Sunday 21 May 2017

Back to Yorkshire :: Part 3

Hello Lovelies,
one of the nicest things about this Yorkshire visit for me was the walks I did straight from our hotel. Both mornings we were there I managed a walk before breakfast. The morning of our departure saw me exploring the towpath of the canal. It wasn't a sunny day, but the air was still and I loved the mirror like reflections.

and the cute ducklings.

It's such a peaceful green oasis in a busy area.

 Old mills and narrow boats.

Fun signs.

Locks and views.

boats and cottages.

Colourful trucks :0)

After breakfast Mum and I ventured down the road to Damart...where there was a sale on.

Mum picked up lots of bargains, then we decided it was time to head home.

 As we travelled through Bingley mum noticed a familiar lane. "Beckfoot bridge is down there" she said. Ooooh I just had to turn the car around for a quick lisit.

Above my bed I have a painting done by mum of this bridge and I love it. I couldn't miss the chance to see it for myself. If I had been as a child I couldn't remember it.

We stopped by this house and I left mum in the car. I just walked through that gap you can see.

And there it was !

Welsh poppies grew out of the stone walls ( that's a childhood memory right there)

and the other side of that house was so lovely

Standing on the bridge you can see there is a ford here.

The bridge it's self is an old pack-horse bridge and would not have had any sides when it was used by horses ( so as not to interfere with the wide loads these animal had to carry)

This is the view from the other perfect it looked with the fresh spring foliage.

There were even a few bluebells on the bank.

And here's the angle that seems so familiar to me. 

Because this is the painting of it that a love so much.

This impromptu visit finished our short break off perfectly. Thanks mum for another special trip down memory lane :0)
Jacquie x


  1. I have enjoyed travelling along with you and your mum around Yorkshire. Love all the posts about your trip xxx

  2. What a beautiful spot, and a lovely painting. The house is gorgeous, how lovely to live somewhere like that. I imagine it would have been a bit scary to cross it with no sides to it. Glad you got to visit the place that you've seen in the picture. CJ xx

  3. Every photo a postcard and the painting is beautiful. Jo x

  4. It is wonderful that you went back and saw the bridge in person, Jacquie, and that you shared the trip and you mum's lovely painting with us. Thank you! xx

  5. Oh my goodness.. what a special time you had and to be able to relive a lifetime of seeing that painting.. so charming with the children and ponies.. oh how wonderful! Thanks for sharing.. you have a wonderful mother! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Such a beautiful painting, what lovely memories to have of a special trip ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Karen x

  7. Such a beautiful painting, what lovely memories to have of a special trip ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Karen x

  8. So lovely to see your mother's beautiful painting of the bridge and your recent photo and how little has changed in the intervening years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the three posts of your visit back to Yorkshire with your wonderful photos of familiar places. This time spent with your Mum must have been very special.

  9. A lovely walk and so wonderful to see the bridge in person! Have a fab weekend!

  10. How lovely and charming was this post!So lovely to see your mother's beautiful painting of the bridge .Love all the posts about your trip, big kisses from Turkei..

  11. So glad you and your mum enjoyed your visit up here. Beckfoot Bridge is a lovely spot and a favourite walk of mine. What a beautiful painting you have. Not much has changed.

  12. Another lovely Yorkshire visit. The bridge is wonderful and your mother's painting--what a delight to have that hanging on your wall!. I do love this armchair travel! Thanks for sharing and giving us a peek into your life.


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