Tuesday 13 October 2015

Whitby Weekending

Hello Lovelies, 
my blog just seems to be about weekends away at the moment doesn't it!

I was so sad to miss Yarndale this year due to work commitments, but last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend two nights in Yorkshire with mum.

We decided to head for the North Yorkshire coast and booked two nights at a little
 B and B in Whitby as our base.

So on Friday morning, once the boys had left for school, we set off on the long journey from the Midlands.

By early afternoon we had reached the North York Moors National Park , an area of this huge county I'm not familiar with. 

The first really sunning sight we came across was this impressive natural amphitheatre... The Hole of Horcum..........

It was a stunning sight on such a lovely sunny Autumn afternoon. There's a panorama I took on my phone HERE, which shows it more clearly.

A little further along we stopped again.
We just couldn't believe our luck with the weather, it's such an exposed upland area, but yes...even though it was October...you could fancy an ice cream.

And the view from this lay-by on the moors was perfect for spotting the steam train as it travelled along the this heritage railway ............

Woo wooo

The train was heading to Goathland, and so were we.
 It looked so charming, nestled beneath the moors, as we approached..........

Pale stone buildings, with red pan-tile roofs are typical of the area. And it seemed sheep in the streets were typical too :0)

I was walking while mum went off to do a bit of painting. That's our routine these days and it works really well.
Ahhh, here's the hotel I need to find ( with sheep of course) ..........

and here's the sign...always reassuring :0)

I was clutching a copy of THIS short walk  as I squeezed through the beautiful old kissing gate and looked back at the squat stone church........

The light was fabulous and I smiled at the glimpse of purple moorland here..........

and as I descended I smiled again at the Autumn colours beside the path........

In the valley bottom it was suddenly cool and very damp, but the sunlight still penetrated and the beck looked gorgeous....

I had to risk stepping out a little way ........

to try and capture it's sparkly beauty.......

My route said I could follow the boadwalk here, or take a short detour to see a waterfall....I tell you...what would you do?

It said " it's a rocky scramble and should only be attempted by the sure footed."
Pah...looked easy enough to me.........

Oh, maybe it might be tricky......

Oooh, bit close to the edge.......

Huge boulders, strewn with leaves...ummm.......

But I managed it....and Mallyan spout was very pretty, if not a huge torrent ;0)......

It was the whole atmosphere down there I loved anyway. There's certainly something magical about woodlands on a warm sunny day don't you think. I kept expecting to spot a fairy in the sparkly light.

What a gorgeous start to our weekend, I was smiling from ear to ear...and couldn't resist a quick selfie to prove it :0)

Aware I had promised to meet mum at 3.30pm I managed to tear myself away from this mesmerising spot .......

and carefully return to the main path, which soon began climbing away from the valley bottom......

and the trees gave way to gentle, countryside views ( oh and more sheep of course).......

It was quiet a steep walk for a girl from the Midlands, this lovely cottage was in the bottom of the next valley.......

And this, thankfully shaded path, led back up to the village ..........

Where I passed a tiny fire station.........

and a bus shelter, with gate to keep those sheep out..........

Here they are, think they own the place :0)......

Goathland is a beautiful village and it's quiet a tourist destination, largely due to it's connection with the popular British T.V. series Heartbeat, where it was used as the fictional village of Aidensfield.

I met up with mum and we had a little look around the shops.........

and smiled at the old police car being used to raise money for the air ambulance.......

But soon it was time to resume our journey, and put mum's little red car into low gear, as we climbed steeply upwards and onto the moors.

Looking back at Goathland, and that magical fairy woodland...........

and forward to the unknown :0)..........

Here we stopped for coffee from a  flask, and some home made tea loaf. Not far to go..........

but time enough  to stop in this beautiful and timeless  spot. To stare a while and breathe in that special moorland air...........

