Thursday 11 February 2016

Feeling a little Poetic

Hello Lovelies,
I really wanted to go out with my walking group today, but it was not to be. Youngest has a sore throat and I decided he better stay home. 
All morning I looked longingly at the bright sunny weather and happily by early afternoon youngest ( who is a teenager) as feeling a little better. He was content to be left on the sofa for half an hour while I went to stretch my legs. In the end I was probably gone for more like an hour....but hopefully he didn't notice :0)

Oh, it was so lovely out....

There was warmth in the low sun. And there were flowers even ....what joy....

 Of course it's the Snowdrops that make me smile the most in February............

How I love the bare tree silhouettes against the church. It's made from stones taken from a nearby Roman road and dates back to the 11th Century..........

It's a special place all year round, but especially pretty when the early flowers  are just beginning to bloom........

 and look what I spotted in the corner by the little woodland.......

Wild Garlic shoots.

All the time I was walking round taking photos, and then walking home, I was making up a little poem in my head. I dashed to my desk and put pen to paper ( after first checking on the poorly child...he was fine) .

Here's what I came up with. I'm sure it's far from perfect as I know nothing about writing poetry, but what can I say, it's lovely to feel inspired. 
I hope you enjoy reading it.

A Sunny day in February

I'm squinting at the sideways sun, a smile crosses my face.
The birds are singing in every bare branched tree, could there be a prettier place?

This churchyard I visit all year round, has never looked so sublime.
I stop, catch my breath.....the dark days are gone, it's so nearly, nearly springtime.

There are snowdrops amongst the gravestones, wild cyclamen and Daffodils too.
It may be muddy underfoot, but yes!, green shoots are bursting through.

I could stay here for hours on a day like today, no other human around.
Just rabbits and squirrels and the song of the Robin,

 in this timeless place .....Peace is found.

Jacquie x


  1. I am glad you were able to get out even for a little while. I love your February poem, I couldn't even begin to make up something like that. xx

  2. Jacquie, this is my second comment to you today. I definitely wanted to let you how well your poem has captured a particular afternoon. Thanks for sharing both the pretty churchyard photographs and your poetry! I'm also glad that your teenager is feeling better.


  3. You poetic feelings cheered me today! Like your son some in our household are getting better from sore throats so are resting inside. While I have spotted some blooming daffodils in our area none of our daffodils at home have bloomed yet, and I have yet to plant some snowdrops although a source has been offered to me. Thanks for posting, Jacquie :) xx

  4. What a wonderful post! I loved seeing the flowers on your walk and you photographed them in wonderful ways.. and the fabulous poem to top it off.. magic! Thank you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Love the poem Jacquie, you've captured the moment beautifully. I was thinking similar things yesterday and today in the sunshine, it's been glorious hasn't it. I sat on a bench in the sun yesterday and I could really feel spring in the air. Glad you managed to pop out for a little walk at least. The church is wonderful, and how interesting that the stones are from the Roman road. I hope your youngest is feeling better now. Some sort of vague cold-type things are circulating here as well. I'm hoping against hope I don't catch it. CJ xx

  6. Indeed it does looks beautiful and what a great place for a walk. It is very icy outdoors with a layer of snow on top of it. I don't trust myself walking around yet but Spring should be here soon. It is interesting to look at cemeteries and read the names at the stones. I often say, oh, so that was a popular name for a female around that time in history, etc. In our visit to Europe a few years ago we got to see some interesting cemeteries in Austria. Hope your son is feeling better. Thank you for the lovely poem!!

  7. That is a wonderful poem and fits your lovely pictures perfectly. I love the sunshine. We're having a series of grey, foggy, cloudy days here but at least it's not snow! Thank you for sharing such. Beautiful post with us today.

  8. Beautiful...I must get myself some wild garlic leaves :) xxx

  9. What a lovely poem and beautiful photos,I feel a poet in the making x

  10. Love your poem. You make me want to get outside and discover the goodness.

  11. Such a lovely poem! How great that you were inspired in this way. Happy Valentines! xx

  12. A lovely piece and outing. I hope your son is better now. Enjoy the weekend and may it be filled with sun and inspiration! x

  13. You're poem brought me to tears... in a good way.

  14. Thanks for sharing both the pretty churchyard photographs and your poetry! I'm also glad that your teenager is feeling better.visit my blog


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