Monday 2 January 2012

2011 Crochet Collection

Hello Lovelies,

The weather has been dismal again here today. So instead of trying to write my December Nature notes post I've been cheering myself up looking through my photos from 2011 , picking out three crochet images from each month to share with you again :0)

2011 was my first full year of blogging and looking back at my photos I'm surprised at the amount of things I've made


SIBOL squares and Flowers from a new book

Granny "spike"cushion

Hanging Hearts


Squares for my Granny square blanket

Crochet trim for a jersey dress ( I've worn this lots over the festive period:0)  )

Felt Needle books with crochet embellishments for a giveaway


Kaleidoscope Hexagon....I was not happy with this colourway but loved the pattern

Recycling cotton yarn from a thrifted garment

Cushion made using the recycled yarn


Second cushion from same yarn

Amigurumi Bunnies

Patriotic flower bunting for the royal wedding 


Bunny for my niece....more of a sewing project but she has a crochet jacket :0)

Finding a colourway I like for the Kaleidoscope hexagons

Little crochet toadstool house


playing around with my granny squares writing the initials of my blog :0)

Then adding the plum border to my granny squares

Finishing my granny square blanket and photographing it next to the vintage blanket that inspired it ( Love mine but the original is just amazing )


Starting a giant granny inspired by Sucrettes CAL

Hooking the border of this blanket in the car on the way to Norfolk for our Holidays

Photographing finished blanket outside our caravan and giving it to my Mum


Starting my Blooming flower cushion

Adding round 2 to my production line of 100 Kaleidoscope hexagons

Starting another giant granny in "vintage" colours


Finishing my blooming flower cushion

Adding more rounds to second giant granny

Making crochet bowls for another giveaway


Finishing second giant granny

Joining Lucy and Heathers ripple along with a baby blanket

Making a little family of owls :0)


Finishing my baby ripple

Making a cosy cowl 

and a little zipped pouch as a leaving gift


Mug cosy teacher gifts

Christmas Pud with Lucy's holly

and finally...... a Little Mouse tree decoration for my sister in law and family
4 cushions, 4 Blankets and 14 smaller projects ......there are one or two that I haven't included in this list as well !!
That's a lot of crochet for me and looking at it all together makes me very happy . The thing that ties it all together is that it's all been inspired by the internet......and mostly your lovely blogs and Flickr photo streams.I just love being able to see what you clever people are creating.

Being able to share my own creations here really  is the icing on the cake . So thank you again for visiting and your kind, generous comments :0)
Here's to lots more crochet in 2012 . My main crochet resolution is to finish my Kaleidoscope blanket and I'm trying very hard not to get sidelined into any more projects till it's finished.
Hope the start of 2012 is going well for you.
Jacquie x
P.S. December Nature notes will follow soon .


  1. i wish i had half your talent, such beauty in your crochet and other have given me a year of beautiful colours!!- blissful- you are a real inspiration! happy 2012 x

  2. I saw your post on Pinterest! I am in love with the pansy's. Where can I get a pattern for them. Beautiful work!!!

  3. Wow - what a colourful post with such lovely makes :)

    Sorry we had the sunshine here in Suffolk today - expect we'll get a soaking tomorrow!

  4. Wow, look at all the prettiness you've created!! That's beautiful. can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for you.

  5. wow wow wow.
    I love the royal wedding bunting and the giant granny blanket in July.
    Is there a pattern for the bunting? It would be fab for the jubilee.
    Will deefinitely be fillowing your hexagon tutorial at some point.
    Thanks for all your inspiration.
    Happy new year.

  6. What a lot of crochet gorgeousness! My favourites are the plum bordered granny blanket and the second giany granny.
    Thank you for all the inspiration over the last year :)
    wishing you a very happy new year!
    Jane x

  7. Love ALL your wonderful crotchet for 2011. Looking forward to seeing more of your crotchet creations for 2012. Happy New Year to you ......xx

  8. Oh!!Silly silly me i have spelt crochet wrong. Not a very good start to the new year.......xx

  9. completely gorgeous colourfull photos ,im so inspired by your work ,i love crochet although i find patterns a puzzle and struggle to follow,im very much a beginner ,your blog is so lovely xxx

  10. Wow beautiful works!

  11. Ah! That is such a treasure. Can't stop from watching it again and again.

  12. Wow, what a riot of beautiful colours!

    You are a crochet inspiration my friend.


