Friday 19 August 2011

Kaleidoscope Blanket Progress

Hello Lovelies,
Maybe I should have called this post "Kaleidoscope Blanket...not much progress" :0) Those few completed hexagons on my mantle are all I have ready to join to this WIP.......

I still love this cute hexagon and I know that I will love all these bright colours even more when the grey days of Autumn and winter return......

You can find the tutorial for the hexagon and a separate tutorial for the joining method in my side bar.......

Does anybody remember when I started this project back in May ?? Well it got set aside in favour of lots of small projects followed by this blanket. Then this blanket.

When we were getting ready to go on holiday a few weeks ago I realised I needed a portable craft project to take with me . It's not that I ever get very long to craft when we are away but there are always a few quiet times and I do find it very relaxing to do a bit of simple crafting.
I'm sure I've said before how I love the fact that crochet is so easy to pick up and put down. A little metal hook, a small pair of scissors and a bit of yarn fits easily into your handbag . Like my camera ...I wouldn't do on holiday without it :0)

Here is my traveling crochet kit ....same as last year.....lots of bits of yarn ....I needed many colours and full balls take up lots of room ( yes I did make the bag...some time late's lasting pretty well and I still love the Laura Ashley fabrics )..........

Then in the car and on the beach and in the caravan I made these.........

Lots of kaleidoscope centres. This pattern is a tad more fiddly than your average granny, each round being different from the last . So I find it easier on the brain to make them production line style, a round at a time.
I managed to complete 51 of these centres ....enough ,I think, to move on to round two . Better check with the pattern how it goes :0)

On a seperate crochet note I was thrilled to see another version of the crochet doily I made ( you can see it in the pictures above and there's a link to the pattern in my side bar)over on a blog I love ...Cozy Things.See Kristen's fab pastel version here and do check out the rest of her blog...some gorgeous crochet and stitchy goodness to feast your eyes on :0)

Have a great weekend

Jacquie x


  1. The blanket will look great, no matter how long it takes. However my beady eye has lighted on that scrummy toadstool on your mantle. Do you have a link to this pattern? Would love to make one of those.

  2. Love your traveling crochet kit!

  3. Love these colours, can't wait to see the WIP!

  4. I also love having a project whilst on holiday - especially on the car journey as it is time I can 'legally' just sit and crochet and not feel guilty! I find I can get a lot done, your blanket is going to look wonderful xx

  5. Many colors !! Love it ..
    very curious to the outcome of your blanket :)

  6. Oh my goodness, your hexagons are so beautiful! Gorgeous colors. Will you ever stop inspiring me? :)

    *squeak! Thanks so much for the link!*

  7. Hello Jacquie!
    I just noticed that I named my actual wip blanket "Kaleidoscope" like yours ...
    Yours is stunning :)
    Have a wonderful week end!

  8. very very nice colorus, the finished blanket will be lovely!! congratulations!!

  9. Gorgeous colors, will be an amazing blanket, it really is stunning :D
    Karen x

  10. I love the hexagons and the blanket will look beautiful when finished full of all those bright colours.

    On the photo with the map I could actually see the name of place where we live :-)

  11. Oh wow those hexagons look stunning! Fab colours! Holiday crochet - how fantastic. I think I will have to pack a little crochet essentials bag when I head off on my next holiday.

  12. Your hexagons look gorg i do have a soft spot for a hexagon. sounds like you had a lovely break its always nice to be able to craft no matter where you are. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  13. Oooh! The blanket looks amazing so far, cant wait to see it finished! Looks like a good project for 'on the go'. \the colours are so pretty. *I also spotted the toadstool, is there a pattern please?* xxx

  14. Oooh it's looking great so far, a fab project for holidays and travelling! I didn't manage to fit in my crochet on my hols this time, but looking forward to getting back to it again. Have a great weekend x

  15. Your blanket is looking wonderful, I love those hexagons and your bright colours so much! And I think your travelling crochet kit is a fantastic idea - I've been wondering how on earth to take a bit of crochet out and about with me when the balls of yarn are so big, lol, but it never crossed my mind to do that! :)

  16. Your blanket is so colorful and can't wait to see the finished project. that toadstool is a real cutie too, did you make it?

  17. It is looking lovely. Slowly but surely. xx

  18. I love reading your blog but probably dont comment enough! The blanket looks like its coming along nicely, loving the colours and hexagon pattern. I always think big projects seem to take a while to kick start but then you suddenly get to a point where you feel your really achieving something!
    Good luck with it and keep happy hooking!

  19. I love this blanket... the hexies are really pretty... the pattern is definately going on my list of future projects! I wish I could knit in the car as 'Hawthorne' is lucky enough to do... I do a 4 hour journey twice a week (just imagine - a whole 8 hours to crochet....)... but firstly I am driving, and secondly I feel veeery bad just going round corners! Ho hum... I'll carry on burning the midnight oil @)x

  20. Such gorgeous colours!
    Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    I spotted your little toadstool too- cute!


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