Monday 19 June 2017

By the River


 Hello Lovelies,
gosh it's so hot here at the moment. On Sunday afternoon we had a barbecue. Eldest's idea, as a Fathers day treat. It was lovely to sit in the shade and eat al-fresco. Then nod on a sun lounger. It really was too hot to do much else.
By early evening we decided to take our Kayak down to the river. It's a two man craft so the eldest boys and hubby take turns. Youngest was not keen to have a go on the river, and neither was I. We walked the footpath beside the water and perspired gently ( ok heavily)
The light was beautiful though and the Geese made us smile.
I hope you U.K. peeps are coping with these scorching temperatures. I try not to complain, but a few degrees cooler would be most welcome for work and sleep.
Jacquie x


  1. Oh yes it's hot! We are just not used to it especially in the North.
    Won't last I'm sure so we just have to enjoy it while it lasts.

    Great photos.

  2. Hi Jacquie, may I be cheeky and ask you where the location of your afternoon kayaking and walking took place? I have followed your blog for a few years and have worked out that we live in the same region, me being a bit closer to the city. The reason I ask is because I own two dogs and it looks like a lovely place to walk, especially if it's a warm day, as rivers tend to make you feel a bit cooler, even if you are just walking alongside.🙂 Lovely photos as usual, by the way.

  3. We used to keep geese, and I have some great videos of our daughter teaching them to fly, running along the lawn flapping her arms with ten goslings running behind madly flapping their stumpy little wings!
    That was a touching memorial to an obviously much loved canine friend wasn't it x

  4. A lovely time of it! We could use some cooler temps too here in the US.

  5. So many beautiful photos Jacquie and feel for you with the heat there in UK....hope it is lots cooler when we visit in September ☺☺ We experience very high temps in Oz but never makes it easier to cope with ......bring on days in the 20's celcius that is....


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