Thursday 12 January 2017

The Quiet Winter

Hello Lovelies,
the title of this post is totally stolen form Sarah, who saw it as a hashtag somewhere and liked the idea of it. I like the idea of it too.
I'm enjoying January so far. With the pressure of Christmas over I feel able to relax and enjoy some slow, quiet days. 
Of course life with three teens is never that quiet, but I can always go for a walk.
After years of never having a moment to myself these simple pleasures still delight me.

I love a walk at twilight when the sunset is still colouring the sky and the moon is rising.

Looking at the moon through bare branched trees is rather beautiful.

 Yes, it's chilly but I still find it wonderful to be outdoors as the light fades.

 And then Hurry home to the cosy warmth.

 My Amaryllis has finally flowered. I love the slow process of watching it grow.
 Sadly this year my plant had a encounter with a candle just before Christmas and I had to perform "Life Changing Surgery" as eldest put it. At least it had a second flower stem and if I stand it in front of a mirror it looks like it still has two flower stems :0)

I'm playing safe with fairy lights instead of candles now.

Of course there are a fair amount of grey days, when it's hard to find something pretty to photograph. But there is a sort of calm quietness ( when it's not windy)

I liked Lucy's description in THIS post ..."the pared back simplicity of the winter scenery."

And then there are birds. So much easier to spot in winter and braver because they are hungry. Robins hop around the footpaths.

And in my garden there's almost always a Blackbird. I have feeders in the trees and scatter meal worms on the grass by the bird bath.

and seeds on the picnic bench attract many different birds. How I loved this cute Wren.

Snacking on the sunflower seeds.

 The pictures are not the best but they were taken through the bedroom window. I love having a good zoom. 

 Simple Sunday walks are another quiet Winter pleasure. The gulls and Cormorants have taken over the rowing boats on the lake.

And I was fascinated by these ducks that hardly stopped dabbling. They were so hard to photograph.
 I had no idea what they were, but I've looked them up. They are Teals...of course they are. Just look at their "eye shadow" and the little flashes on their wings.

 Another sight we can only see in winter.

This female mallard was much easier to photograph, it's just a shame I chopped off part of her reflection.

 Twilight by the water at 4pm.

 I'll leave you with a picture of the huge scone I enjoyed for lunch on today's group walk. I'm not sure  it fits in with the quiet Winter theme, but it was very photogenic I thought.

 It was such a treat to sit in a cosy cafe instead of our usual picnic. And winter gives us the excuse to seek out cosy doesn't it.

Winter you are just fine with me at the moment. In a bit I will be more than ready for my favourite season, spring, but not yet. I'm not wishing winter away.
How about you?
Jacquie x


  1. I'm loving winter too, as you say it is beautiful to see everything pared back. Each little splash of colour is precious. Fantastic photo of the teal. The scone is looking pretty good too. CJ xx

  2. I can deal with Winter for a bit longer especially since I live in a more mild Winter region than others. That scone is calling to me. Why does food have to be my comfort. :)

  3. Lovely pictures ☺
    I am loving Winter.
    To dislike a season seems like disliking a quarter of the year which seems such a dreadful waste!

  4. Lovely to pop in here for a catch up, Jacquie. I agree with you about the charms of winter. Wishing you a wonderful 2017. xo

  5. After our intensely hot summer and autumn last year, I'm not complaining about the cold this time around.Enjoy!

  6. Years ago I lived on a horse farm outside of Philadelphia. I miss it the most in the wintertime. I miss the "the pared back simplicity of the winter scenery." also

  7. Lovely sights...I am partial to seeing the sheep you see! My last three posts have had to do with snow and my next will, too, since we got a little over six inches of it here near Portland, Oregon. While I am sorry for the suffering it is causing some, I am not hankering for Spring yet. Each season has its trials and joys and I am enjoying the joys of winter...mostly while being safe and warm inside! xx

  8. Such a lovely walk. I love seeing everything you see on your walks and share with us. I live about 350 miles away from Gracie, (the comment above), and we have so much snow here. I have almost 4 feet in the front yard. Your walk sounds absolutely wonderful.

  9. It looks as though you are having a lovely winter so far! It is snowy here today although I suspect it is melting, but it is very icy too. Not much time to explore winter yet, but I will go into the garden today and see what I can find! Happy wintering!

  10. Beautiful photos - I particularly like the one of the moon as the detail you have captured is amazing! I think your post title, had you written it today, would be anything but quiet! We had a heavy snowstorm (on the Yorkshire coast) at about 8 am but the 2 inches of snow left behind has almost melted and as yet the wind hasn't been as bad as predicted....but there's still time! I know I will be suffering from cabin fever before long but am enjoying reading a few blogs without feeling guilty at sitting around in the morning. Thanks for sharing all your walks which I enjoy vicariously - shame they won't count towards my 1000 miles! Vicki in the East Riding

  11. I'm not wishing Winter away, either, Jacquie...! Here in the northeastern United States it is our "quiet time", where there are no demands to be outdoors gardening or any number of other is the time to "settle in" in the evenings, and enjoy the benefits and lovely fruits of our sewing, reading, and crocheting labors...

  12. I love winter too. I love all the seasons. I don't have a favourite as each season has it's own highlights, it's impossible for me to choose! Any season is what you make of I think - those people who dislike winter just need to get out there and look for its delights, like we do!

  13. These photos are beautiful. You got great shots of the sky and the moon. The wolf moon has been marvelous. So cute to see those birds eating at your garden table. Pretty lanterns!! Wishing you a great weekend!

  14. You have managed to spot so much colour out there. We have a had a few good walks lately. Jo x

  15. Hi,I am definitely a Winter person.Being a Dog Walker out in all weathers.I Love to walk in the rain,not dogs n mogs rain but I don't mind it wet or cold.Loving your photo's as always,so Beautiful.We also have Jenny Wren visit us.I love thos lil birds.Happy Winter.xx

  16. Lovely photos as always. Have been absent from blog-browsing for a while - lovely to see your beautiful skies, the other photos are great too but I do love the colours and atmosphere in the skies! :-)

  17. January is such a simple month, a resting month, a planning month. Christmas a long and distant memory and the nights slowly drawing out once again. I love the quietness and the simplicity, getting ready for the year to start up again and the growth of spring beginning to show. Gorgeous post Jacquie, enjoy your Sunday xx

  18. That scone! Oh my! The fairy lights in tealight holders is a good idea. We have some cuties here that I am too worried to use.

  19. Love love love your blog!!! <3 Your pictures give us all the beauty of the real world there is all around you.

  20. Jacquie, your photographs are stunning. I have oohed and ahhed over the last several posts enjoying them ever so much. Thank you for posting them!

  21. Jacquie, these are beautiful photographs.

  22. I must admit to January being my least favourite month but you have managed to find lots of lovey things to photograph. I do like walking on crisp cold days and watching the stars appear and I agree a tree silhouette is beautiful I love your photo of the moon too xxx


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