Monday 29 November 2010

Snow , Santa , and a WINNER :0)

Hello lovelies ,
If you are in the U.K. I hope you are coping with the unusually cold weather we are having.

A super cold night on Saturday ( it eventually got to minus 11.5 degrees C ) gave way to a beautiful , sunny , snowy, frosty morning on Sunday.

The lake at the country park was frozen solid.....

The sky was a beautiful blue , and the glistening frost and snow just added to the fab winter scenery................

I do love the changing seasons , especially when the sun shines and the landscape looks as pretty as this ....

It was bitterly cold but fortunately , I had an extra layer to keep me warm...

why was I dressed up as Santa ? .....It was to take part in a fun run, here are a few of us waiting to start.....

My youngest son and my Niece also took part and it was a great family event, raising money for such a good cause.
It was just the right distance for little legs ( 3K) . We all had a great time . I've never been brave enough to take part in an organised event before so this was a gentle introduction .
The setting couldn't have been more stunning , and getting a cheer and a medal at the end was brilliant , I felt like a kid myself ........

I nearly forgot about my giveaway in all the excitement . But here's the winner , only a day late.....

I got my niece to choose a number at random and she chose....


Which means the winner is SYLVIES GARDEN :0)

Congratulations Emma !!!

Have a great week
Jacquie x


  1. Looks like you had a great day! Congrats to Emma!

  2. Well done Emma, you lucky girl!!!!
    Vivienne x

  3. Hello again Jacquie, Well done on the 3k run! I get out of breath doing 3 metres so I would be useless doing 3k!
    Please will you say Thank you to your niece for picking me? I am so chuffed.
    Stay warm x

  4. Well done you! looks like you had a great day.xx

  5. Good for you!!!! Looks cold and pretty!

  6. Well done on doing your Santa run :)

    Congrats to Emma on her win :) xx

  7. Well done to you and your little team for taking part on the run and congrats to Emma on a wonderful win :0) x

  8. Well done on the 3k. Congrats to Emma. xx

  9. Well done on doing your run in such snowy, freezing conditions! also congrats to emma, what a lovely prize, i'm sure it will be treasured!!

    p.s i like your santa outfit :) hehe x

  10. Looks like a lovely day for your run, well done!

  11. The girls will be so pleased to know their names! We promised our girls rabbits years ago and still haven’t go any. I’m allergic to animals and hay so not what I need to be near. I’m sure I’d end up cleaning them out too although I’m promised otherwise. Children always start out with great intentions don’t they?

    Love your red suits! I have heard that we are having a fun run in santa suits over here in NZ too. It must look so funny. And no, I won't be joining in!! I hate running more than anything else.

  12. Good for you, doing the fun run! It does, indeed, look... FUN! I love your winter pics... makes me homesick for the UK and Europe... I have spent a few winters over there and I miss it so much!
    Caz :)

  13. Hey Jacquie, congrats on entering the fun run and for going out in the cold in a Santa suit. I would've been tempted to add a ittle extra padding and stay warm.
    Lovely pics and how cute are those medals?

    Hope you get to enjoy some more sunny days this week.......

    Claire X

  14. You're a better man than I am Gungadin!!! Well done to you and well done to Emma! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  15. Well done on your run Jacquie! You look fab!
    Congratulations to Emma too! Lucky lady!
    Keep cosy and warm!
    Rachel x


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