Sunday 2 May 2010

Blossom,Bunnies and a Bracelet

Out and about on Friday I was enchanted by the stunning blossom around at the moment

This gorgeous deep pink on the way to the supermarket

And this paler one on the way back,looking amazing teamed with the bright yellow of the Oil seed crops ..........

This crop is very popular in these parts at present...It may not be very traditional ,or popular with poor hay fever sufferers.But it does look stunning against the greens of spring and blue Sky.....

In my garden my beloved Dicentra or Bleeding heart is looking AMaZing......

I just love everything about this plant,it's pretty pink heart shaped flowers which are born in lovely arched fronds ,and it's floaty foliage .

If I had to choose my favourite plants of all time this would definitely be high on the list.
Plus it's at it's best at one of my favourite times of year.When the days are long enough and the weather is kind (usually!!)
The plants are growing like mad ( and the weeds but we wont talk about those!)

There are signs of life in the veg patch.....

Potatoes and lettuce doing well.Hosta beginning to uncurl....

Whilst I pottered around in the garden on Saturday ,planting Hollyhocks,Delphinium ,Lupins and Clematis the little people walked the bunnies (or was it the other way around !)

Plenty of dandy lions in our lawn for them to munch !!

Last night Mr BM and myself had a night out with friends which is still quite a rare occurrence ,it gave me chance to wear my lovely thrifted dress for the first time..

I also wore a bracelet I made last year.....

I was really pleased with how this turned out.I've worn it lots of times and it's so nice to wear something you have made yourself.

I got the pattern here .There is a tutorial with lots of photos,so it was quite easy. I made mine with some metallised yarn for extra sparkle...

Its closed with a pretty button....

I must make another of these some day.

In the mean time I've been working on some different crochet.....colourful crochet bunting ...but more of that next time !

Enjoy what's left of the long weekend

Jacquie x


  1. Your bracelet is GORGEOUS! I want one(but I would have to venture away from blankets!) It is really delicate and pretty. I also love your pictures of blossom and the yellow fields I agree they look beautiful and I am sure they would make explore if you put them on Flickr!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend xxx

  2. Oh Wow!
    Your bracelet is simply gorgeous! Clever you.Amazing what you can do with a bit of thread. I bet that was really 'cheap' to make too.
    I'm just loving your photos the blossom is gorgeous.
    I'm loving your little bunny too, I know I still want one!!
    or two!!
    You seem to be getting on really well with your blog, its so pretty.
    Thanks for the comments you make on mine. Yes, SIBOL IS GROWING EVERYDAY! and I'm just over the moon with it. so happy its given me a new lease of life so to speak.
    Hope you'll check the magazine out JUne 9th. But I will try and post what they say. I sent some photos up to. I haven't got a clue what they will finally put in.
    Thanks for following me.
    I follow you even though I don't comment as much as I would like sometimes.
    I hope I have got this computer sorted now, we've had quite a few problems with it.
    Probably too much use!
    Bye for now,
    keep happy,
    Hugs Suex

  3. Lovely bracelet - maybe I will try that one!

  4. Lovely blossom photos - I've really noticed how beautiful it is this year too.
    Great bracelet too.

  5. Hey Jacqui, lovely post and photos, such a nice time of year in the garden. The Dicentra is a very elegant and graceful looking plant I think. Your garden will be stunning come summer, with all the plants you've put in.
    Great bracelet, must check out the tutorial, so nice to be able to wear things you have made for your self.
    Gorgeous bunnies too.

  6. Your dress is lovely and your bracelet - wow, clever you it is gorgeous. I love my Dicentras too.


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