Friday 4 June 2010

Half term and some more crochet

If you are in the U.K.and have school age children I hope your half term hols are going well. The weather in these parts has been getting better and better all week.
A good amount of our time has been spent meeting up with friends at the park.
Where there were cute cygnets on the lake .....

And a yummy doughnut "Birthday Cake" for a friend ....

Naughty but very nice.
As I'm typing this the paddling pool is filling but I just wanted to squeeze in a quick post to share another crochet project.

I know I've only just started my hexagon blanket,and I shouldn't really be starting another big project but a lack of the correct blue yarn ,and serious temptation by Lucy with her Granny Stripe Blanket goodness has proven too much !

I was struggling with motivation on the Zig Zag blanket I started some time ago for Master BM .A combination of big boy colours and fiddly crochet in the back loops ment it was noooooooooo fun at all.
Which is a shame cos I did like the pattern....

When I saw Lucys' latest project I thought it could be the answer to my problems.
I would love to copy her colours but Master BM is ten and his favourite colours are green and blue.So I started like this........

This photo was taken yesterday,after only starting the night before.I LOVE this pattern .It's so quick and simple once you get going.
I chained 180,marking every 30th stitch with a safety pin to make the counting easier.
I'm using my Mums old 4.5mm hook to make it a bit looser ( and grow even faster!)

My blanket is single bed size .48 inches wide.
Each row of treble ( U.K. term) clusters takes 17 minutes.That's just over half an hour for each colour.Super fast!!
And her's my progress so far...

The speed this is growing and the knowledge there will be lots of these lovely blankets growing worldwide will add to my enjoyment of this project .
So thank you Lucy ,count me in for your H.A.L. (hook a-long )
And thankyou to you lovely people, for making my day with all your kind comments .
Jacquie x


  1. Totally cool. I too am granny striping. I am making a shawl. I love the colours!!

  2. Love those colours together, might have ago at this one day as it looks eaier than the ripple.

  3. Just what I needed an easy blanket to make myself. I have a couple of knitted ones made by a friend they are so useful.
    Thank you for sharing
    Cate x

  4. Oh YES! This is stunning. Absolutely perfect for big lads. I will have to have a go at Hooking along as I simply must try this pattern. I love things that I can hook quickly(as you probably know from my blog) and this fits the bill quite nicely...hmmmm maybe I should rethink my picnic blanket...

  5. That's a great boy blanket and I absolutely love the colours ~ blues and greens are my favourites too :O) xx


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