Saturday, 27 August 2016

Cornwall 2016 :: part one

Hello Lovelies,
sorry it's been quiet around here. I hope you are all keeping well.
A couple of weeks ago we enjoyed a long awaited week by the sea. This  year mum came with us and I drove her car down to Cornwall so she could do her own thing sometimes while we were there.
Road closures, roadworks and heavy traffic turned that journey into a 9 hour marathon.
What a relief it was to finally arrive at our destination. How beautiful is this view!......

We regrouped with the rest of the family and headed down to the beach........

I loved the lighthouse off  Gwithian beach

We had travelled though heavy cloud all the way, so to see blue skies appear shortly after our arrival was wonderful. The light in Cornwall always seems special on a sunny day.........

Oh look, a plane flying over with a banner. Another common sight in these parts :0).....

"♥LISA♥MARRY ME"........

Wonder if Lisa said yes?

The boys and their cousins were soon heading into the surf for a quick dip........

 I was happy with a paddle .....

Beautiful St Ives bay..........

after an hour or so it was time to go and find our accommodation. We walked back up to the car park,

And I found Mum on the clifftops......

As always she had been painting..........

I love how this little watercolour sketch turned out.......

Back Soon with part two.
Jacquie x


  1. beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. I love Cornwall. x

  2. How lovely! I wonder too if Lisa said yes! lol Love the painting.x

  3. Beautiful destination and what a pretty watercolor by Mum!

  4. Oh my goodness, a nine-hour car trip is a real patience tester. How wonderful it must have been to reach your beautiful destination with that gorgeous open shore and blue sea and sky. I can see why your mom would immediately get to painting.

    I very much like your photo of the lacy foam of the surf on the sand. It's a beauty! Perhaps it might inspire some crocheting? xo

  5. Wonderful pics, I,m sure Lisa said YES. xxxxx

  6. Beautiful pictures. The watercolor is really lovely :)

  7. Your mother is an amazing artist. So very talented!

  8. Actually that light looks rather Westeran Australian! I never understood the Turner style of painting till I visited Britain, because our light is mostly that same bright white. :) That watercolour is lovely!

  9. Beautiful images which instantly brought back our holiday in the dunes behind this coastline. It must have been so soothing after that awful long journey. Your Mum has captured it so well in her painting. Sarah x

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  11. Your mum is a great painter, I love her beach scene. What a beautiful place.

  12. Wonderful views, your mum is a great painter, I love this little picture!

  13. Hi.Godrevy is my most favourite place in the whole world.Gwithian also is so beautiful.Do hope you will pay my village a visit."St.Agnes".pleeeeees say you will.Do hope you have a safe and brilliant holiday,lets hope the weather behaves.Love all your pics,your mum is very talented.Huggles xx

    1. Hi Lee, I'm sorry but we are already back from holiday :0(

  14. I know,hee hee.Silly me didn't read the post properly soreeeee.Maybe next year.Huggles xx

  15. Wonderful pictures. A paddle in that lovely clear water would be blissful, as I've just come in from the garden all hot and sticky!

  16. I recognise those places! Love the air banner, wonder if they've got a photographer :D

  17. You have such beautiful photos here - I live in Cornwall and always feel so sorry for visitors who come down for a holiday and get such awful weather (my own family included!) I'm so glad you came when we had the lovely hot days and sunshine - it all looks so much better. I love that area of Gwithian and must get back there before the summer disappears completely, maybe a day when the grandchildren are not at school - we can take a picnic. Please come and visit my blog, too Rosie's Ramblings. Thank you. xx


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