  13. Wow this post is just a feast for the eyes! I love your makes and each and every photo was fabulous. Keep up the good work this year I take loads of crochet inspiration from you.
    Kandi x

  14. WOW Jacquie! What a lovely post and what a lovely crochet year :) Looking forward to more and more beauties in 2012!
    Happy new year to you and your family!

  15. Beautiful year in crochet! I love all your amazing colorwork but I'm actually especially drawn to your black and white crochet detail on your jersey dress!

  16. Well done! Love it all, especially the colored doily in the first pretty as a base for your grape hyacinths. Happy New Year.

  17. I love this little round up of your projects - beautiful work in gorgeous colours! I wish I had been a little more productive...! Look forward to seeing more of your creations and following you through 2012.
    Happy New Year,
    Jones x

  18. Goodness you have been productive! I discovered today that I started many things in 2011 and finished few - must try harder!

  19. Wonderful photos and work. Do you live near Northants and would you consider one-to-one tuition?!

  20. Such Beautiful, Beautiful things :-)

  21. Wundervolle & fantastische Arbeiten!!
    Liebe Grüße,*Manja*

  22. I do love the things you make, not noticed your hanging hearts before and these would look lovely in my house, so going to add these to my 2012 list x

  23. Blimey what stunning makes! I'm new to your blog but that's given me a lovely taster. Now get crocheting, I want to see more!!

  24. Oh wow! That is a lot of crochet!! And I love so many of your colour choices.
    Happy New Year, and may 2012 be just as productive as the last twelve months :D

  25. Beautiful crochet , lovely colours . Clever on the dress . Love the blooming cushion , I love it all . I have a huge yarn stash myself, I feel inspired but must finish 2 Quilts .

  26. I have just taken a second look . I also live in the midlands .Desford Leicestershire ,

  27. You accomplished a lot. I am looking forward to seeing your kaleidoscope blanket too -- all the sneak peeks have been beautiful!

  28. Happy New Year Jacquie!! :) I've loved looking at your crochet makes from 2011 and aren't they impressive when you put them all together. One of the wonderful things about blogging is having a record of what we've done and then sharing. So thank you for the visual feast.
    Have a fab 2012,
    Anne xx

  29. Ah, such glorious inspiration! :) Thanks for sharing! xxx

  30. That is an outstanding collection for 2011, I would do that but I only started at the end of this year. Maybe I will have this kind of post for the end of 2012 he he

  31. Oh my! I love everything that you did. I just began crocheting but feel the strong need to do everything that you did. I love how you decorated the mantle for the Royal wedding. I am Canadian but my mom is British and I am so going to have to show her that. You and Lucy are my fav's. You are both so inspiring!

  32. Wowee, what a busy year, some beautiful items, particularly love the toadstool and the sweet bunny. The trim to the dress looks great, no wonder it has got lots of wear
    Carol xx

  33. What a busy lady you have been and all such beautiful creations! I have to say you may picture with Mr tortoise made me smile!
    Happy new year!

  34. What a wonderful way of summing up 2011. You've made some amazing stuff my lady. All the best for the upcoming year. Hope it will be just as fruitful and creative as the year that just past. ♥♥♥ Annette

  35. Wow!! These are all fantastic, I'd love to be able to crochet (i'm hoping to teach myself this year will a little help from my nan). I'd love all of these in my flat, i especially love the granny blankets.

    I just happened to stumble across your blog as I was looking for crochet bunting! I'm now following on BlogLovin'.


  36. Great makes and I was lucky enough to win one of your needle cases it is in my sewing basket right now. Happy crocheting.

  37. What a feast for the eyes, I love your work. I particularly love the dress trim, it looks great. Look forward to following your work in 2012.

  38. Wow! So many gorgeous inspiring pictures to stare at... you have made some lovely things.
    I'm doing the same and am trying to get things finished that I started a while back before beginning anything else. I'm actually get through quite a few things and its really satisfying..!

    Ashley xxx

  39. Hey Jacquie, your nimble fingers were very busy throughout 2011......

    Add my sewing and crocheting projects together and I don't think I would have even half as many as you!!
    You were certainly very productive and there are so many lovely things. I particularly like the vintagey look of the baby ripple blanket. Your hanging hearts and toadstool are very cute, oh i just love it all.

    I think this year, I would like to do a bit more crocheting, the projects are portable and don't make quite such a mess as my sewing!!

    Another hot day coming up here, would be happy to swap some heat for your cool temps....interested?

