Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Padley Gorgeous

Hello Lovelies, it's tipping it down here this morning so I'm stuck indoors with time to write another blog post...every cloud and all that :0)

These pictures are from last Thursday's group walk in the Peak District. It's about as far away as the group journeys (generally we stick to within an hour's drive of home...this took 1hour 15mins) I think it was worth the extra miles and we always car share to save fuel and costs.

The Longshaw Estate is a national trust property high on the moors above Sheffield. It's in what's known as the Dark Peak ( with Millstone Grit geology as opposed to the Limestone of the White Peak) though I'm not fond of that description...makes it sound a bit off-putting and like the sun never shines.

It's actually rather beautiful moorland and wooded valleys. We started our walk from Longshaw Lodge in cloudy but dry conditions.

Wandered past the lake.

And through trees.

Where the rocky outcrop of Higger Tor could be glimpsed....and the Heather still looked purple....ish.

Here we crossed Burbage Brook and headed down stream.

To enter the boulder strewn delights of Padley Gorge.

I loved all the moss

and signs of Autumn just beginning.

There are some amazing twisted trees

And steep drops.

The recent rain meant the brook was quite impressive.

And trickles became waterfalls.

It takes some concentration to navigate but thankfully we stopped here for coffee and soaked it in a while longer.

Then the sun came out and the dappled light was gorgeous :0)

Blinking as we emerged into bright sunlight this tree caught my eye. I do love red acers.

The sun lit this roof beautifully too.

This glimpse of a garden gave a feeling of the alps.

We crossed the brook at the bottom of the gorge.

and passed these cute cottages.

Climbing steadily past cows.

And beginning to spy far reaching views.

Dry stone walls. Lovely.

Cross the road carefully.

 and climb higher still.

Fabulous light on Millstone edge, really making the jagged rocks stand out.

We passed interesting looking homes.

And here we began the short but steep final climb.

Zooming in.

Stopping to admire the views ( catch my breath) half way up. Oh look it's Mam Tor ( the wrinkly hill in the centre). I walked that HERE

Phew, made it to the top, excuse us Mrs cow.

Great views from way up here.

And interesting rock formations. Anybody see a snakes head here?

We enjoyed lunch on some rocks before it started to rain a little, time to head onwards. Past Mother cap.

And another snake...this one looks happy :0)

Spotting fungi. Fly Agaric.

Not sure :0)

Yay, more sun as we near the end.

And a rainbow.

Pretty Burbage Brook again.

And a final section though tall pines.

Back at the Lodge.

For a cup of tea.

With a view.


What a special outing that was. In case you fancy doing it too, it was THIS walk.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my recent posts. I never know if to reply, but I have done for the ones left on my previous post and I will try and do that from now on. It's great to chat with you and lovely to be back in blogland :0)

Jacquie x


  1. I had such a wonderful "walk", looking at your beautiful pictures ! THANKS :)


  2. such wonderful photographs Jacquie felt id been there too but without the leg aches after all the hills...beautiful and breath taking landscape!
    its great seeing fav blogs return to blogland...always enjoy your walks ;)

    1. Thank you so much Kazzy. Blogging is a lot more mindful than Instagram I think. It fit in well with my desire to slow down :0)

  3. I always enjoy looking at your photo's. That was a heck of a walk! A welcome cuppa at the end. I haven't heard of that place before. My walks are usually somewhere flat. haha.

    1. Thank you. It was challenging in parts but well worth it :0)

  4. Loving your camera then! The shots of the woodland have great contrasting definition between the tree trunks and the leaves. Keep them coming... I managed to squeeze in a dry dog walk today which is a rarity. Jo x

    1. Hi Jo. Yes it's great to have a reliable camera again. Thank you for the kind comment x

  5. Another fabulous walk and photos, Jacquie. Too far from home for my walking group to consider as we,too, rarely travel for more than an hour to the start of a walk as it's not really fair on the drivers. I'm sure there aren't many places in this country where you can't find a number of interesting walks about an hour's drive away! Thanks again for sharing. Vicki in the East Riding

    1. Yes we are very lucky that there are so many varied landscapes and a myriad of public footpaths to enjoy x

  6. I'm very glad you're back as I love following along on your magnificent hikes. I loved the spotted mushroom photo.. what a stroke of luck to find that little beauty! Such amazing rock formations at the top of your hike. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thank you so much Theresa. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Hugs to you too :0)

  7. What a beautiful walk!Your pictures really make it feel as if I'm there.

  8. It looks such an interesting walk and the scenery is beautiful, so different from my part of the country where it is very flat. Jan

  9. Thank you Jan. I come from a hilly part of the country so I guess it's nostalgic for me to head back there.

  10. My that was a walk & a half! Such beautiful photos you took for us too.

    1. Thank you Winifred. I'm all about the photos :0)

  11. Beautiful photos. It's such a lovely place to walk (especially if you can do so on a term time weekday when it's quieter!). I always think about Padley in October and now have the option to walk here on a quiet day now I'm not tied to school life. I'll wait a little longer for the autumn colours though :)

    1. I think that's very wise Louise. I have visited in Late October and it was stunning x

  12. It looks like a beautiful walk....that steep bit might beat me though! I love walking through woodland in dappled light....and that little roof!
    I am very hit and miss with doing and reading blogs but when I get round to it I remember how much I enjoy it!

  13. I love your walks and the photos you take. Makes me want to come back and visit. Maybe next year.


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