Wednesday 19 May 2010

Out and About

Hello ,
Hope you have good weather in your part of the world this week.
I haven't got much done in the craft department as I've been spending as much time outdoors as possible!
On Monday morning I took a walk around our village. So many lovely things to see,and great to be able to wander along admiring it all without getting cold.
Every where looks so green.....

And the hedgerow flowers are so pretty close up.....

Further on there's lilac......

Laburnum and Clematis.....

When I got home I decided to plant out the few annuals I have bought .As I've mentioned before ,I'm trying to concentrate on planting more perennial plants this year .But I did pick up some of the small Geranium plants my local supermarket were selling .
They were only £3 for 20 plants .I love geraniums as they don't mind a bit of neglect and last for ages.

Tuesday morning was glorious,and I messed about taking these photos outside my work place as I really didn't want to go inside! 8am ,loving the long shadows and early morning sun.....

Not so sunny today but still nice and warm, and no work. I went out with my Mum to a local market town.We returned along the back roads as we usually do .It's so pleasant with very little traffic.........

We often drive past this interesting looking old barn,but today we decided to stop and have a closer look....
There's a lovely pond just a the side of it.....

And a style where you can get a good view of the lambs....

The country side looks so beautiful .........

Yes it's great to be out and about in May.

Wow, that ended up as long post.I got a little carried away with how beautiful everything looks at at the moment.
Hope you enjoyed !
Jacquie x


  1. What a lovely post.
    I do LOVE our country, we are lucky to have the seasons and so much lush greenery and wildflowers to enjoy.
    Good ol' Blighty eh!!!

  2. utterly uttterly beautiful! thanks xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. What amazing colors. The country side there looks just stunning.
    Thanks for the lift.

  4. Lovely photos! This has been an amazingly colourful spring.


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