    Claire :}

  40. Hi jacquie, you have been so busy !! It is amazing how much you can achieve in a year with crochet isn't it? So much gorgeous colour, you must be very happy with all that crochet goodness! All the best for 2012, looking forward to reading bunny mummy this year too! Cheers julie :)

  41. wow simply gorgeous.. all of them... have planned a very full crocheting year 2012 for myself as well.. for me hooking is so relaxing.. i really really love it.. keep up the good work.. your work is really splendid. greetings from Belgium. Jewel

  42. Wow, that is a LOT of crochet! Just gorgeous! Your blankets are stunning :)

  43. Love it all!!! What a crochet filled 2011 you had! Here's to the same in 2012!!

  44. How many colors!
    I love it!
    I would have liked to see some patterns of flower cushion, but I see no: (
    I wish you a year full of inspiration!

  45. I found your blog through serendipity patch. I love to crochet and love to look at people's crochet work: yours is just amazing. What an incredible year's work. Lovely post.

  46. Wow you are truely the crochet Queen your work is gorgeous. The Kaleidoscope hexagon i just adore, the granny square blanket, blooming flower cushion the flower bunting and the ripple blanket are my favourites. My goal this year is to be able to crochet a square i have mastered the circle but the square would be wonderful. Look forward to another year of seeing your gorgeous projects. Happy new year, dee xx

  47. Blimey Jacquie you've been so busy with your crochet this year. All of it gorgeous, like you I've promised myself that I won't get sidetracked in the middle of a project! But my biggest crochet resolution is to make myself something I can wear. (Not counting scarves)
    Happy New Year to you ♥

  48. So lovely to see all you projects! Thank you for sharing!!

  49. Happy New Year! Haven't popped into the blog space for such a long time and I've missed it, but it was so nice to open your blog post this morning! All the best for the 2012 projects. Hope you get all the inspiration and I look forward to say hi more often again.

    South African greetings.
    Carina x

  50. Your lovely bright photos have brightened up a stormy, bleak day here! You have had such a creative year. I can't wait to see what you produce in 2012! Happy new Year! Cx

  51. What a fantastic year of hookiness! I hope you have just as productive a year this year too. I'm really hoping that you might be starting with a little square for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012 :)x

  52. A post full of hooky happiness, stunning, you do take such lovely pics.

  53. Best. Year. Photos. EVER!
    You have made such lovely things in 2011. I get all happy when I see the pictures :)
    I hope you have an equally inspiring and creative 2012, I'm sure you will! :)

  54. Wow, lots of lovely projects. I particularly like the blooming flower cushion - it's so nice!

  55. What a glorious crochet year full of colour.
    Love your pictures. Your blog is very inspiring.

  56. Wow what a gorgeous collection of colourful projects, you have been an inspiration to my newly started crochet journey this year! Here's to a similarly creative 2012, can't wait to see what you make next! xxx

  57. Wow, just lovely! Makes me want to stop and pick up my crochet hook immediately!

  58. Wow amazing!
    Lovely colours.

  59. Wow, so many wonderful projects! Very inspiring!

  60. Happy New Year x Stunning pics, adore the blooming flower cushion :0)

  61. What a lovely colourful year and beautiful crochet projects you have achieved!
    I love the felt needle books, the hanging hearts and crochet bowls. Would you ever consider doing tutorials for those - they are so charming I would love to make them.
    Well done for your granny square edged skirt. So fashionable! How about Kate Blanchett in her dress here:
    Why not?! It's such fun!

  62. This is so great to see all your creations together like that. I hope it makes you feel very proud of all you have achieved this year - it should do! Lovely, inspirational pictures :o)

  63. Wow, you have done so many beautiful things :D

  64. Gosh Jacquie I so enjoyed this post,no wonder your very happy,what a lot of beautiful projects you have finished,well done. Also thankyou for all the inspiration you ve given me in my first year of blogging,I've loved reading your blog.lots of love,juliexxx

  65. Hello Jacquie!
    I love all your projects but especially the giant granny square blanket. It's lovely! I've tried to do it but about the 10th round everything starts going terribly wrong... It starts to twist and I've not been able to do it properly.. Could youplease give me any tips so I can finish at least one? Please! :-)
    Thank you!

  66. Hi Jacquie,

    Thank you so much for your easy to follow tutorials. I am fairly new to crocheting but as a newbie following your tutorials I too was able to create magic with the thread! I made the owls and hearts and they turned out great. ALthough, for owls I used a contrasting colour to close with a single stitch around and also added some beads in the loop for hanging! The owls look very cute indeed!
    Once again fantastic work and many thanks for sharing!
    Jo (aus Wien)


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