Wednesday 13 December 2017

Snowy Magic

Hello Lovelies,
we have been having some "proper" winter weather around here these last few days. The snow fell softly on Sunday and due to the cold temperatures it has stayed around. Tuesday morning was particularly chilly and my garden temperature gauge told me  it was minus 5.5 degrees Celsius at 9.23am.  Brrrr.

Still, the sun was shining and I need to get out walking as often as I can. I have to walk over 60 miles before the end of the month if I want to complete my challenge to walk 1000 outdoor "boots on" miles this year.

I wrapped up and carefully picked my way along the icy pavement and stopped when this pretty Holly caught my eye.

Today so many simple scenes were looking stunning

Snow transforms the everyday into something quiet special doesn't it.

I headed for the footpath at the top of the road.

And gazed at the white world stretched out before me.

Plenty of other folks were making the most of the beautiful morning, though most had four legged companions.

Oooh it's so cold maybe the ice on this puddle is strong enough to hold my weight? I tried it out then jumped off laughing when I heard an ominous crack.

I was one of those walks where you just feel happy and blessed.

Onwards into the next field

where the snow glistened on the ploughed earth.

and the sunlight made the few remaining Oak leaves glow.

The light was beautiful.

and the shadows were so long.

I thought maybe there would be no snow left in the woodland, but it still looked lovely.

and further along it just got better.

The snow lay thickly on branches and twigs.

and everywhere looked magical. I don't think my photos do it justice. We don't get than much snow around here so I was particularly happy to see this spectacle before it melted away.

 Back in the fields the bare trees and hedgerows looked lovely in the sunlight.

 And here a mist added mystery to the wintry landscape.

 Ahhhh, lovely sunlight on my favourite church. Beautiful.

There were lovely scenes everywhere.

 I saw lots of birds on this walk, Blackbirds, long tailed tits, chaffinches and  Robins, but I didn't manage to photograph any....except the Chicken and the crow :0)
 Back home I made sure to put some extra food out for my feathered friends.

Before I headed indoors to warm up. 

I hope you enjoyed coming on this walk lovelies. I'm happy I was able to capture a little of it's special-ness. Once again I felt blessed.

Jacquie x


  1. That is so neat that you had that beautiful snow and that you got out and hiked in it and got those great shots! I love your church, too. We haven't had any snow yet but I hope we do! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

  2. Gorgeous photos. We didn't have snow just gale force winds and heavy snow

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Glorious photos, the snow really transforms everything into a magical scene doesn't it. And so cosy back home as well, it's looking lovely. Good luck with the last 60 miles! CJ xx

  4. Some beautiful snowy pictures. X

  5. Ooooh WOW,what wonderful Christmas Card photos,great walk and thanks so much for sharing.xx

  6. forgot to add.Love the Christmas Decs.x

  7. You look like you went to Narnia. We had lots more snow but sledging was on our list of things to do. We went on a walk with our one year old do who was just so excited. It is good to get out and feel blessed. Jo x

  8. such wonderful winter wonderland photographs...ive enjoyed your wintery walk...We had to head to Dartmoor in devon to get a glimpse of the white stuff!~ we are only a short 5 mins away from the tors on the horizon in the car. On the east coast when i was young growing up we used to get snowed in on mersea island the snow was that thick!~ i dont remember winters like that anymore!...Sophia loved seeing the snow up on dartmoor though~ enough to through snow balls. Its amazing how beautiful everything looks when its been snowing. I love your festive home~ merry christmas lovely! xxxx

  9. Beautiful, restorative photos, Jacquie. Can almost breathe that clear, cold air x

  10. thank you for sharing this, I always feel I have been on the walks with you. When I had a lot of knee pain last year, and was very restricted in my mobility, it really helped to look at your pictures. You help more people than you know. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas, And good luck with your walking challenge

  11. Wow what a beautiful walk Jacquie. I loved all of the photos, those bright orange hens and golden oak leaves stood out from the cold, snowy photos, they caught my eye but loved all of them. Thank you for sharing xx


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