Friday 25 June 2010

Crochet update

Well my birthday has been and gone.
I'm pleased to say my baking went down well at work.But much more special to me were these lovely cards made by my 3 boys...........

Lots of flowers feature on all three,they know how I love them.But you may have noticed the one on the left (by my youngest) also has a picture of me sat at the computer.Hope he doesn't think I spend all day in blogland !!

I thought you might like an update on my granny stripe .Here it is in the garden today.........

I've done 50 stripes and it measures 56" wide by 45" deep.I'm sure when I last measured the width it was 48" !!I guess the weight of the thing must have made it stretch.
I think I'm over half way .I'm still enjoying it but haven't made as much progress this week as it's very warm to sit with a heavy blanket across your knees .
It's been super warm here today,which is great . I've been enjoying the garden as usual.

Today I noticed my first sweet pea flower,isn't this a gorgeous colour,and it smells divine ............

Also loving this Gazania flower,it's the first time I've tried these.........

Old favourites,busy Lizzie's and geraniums......

Edible goodness...........

And a cute bunny......

Hope you manage to enjoy the weekend,it's a great forecast for the U.K.
Jacquie x

I'll leave you with a couple more G.S.B. images.........


  1. I love the blanket and your garden look super. Are the sweet peas help for heros? Mine are nowhere near flowering. Have a good weekend

  2. Wow your garden is coming on great, my sweet peas are showing no signs of flowers :( Your bun is cute as butter!
    Your blanket is coming on brilliantly, I'm so impressed I am rubbish at crochet.
    Kandi x

  3. Lovely garden! Hope you had a lovely birthday - those cards are worth more than any you could get in a shop! Can't wait for my sweet peas to start flowering - it's the smell that does it for me - love it!!!

    Have a good weekend


  4. Happy Birthday

    we nearly have the same post, flowers and crochet, well I would have put my blanket on if I had done as much as you. I have actualy done ...... 2 whole rows well I'm pleased :)

    enjoy the garden
    CATE X

  5. Oh your little bunny is sooooo cute!! :)
    Vivienne x

  6. Happy belated birthday and I'm loving the look of your blanket.....must finish the ripple first though!!

    Nina x

  7. gorgeous photos!! {i love the bunny, too!}

    happy belated birthday :)

  8. OOh Jacquie first of all I'm in love with that lovely Bunny! OOh I do want one.
    Secondly I'm in love with your blanket. So beautiful. I know what you mean about blankets being heavy!!!!
    Those cards are lovely, sure to be treasured and kept safely. Beautiful, and very thoughtful from your sons.
    Happy Birthday I'm sorry its late.
    Love Suex

  9. Nice colours! Love that you have mixed in some beige tones in there. Lovely. I am not sure how I found your place but hey, I am here knocking on your door. You sure have a nice place.


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