We really were feeling so lucky with this start to our mini holiday.
Do pop back soon for part two.....oh and mum's painting :0)
Jacquie x


  1. What a great post with such lovely picturesx

  2. We stayed two nights in a little old cottage at Robin Hoods Bay on Fri/Sat, can't believe we were both at the same bit of coast at the same time! How often over the years we have had these similarities Jacquie, isn't it bizarre??!! Looking forward to part 2 - I must do my own write up too :) xxx

  3. Still gorgeously green there! I love all of your nature shots. It makes me wish I wasn't stuck at work all day today. i'd rather be frolicking in the forest!!

  4. DH and I enjoyed a trip to Goathland a couple of years ago on a trip to Yorkshire, and we had a ride on the railway too... your post brought back some wonderful memories for me.... thank you

  5. What gorgeous pictures of my home part of the world, how I wish I was there right now. I do miss it so much and your photos show it off beautifully.
    Jackie x

  6. Gorgeous!! I'm only about 3/4's of an hour away and didnt know of this walk, but I do now - cant wait to do this walk with hubby!! Honestly, things on your doorstep that you just dont know are there - shocking!!! It is a lovely over that neck of the woods and when the boys where little we were quite often on the steam train and even a few months back we went again (without the boys which felt quite naughty) but they would have only moaned now that they are too old :-) xx

  7. Oh that is all so beautiful. There are so many places in your beautiful country to take lovely walks. Thank you so much for taking us along with you today. I love how the sheep are just strolling along. :-)

  8. That looks a great day out. Lovely photos too.

  9. what a great trip to do with your Mum.Enjoy these daysThey are precious.My Mum died when I was 24 so I am so envious .

  10. You're so amazing! What a great hike and then a fun time with your Mum. I always find a stone house in your photos that I want to live in. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Looks like a fab trip, lovely walks x

  12. Such gorgeous scenery, and I really love the stone stepping stones across the grass in the photo with the sheep and the red-tiled cottages. The walk looks a bit tricky by the stream, glad you didn't fall in! I love your routine of walking while your mum paints, it works perfectly I think. I shall enjoy seeing your next post, and her painting. CJ xx

  13. I look forward to seeing your Mom's painting! A charming place! What a fabulous weekend! Kind of like mine (low gear was required) and there was mountain views but, instead of wilderness walks it was walking and checking out a fall craft fair and car show (and trying not to bust the bank lol). I look forward to part two! Have a great one! x

  14. Before I moved to live in Colorado I lived in Scarborough and part of my job for the county involved working with schools, including Goathland primary. I would eat my lunch sitting on the moor while the sheep watched me, then went off to the school to work on their budget. I love the Hole of Horcum too, it's all such gorgeous scenery. Thanks for sharing your photos, it brought back lots of happy memories!

  15. You have some amazing photos again Jacquie, I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Please don't feel you have to do it as I know time is precious but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. You can find my post here
    Sharon x

  16. We drove to Whitby in May and passed the turning for Goathland, the views on top there are stunning aren't they. very bleak but beautiful. You look a picture of health Jacqui. Jo x

  17. How nice! The moor is such a fascinating environment, I love your pics!

  18. What a fabulous place to explore! Looks as though you had wonderful weather, just right for ice cream even if it was October! xx

  19. Jackie, you are in one of our favourite places, we love the North York Moors - such stunning scenery in that part of the world. I am very much looking forŵard to reading part two of your adventures which I guess will cover Whitby and will bring back special memories for me. xx

  20. Jacquie, once again, I just marvel at the beautiful countryside that you all can actually walk through on those footpaths. Stunned by the loveliness and looking forward to part 2. xo

  21. My mum and I stayed at Whitby when we came to the UK. I loved the moors too, and we had a real boggle at the salt boxes. As Aussies, we would never need such a thing!

  22. How wonderful Jacquie!
    I've enjoyed every bit of your post!
    Thank You so much for sharing!

  23. Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous scenery and gorgeous weather! I love the little village of Goathlnad, very cute.


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