Wednesday 3 November 2010

Splash of Colour

Hello Lovelies,

How was your Wednesday ? Mine has been cheered up considerably by all your kind comments on my last post. It really adds greatly to my enjoyment of life, and crafting in particular, to be able to share it with like minded folks who are so generous with their encouragement.
I would certainly miss this little blog if I ever had to give it up!

I adore finding lovely blogs and inspiration via your comments. Today was just perfect for this . The comment left by Vivienne at Green Rabbit Designs led me to her lovely blog . Which in turn lead me to silverpebbles stunning site and her Splash of Colour flickr group.
The idea is to post pictures that are super colourful and will help lift our spirits during the dark, murky months to come.
Here ,Here !!

If colour therapy doesn't already exist , it should!!

I'm addicted to happy , sunny , cheerful colours at the moment. They REALLY lift my mood :0)

The whole idea of adding a splash of colour to my life inspired a small make over in my living room this morning. Our suite is not ideal, just a passed down, functional , place to sit............

This chair, I suddenly decided ,HAD to have a splash of colour ..........

What do you think !! Certainly more colourful . The boys even approved of this change which is great :0)

I sat and admired my mini makeover whilst making a few more circles for my blanket...


Speaking of crochet in the home , did anyone see Kirstys Homemade Home last night ??
I thought the programme as a whole was good , BUT ,the crochet part was sooooo disappointing . Where was all the granny goodness ?
I felt sorry for Kirsty trying to learn to crochet with scratchy red string. No wonder she soon gave up . Why oh why didn't they give her some quality wool in scrummy colours ?
Granny squares are so much easier to learn than the type of solid square she was attempting too.
You can watch the whole programme Here. The crochet part is near the end.
Sorry about the rant, but I love crochet so much and there are so many stunning examples all over blog land , this was such a missed opportunity .

I'd love to here your views :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Wow your chair looks fantastic after its make over, I love the little round cushion.
    I watched Kirsty aswell last night and thought the same as you,of all the things to make a string box???xx

  2. Love the color! So inviting. When can I come over? ;)

  3. Hey Jacquie! I love Your chair :) so much better like this...And now I am making the same for my hexagon give to it some "life" hehe What a coincidence :)

    Yours is so beautiful with its fresh colors...wonderful really!!

    Have a good evening,

  4. Ha! Ha! You've done it. It looks great. You can see the comfort oozing out of the photos! Great job. It looks lovely and inviting. To top it off you got the approval from your boys!

  5. Your chair looks great after its makeover - love the round cushion.

    I saw Handmade Home too and couldn't believe they gave her twine to learn to crochet with...doesn't exactly slide off the hook does it? I've crocheted with string and it makes too firm a fabric for a beginner in my opinion. Thought that part of the programme disappointing, although I loved the couple's house - will be stunning when they've finished!

  6. How happy a bit of colour can make you! Love the chair make over. Fab!

  7. Love the chair - all I need now is a nice big cuppa!! I've taped Kirstie from last night, and will curl up later with my crochet to watch it.
    You've inspired me with my circles, I'm up to 120 so far, and counting! FM X

  8. Hi Jacquie!
    Great that you have joined in with the Splash of Colour!
    Your chair certainly has had a splash of colour, it looks wonderful. Just love all that crochet goodness going on around it too. :)
    I agree the crochet on Kirsty's Homemade Home was disappointing, not very encouraging for anyone who was thinking about taking it up!
    Thanks for the little mention, it's lovely to have found you!
    Vivienne x

  9. I totally agree with you! Of all the lovely, scrummy yarns they could have chose for her, they chose prickly string. Unbelievable. I was so disappointed :(
    Oh where was the granny goodness?
    Love your new makeover on your chair -'specially your cushion!
    Kind regards,

  10. Great idea! I will have to find something colourful. Your chair looks amazing, you should be so chuffed with that. I've not watched Kirsty yet, shame about the crochet piece, maybe you should email her and get her to read you and Lucy's (attic24) blogs. I'm sure that would convince her to try again.

  11. That chair looks very inviting now.

    I did watch Kirsty - as a noncrocheter I thought it odd that she started with string - I struggle with yarn - can now produce yards of chain so am slowly getting there.

  12. Looking very snazzy. And your lovely circle blanket is looking very cosy there too :)
    I am loving the union jack bag too.

  13. Wow...I am very envious. What a lovely cosy corner to settle down with a good book and a cuppa or two!
    Justine x

  14. Ooh, love the colourful crochet chair makeover! Looks FAB!

    I totally agree with you on Kirstie's Homemade Home - the section was uninspiring, and of all the things to make and with garden twine?! If I didn't crochet already I wouldn't be looking to start after watching that! I agree with dawnmarieg above that Kirstie needs you and Lucy to show her the way!

  15. Beautiful chair! I also watched Kirsty last night and I like the concept of the show but I don't like her; she gets on my nerves. I was also disappointed with the crochet it was rubbish, like you say fancy starting someone off like that, I was secretly delighted that Kirsty can't crochet and I can ~ I am evil!
    Kandi x

  16. Your mini chair makeover is fab. All those glorious colours would brighten up any dull old day.

  17. Lovely makeover .... can't beat crochet for a colour splash and coziness. I am tempted to do a Squint style makeover but my lot think I'm bonkers. As for Ms Allsopp I've aired my thoughts on my latest blogpost .... I'll say no more ;-)

  18. A lovely transformation.. Your crochet and colours are so beautiful..
    have a happy and colourful day :))

  19. I love your chair makeover. Thanks for the links. I need cheering up with some colour. I got a message about watching the programme but I must have missed the crochet bit or I was directed to the wrong channel as I didnt see it. I will watch online now though. Thanks for the link. x

  20. I love your colourful chair, Jacquie! It´s so inviting! And I love your posts as well! :)

  21. Lovely splash of colour, the transformaiton looks fantastic and so very colourful!
    I watch Kirsty too adn wondered why she just made a box, so many better projects to make than that! :) x

  22. I love your chair makeover, so bright and cheery.

  23. Hi Jacquie, I've just found your blog. Love your crochet blankets - truly beautiful and colourful. Have a bright weekend.

  24. Jacquie ~ I love the new colouful makeover that you have given your chair, it is now the perfect place to sit with your feet up and crochet some more of your lovely circly blanket :O) xx

  25. Did you know you can add pics of your creations on Kirstie's Home Made Home homepage ... Marmalade Rose has her blanket there on the homepage! I've put my crochet, rag rugs and raggedy quilt on... maybe we will show them what nice crochet projects there are!
    Heather x


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