

Oh, here comes the sun.........

and, in the other direction, here comes a lone cow..........

I said good morning to number 256 ( that's the number on her ear tag )  as she got closer..........

Then noticed birds that I though might be Crows taking flight. Their chattering call didn't sound quiet right and I now think they must have been can listen HERE...........

Turning back I could see my new friend was quiet close and seemed restless....and something was visible under her raised tail....oh, maybe she was about to give birth?

As the sun rose I felt rather concerned for her.......

 she headed off into the mist and I hoped the birth was straight forward,  or at least that the farmer would check on his herd very soon......

Breakfast was a relaxed affair in the lovely stone pub next to our hotel........

We were eating by eight am, and were actually the first guests down for breakfast. I didn't want to waste any of the beautiful morning.

We sat in a window seat and I wondered about that cow..........

I even dragged hubby back to the gateway to try and see here....but no luck....back in our room...still no sign....

Then, as we packed our bags back in our room we heard voices outside. A farmer on foot and one in his land rover were coming to help  cow number 256.........

Yay. What a great omen for the day ahead.

Do come back soon lovelies, to see how it turned out :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely photos Jacquie, I do hope it all turned out well for 256
    Jackie x

  2. Oh I can't wait to hear what happens next Jacquie! Beautiful atmospheric photos xx

  3. Can't wait for the next chapter!

  4. Missed you at Yarndale!Or were you there and I am getting confused by retrospective posts!

  5. What a glorious sight to awaken to. I'm hoping all goes well with Mrs Cow. CJ xx

  6. What a fantastic start to the day and well worth getting out of bed and capturing, so atmospheric. Sarah x

  7. I really am happy for you and your sweetie to have a romantic getaway such as you did. I hope Mrs. Cow had an easy birth and a healthy calf. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. A lovely set of photos. You've got me thinking. I must go away for the weekend (soon-ish). I'm wondering how the cow story ended. By chance, I've just blogged about the Design of the Year exhibition at the Design Museum and one design is a little machine to text the farmer when a cow goes into labour.

  9. I love walking on a misty morning! So glad the farmer showed up!

  10. What gorgeous atmosphere in your photos, I shall look forward to hearing more about no 256!! x

  11. Looks like a beautiful place to have a holiday.

  12. Just popped over for my breath of fresh air! Good to see your photos Jacquie. Jo x

  13. you give energy to my soul with your pictures!!!! fantastic pics full of poetry
    I love your blog and I'll follow you from now
    Have a peaceful day

  14. Years ago, my then boyfriend and I were on a country walk, and saw a horse giving birth, surrounded by a circle of cows! It was just like species didn't matter, they were all mothers encouraging her! We stayed to watch the foal emerge, encased in its membranes, and the cows stayed with the mother horse till the birth was over. An unforgettable experience of over years ago


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