Wednesday 3 August 2011

Playing with Fabric

Hello Lovelies ,
this week I had to get out my sewing alter some clothes for a friend....not a job I relish. But as she kindly offered to have the boys for a couple of days whilst I was at work I really didn't mind .

Having my machine out also gave me the opportunity to do something with these little fabric squares I cut up a while ago.......

I was inspired by some amazing patchwork duvet covers ....using gorgeous vintage fabrics....check out Kates and Janes wonderful creations.
I have only managed to acquire a small amount of vintage fabric on my charity shop trips so I also used bits from my stash ...some of it's pretty old any way .

I think a big part of the appeal of patchwork to me is that it is a great way to recycle fabric and use up little scraps left over from other projects.

So I sewed the squares right sides together into pairs...must have done this before many years ago or seen it online.....

I then ironed the seams open ...again I'm not sure if this is correct but I just went for time to check online....I would have to put my machine away soon (the only place I can use it is on the dining table ) ...anyway I was having lots of fun making it up as I went along........

When I had ironed all the pairs I arranged then on the floor...again I was aware how little time I had so the spread of colours and patterns is not perfect but hey ho.

I quickly sewed together the rows and ironed the seams.
Then I joined the rows ...taking time to pin the corresponding seams in an attempt to avoid seams that didn't meet.

Here's what I ended up with ..........

Ooooh ...lovely :0) I had a big smile on my face when turned over the finished piece ......

It's not perfect but I don't really mind .I love the vintage effect of the soft colours with an occasional bright square .

At the moment I'm in the middle of quilting it ...something else I really have no idea about :0)
I found some wadding in my stash and cut up an thrifted duvet cover for the backing, then began hand quilting with embroidery thread and a running stitch.....

The stitches are not  huge, the squares are pretty small...just 3 inches before joining and now about 2 1/2 inches . I'm using pale pink thread as I didn't have enough white but I like it more than I thought I would. As you can see my stitches are not perfect but I'm hoping that will give a "rustic" effect . I was way too scared to try machine quilting....

I'm really enjoying playing with fabric and finally doing some of my crafty resolutions for 2011. It's just a small project ...maybe it will inspire me to try a larger piece someday.Like the fabulous quilts on this blog or this .

As to what this will be...maybe you can guess but I'm not saying at the moment :0) but it is to go with an earlier thrifty find .

Hope your week is going well.

Jacquie x

p.s. thank you to Louise and Garden of Daisies for your Nature answers in the comment section of my nature notes post.


  1. This is a lovely piece of patchwork Jacquie. I like the colours too, lovely and soft. Hand quilting does give a lovely look to work and yours is no exception. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  2. I have an old friend and he yes he would call this real quilting and it is,and it is lovely.

  3. Very nice! I want to try making something day... :D

  4. What a lovely quilt. Can't wait to see it in its finished glory.

  5. So pretty Jacquie...Its one of those projects I need/want to do but life get in the way..grrr! xox

  6. Wow, that's pretty good for someone 'who has no idea about quilting'! Here's me applauding ;-)

  7. I see you are cought by the patchwork bug! Fantastic! I started off just like that last year and my fabric stash is growing by the day. I started out with a few doll quilts to get the hang of everything, experimenting, making mistakes. I am still learning but ones you get the hang of the basics that is it. No return! I am hoping to see more of these projects over at your place. Diary of a Quilter has great beginners tutorials and tips and tricks. I usually piece one row at the time, unless the squares a really small. I iron the seams in one direction on each row and alternate the seams direction in each row... Good luck on your new adventure. Lovely piece Jacquie

  8. And in all this I forgot to say / I love working with vintage fabric and have almost been physically sick of inspiration from pictures like the ones you share from Kates and Janes. I buy a lot of vintage fabric from ETSY as it is difficult to find here in Switzerland. Top dealers so far is Sosovintage and Whimsidots. Check it out. I have just started a vintage project the other day, for the summer house.

  9. Ooooh it's great. What did u use to edge it? I need to find something to edge my mini quilt.

    I saw a post somewhere about a quilt made for a baby fromthe daddy's old shirts. I thought that was a fab idea and might let myself loose on his shirts. :)

  10. I have more sewing on my to do list this month and you have really inspired me! I long to do a quilt but am really scared by the idea too. You just made it look effortless which probably speaks of your crafting skills rather than the fact that it is effortless.

  11. I love it Jacquie!
    I have never done real patchworking either and just made it up as I went along. As long as it doesn't fall apart, then I think we've done it right.
    Thanks so much for the link. Looking forward to seeing it finished and where you go from here.

  12. this is exactly how i did my first piece of patchwork, i made it u as i went along. im not very good at following instructions anyway. it looks great well done.
    x becci x

  13. Ooooo, so pretty! My passionate love affair with all things fabric-y began with patchwork. I think I might write a post about this (one day!) xxx

  14. Beautiful little patchwork! I love the pink stitching too...I just bought a sewing machine that does free quilting so that I can do this sort of thing... now if i can just find the shop that sells 'extra hours for the day'... I might get a few... Love your blog... it always makes me do a little 'Oo' when it pops up in my feed reader! :)x

  15. Just beautiful, love the fabrics, so sweet. You've inspired me to finish my quilt thats been stuck in a basket for weeks, this weekend i think :D
    Karen x

  16. Oooooooh loverly!

    My favourite square is the the second in from the left at the bottom on your final photo. I love that fabric.


  17. It's really lovely...I think the hand stitching is so special.

  18. there is only one thing I love more than little squares of fabrics and that is when they are all sewn together like yours, so lovely and I love the handstitching :)
    x x x x x x x x

  19. Wow, you've done an amazing job, it looks fantastic! I pressed my seams open at first, I believe it is a matter of preference, but some quilters told me it makes the seam weaker so since then I've been pressing them to one side, this is also a lot easier and means you don't burn your fingers on the iron! But I really wouldn't worry and do what you feel comfortable with.

    Don't be afraid of machine quilting! It's not that hard, but you do need a walking foot (or a darning foot for free motion quilting), your normal foot wouldn't handle it.

    Make sure you link up to my LANT challenge linky as patchwork and hand quilting all in one week is quite an achievement!

  20. Ooh lovely! is it a little quilt for the dolls bed thingy you bought at the charity shop a few months back? I'm looking forward to seeing how you're going to transform that :)
    I've never tried quilting, you make it look so easy though, perhaps I'll have to try!
    Jones x

  21. Hi Jacquie, I really I love this! Especially as you seemed to kind of make it up as you went along I am hugely impressed.. Thanks for the step by step insight into how you put them all together, think I might have a go at this sometime too. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Sarah x

  22. The patchwork you have done is just so pretty. I love the vintage fabrics you have chosen and the hand stitching goes so well. Can't wait to see it all finished. I made a patchwork picnic blanket last year using large squares of vintage fabric. I still haven't done the binding yet. Must get on with it before the summer ends. x

  23. You are so humble, and you do terrific patching - mine are never as nice. I also like to handstitch. Do post photos when you finished it, ok?

  24. Great fabrics and they look really cute together.
    A quilt is on my list of things to do this year.. Mmm, maybe one day!

  25. Hi! I'm a new follower, Plus 3 Crochet linked to your blog and I have to say I'm amazed with your quilting - it must be the fasted quilt ever made! Your squares are really good :-)

  26. Really pretty quilt! I cannot use a sewing machine at all, but I have been admiring other people's quilts for years and yours is right on top of the list!
    Have a nice day,

  27. Hi Jacquie! That is going to be a beautiful quilt! Those fabrics are wonderful!
    xxx Teje


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