Thursday 9 June 2016

Crochet in the Garden

Hello Lovelies,
It's been so nice to finally get some warm weather after our cool and cloudy half term. On Saturday there was no sunshine here but the air was still and the warmth tempted me to take my crochet out into the garden.

I sat on the lovely bench eldest made me for Christmas and worked on some granny hexagons that I have been experimenting with.........

I've been feeling inspired by all the green that surrounds us right now. And the flowers that are appearing in my garden

I'm using four lovely shades of green and making this project from very simple hexagon motifs joined as you go...........

There are two shades of green in every hexagon so that will be the predominant colour. The other colours are just any shade of yarn that reminds me of flowers. 

 Maybe Anitrrhinums.........

or Geranium.........

I've always longed for more flowers in my garden, but no matter how many I plant green always dominates. I'm finally realising what joy there is in foliage. All the different leaf shapes and the different shades of green.........

The flowers are little blobs of colour on that tapestry of green..........

That's what I'm hoping to capture in crochet......

 On Sunday I happily sat in the garden, surrounded by all that green, and sewed in the ends on my experimental piece.......

It's such a lovely time of year to be outdoors. My foxgloves are just opening..........

and our newly planted apple tree is doing well...........

The birds in the garden bring me as much joy as the flowers.  I seem to be hearing Goldfinches everywhere at the moment.  One sat on our TV aerial all afternoon and sang it's twittery little tune. So charming.......

Mr blackbird searched the grass for worms..........

and Mr sparrow searched for bugs on my roses.........

and I watched and listened as I sewed......

There we are. That's better, what do you think?

Looking at the colours against the background of our lawn made me wonder if I should add darker greens to the design. But I'm sure in the depths of winter all these fresh greens will conjure up the garden in summer to me.....

 I've made this motif in the same way I make granny squares ( which you can find in my side bar) . the only difference is to make six clusters of U.K. treble ( U.S. double) crochet stitches in the first round and work from there. The motifs are a bit wonky to start with and I wasn't sure they would lie flat when joined, but happily they do seem to.

The yarn is all Stylecraft Special DK and the four shades of green I'm using are Meadow, Pistachio, Cypress and Sage.........


When I made THIS blanket I longed for there to be a better selection of greens in the stylecraft range. Now there are. This makes me happy :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Well done .it's going to be great ! .i'm starting the same kind of blanket with Stylcraft DK ...making African flowers 15 shades surrounded by dark grey. I'm using the Attic24 cupcake pack ,hoping it works well .Y.S

  2. Your blanket is going to be beautiful, just like your very pretty garden!

  3. What a lovely, serene post to read through:-) And the accompanying pics are great . Love the afghan - I like to brighten up winters too :-)

  4. Hi Jacquie, what a beautiful project! Such a great idea to capture some summer colour with yarn - like bottling sunshine!
    I'm currently working with the Simply Crochet team and I've been trying to contact you via email regarding a project of yours that appeared in Simply Crochet magazine a few years ago but I think I might have the wrong address. Would you be able to get in touch with me, please? We're working on something lovely and would like your project to be part of it. I'm on charlotte(dot)martyn(at) Looking forward to hearing from you.

  5. Love the colours of your crochet work, beautiful greens and a beautiful garden too! :) Ps. Love your instagram account :) x

  6. Hi Jacquie,

    What a really nice crochet work, I really love the colours. Your garden looks gorgeous. Really beautiful.
    Have a nice evening.

    Sweet greetings,

  7. The hexagon blanket is just beautiful, but I think the greens you have are enough!! It is light, summery colours as it is!!! X

  8. Wonderful colours and I love the fresh greens as they seem to capture the essence of the trees when they first come into leaf. Gorgeous garden too!

  9. Good Morning Jacquie! Thank you for taking us to sit for awhile in your garden with you. Your hexie blanket is very beautiful, I love all of the colors you're using. Your flowers and bird visitors are so "springy" and happy. I really enjoyed visiting you.

  10. Oh, I bought a skein of Stylecraft yarn in pink when I was in England and I love it so! I have used it to make baby girl headbands and to edge baby girl blankets, it's lovely!
    I LOVE you garden and your crochet flowery design with the green background, it's lovely. x

  11. Wow! Your backyard is so beautiful! I love all the flowers.

  12. You have such a nice big garden! Love how your blanket is growing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. It is so lovely to crochet in the garden, especially when the garden is as lovely as yours! Your crochet is beautiful too!

  14. Gardens and nature are such wonderful inspirations for crochet and the perfect place to enjoy it when the weather is pleasant. My compliments to you on your garden - it is so neat and tidy. My garden is not as beautifully manicured as yours. I like to let my garden be a little wild in places - a few nasturtiums running rampant here or herbs spilling out over the edges of the beds - and I don't think I will ever have time or energy to keep it as pristine as your beautiful garden. I look forward to seeing your hexi-blanket progress. Happy summer crocheting. :-)

  15. Your blanket is lovely and I'm sure when winter comes around all those lovely greens and pretty colours will remind you of Spring. No sun to sit in the garden this weekend but like you last weekend I was tempted out into the garden with my knitting. Sadly I never seem to remember to take photos
    Enjoy the weekend
    Jackie x

  16. It's gorgeous already! Definitely says flower garden. Enjoy the weekend and may the sun shine for you!

  17. Hi Jacquie. Your garden is so pretty, inviting, and maintained. I love that you're crocheting again and that your child made you the bench. I've been reading your blog a few years now; I've always admired your knowledge of names of flowers and birds. I still am not fluent in that regard, but I know more than I used to and have begun to notice which time of year or part of the season to expect certain blossoms and flowers to appear. I've learned the names of trees in my community too. Thanks for the inspiration. Alexine in Maryland

  18. Hi Jacquie, your garden is looking beautiful, love the foxglove, I have finally have one in my garden. It's getting rather bashed today with this grotty weather. Can't wait to see your finished blanket its looking lovely. xx

  19. Hi! What a wonderful garden! Your blanket is so lovely! congratulations!

  20. I love green so it looks fab to me, I also loved the other blanket project, such happy colours. I also remember the dress you were wearing in the old blog post too made from a duvet cover. Is it still going strong? I am sewing more than crochet at the moment but have ideas on a wishlist as ever. Jo x

  21. Hello Jacquie loving the hexies, and marveling at your lawn it looks perfect like green velvet! how do you do it?
    best x

  22. I love your garden motif crochet!! The green shades are gorgeous! :)

  23. Your crochet, your garden, everything looks so beautiful Jacquie.
    It's a bless, isn't it? Crochet outside in a beautiful garden, filled with beautiful flowers, and enjoy the birds singing. Love this time of the year!

    Have a great week.

  24. Beautiful crochet! I have never made hexagon, this is surely inspiring. Your flower garden looks so lush and green!


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