Friday 6 January 2012

December Nature Notes

Hello Lovelies,
here I go with my final "Nature Notes" post. To be honest I've not been feeling the love for this post . I think my own pictures are not so good as other months ,but I guess December is not always very photogenic. How different it was last year.

One thing that does not disappoint are the Illustrations from my "Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady" book .Here are Edith's paintings for December..........

I love these beautifully observed bird pictures...........

And the friendly looking fox.....

A short verse that is so evocative of this this December's ( and January's ) weather.........

Ahhh, holly and ivy...a bit of festive cheer.......

And a happy Christmas verse..........

The facts and mottoes for this month.........

I particularly liked ............

Sounds good to me :0)

Here are my own photos from last month. 2011 seems to have been a particularly good one for berries...

This Hawthorn hedge , now devoid of leaves ,looks stunning with it's mass of red berries.........

December saw our first significant frosts this Autumn,Winter ..........

Some festive Ivy........

And a friendly local peeping through the bare branches..................

When there is not much growing on the ground it's good to look up and notice a stunning skyscape....

I also loved the sun on this favourite country church , with the stormy sky behind.........

The trees my be bare , but fear not, Mother Nature is already preparing for
Spring :0)........

And even though I've completed the twelve months of my Nature notes posts I'm sure I will be looking for more countryside scenes to share with you lovelies in 2012.
Have a great weekend.
Jacquie x


  1. Hi Jacquie, i love these Nature Notes, sad to see the end of them, hopefully you will find another set to post every month?..
    Have a great day and Happy New Year :)
    Mantha xx

  2. I think your photographs are great, I love the berries in the hedge.

  3. The hedgerow is magnifient in its redness! Looking at the frosted leaves it's making me wonder how many frosty mornings we've had this winter. I think it is literally just one or two.

  4. I think theres some great pics - especially the frost one - we've had a couple of frosts but nothing pretty yet. Today has been really quite warm here - madness for January.

  5. I've loved all your Nature Notes posts and even bought the book earlier on this year. Thank you for the beautiful photos.
    Love from Mum

  6. I love the nature notes-and esp the advice about keeping warm and snoozing.
    That book is so pretty, i love your blog post though, all of the pictures are so beautiful.

  7. Great photos!!. What kind of camera did you use?..............

  8. Beautiful photos Jacquie and thank you for taking the time to share them with us.
    Anne xx

  9. Hey Jacquie, I have thoroughly enjoyed your nature notes posts throughout the year, both Edith's paintings and observations and your own photos.

    The berries really are stunning and stormy skies and frost pics are always enjoyable. Im sure you will be doing a doing a bit of snoozing and staying warm under one of your crocheted rugs Jacquie. .......

    Enjoy the weekend,

    Claire :]

  10. Hi Jacquie...I always find myself very challenged in winter when it comes to getting out and photographing the landscape! It's all so bleak and gray! But your observations here are lovely. The red berries...what a lovely burst of color! By the time spring rolls around, I find myself starved for color! I turn to my yarns for a color fix this time of year! Happy New Year to you! Had your sweet little crochet basket in my hand yesterday and was smiling at it! Hugs, Annette

  11. I have only just recently started reading your blog, but it is full of such beautiful photos and crocheted goodies. I just love the book you have - I must look out for a copy for myself. How inspiring! And Happy New Year!

  12. Wow great paintings in that book- can I ask where you got it from. I think you did very well with your shots- I especially like the hawthorne and the first hint of spring in the buds... gorgeous!

  13. I love the close up of the berries, and the church lit by the sun with the dark sky behind.

  14. i think your photos for december are fab!! The skyscrape and the church especially were beautiful.

  15. Stay warm and sleep, what wonderful advice. Couple it with country walks to see all the winter greenery and the winter skies you've so beautifully captured and it sounds like a perfect Yuletide recipe for happiness :D

  16. I bought a copy of the Edwardian Lady journal a couple of months ago, inspired by you, so thanks for that. That is a beautiful shot of the church - you just can't fake light like that.


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