Monday 21 August 2017

Hilly Fields

Hello Lovelies,
last week we were blessed with a sunny but not too warm day to adventure into Derbyshire once more.

A friend had taken a day off work especially to join in with this group walk and I was relieved that the weather was good.

Here they are, my lovely lot of walking pals. Mostly in their sixties and seventies, they think nothing of hiking 10 miles across the Peak district long as there are stops to admire the view :0)

As we climbed higher the views got better and better.

Soon we were gazing at Riber Castle.

Coffee time with a view.

Can you spot the glimpse of heather moorland...sigh.

A little further along I loved this sweet summerhouse.

and these cottage gardens.

Hello locals.

This sign made me smile. I am familiar with this route and I knew there was a very hilly field to come.

But by climbing hills, you are rewarded with views.

We stopped in a churchyard for lunch. What a perfect spot on this warm sunny day.

Then it was down into the cool of the woodland.

before climbing up once more.

Thankfully we were parked at the bottom of a hill, so tired legs could enjoy the peaceful descent.

I thought it was a beautiful walk and happily my friend agreed. I do hope you enjoyed it too.

Jacquie x


  1. The views are wonderful, especially the castle and the sheep.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I can smell the fresh air. You certainly need plenty of stops to admire the views. X

  3. What a gorgeous walk :)

    I've not had much time at all for walking this year due to the house renovations but took a day off from it all yesterday to get out on the heather moorlands as the heather is so good this year! I do plan on writing a post when I have chance :)

  4. I really did enjoy it. I'm sure it would be amazing in person, too! Thanks for taking all the lovely photos along the way.

  5. Oh yes, thoroughly enjoyed! What wonderful views. We enjoyed the solar eclipse today, it was odd and a wonder in many ways as the birds stop singing and the crickets came out to chirp, as the temps went down by 7 degrees.

  6. I always love your photos Jacquie as they remind me just how beautiful Derbyshire is. Thank you for sharing. Susie x

  7. What a perfect walk - the castle was the epitome of wonderfulness! I loved each and every image and thank you for sharing with me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Wow, what a great hike! You certainly are lucky to have such beautiful country to explore! Thank you so much for the terrific pictures! Wish I was there!!

  9. So pretty! You go on some great walks!!!

  10. I did enjoy it! What a wonderful way to spend the day. Awesome that many/most are in their 60's and 70's! I have knee problems due to medication for an infection when I had a dental implant and from taking stains for 5 years b/c my doctor kept pushing me to do so. (I took myself off of them since.) The damage is probably permanent and it's chronic; prior I never had any knee issues. It makes me mad b/c I want to get out and hike but can't. Doing it vicariously is a real treat.

  11. I did enjoy it, and I didn't get out of breath!
    Stunning scenery and well done put me to shame!

  12. How beautiful and enjoyable!! I wish you would take groups from the US or other countries for walks like this. Small groups, but you would need to help to arrange where we would stay. I love small country or village place. Bed and breakfast places are awesome. Let me know when I can start planning....Ok a girl can dream. Love your posts!!

  13. I know I will never get to visit Derbyshire so I appreciate it when you share your pictures with us.
    Have a beautiful day and thank you!!

  14. A beautiful walk with stunning views, gorgeous gardens and sheep. :)
    Thank you.

  15. It looks like such a wonderful walk with lots of variety; tree canopies, hills, views, streams...all lovely. I haven't been on a proper long walk for a while - it's something I usually do in the autumn and winter, whereas I get most of my vitamin D and fresh air over the spring and summer in the garden. You've made me want to go walking!

  16. How lovely view there is! Awesome buildings. So different from here in Finland.

  17. WOW,That was some walk and what Stunning views and countryside so lush and yes the Heather looked Beautiful.Loved the Cottage Gardens and those sheep !!! Keep them coming love your photo's and posts.Huggles.x


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