Tuesday 5 June 2012

Sunday Sewing

Hello Lovelies,
 thank you for all your wonderful comments on my crochet heart pattern. I'm so glad you liked it :0)

There was such a contrast with the weather this Sunday, compared to the wall to wall sunshine we enjoyed last week.......cold and rain all day. Such a shame for people who were holding outdoor Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

I stayed indoors and started a little patchwork project inspired by this book........

Sigh ...one day I WILL make a quilt like this .

And especially the patchwork cushions in this image....found via  a link in Lucy's Caravan Dreams post.
I pulled out fabric from my stash and cut out 36,four inch squares ( enough for an 18 inch cushion pad )........

It was actually rather lovely sitting in the conservatory, listening to the rain , with the cozy glow of the light from my machine..........

This sort of design is trickier that it looks.........getting four corners to meet exactly requires accuracy , some joins worked ......

And some were a fail.......

But I still had lots of fun , using just things I had. These fabrics are ........... Thrifted school dress, thrifted curtain , vintage Laura Ashley ( been in my stash since the 80's ! ) and an outgrown boys shirt.

For the back I used this cheerful retro floral, also from my stash and made an envelope back..... I didn't have a long enough zip nor any velcro and didn't fancy making button holes, so I rummaged in the bottom of my sewing box and found some press studs....or snap fasteners....

To hide where I attached these I added some of my lovely embroidered ribbon.........

Lucy spotted this gorgeous trim when we met up last month and it's perfect for this project. I also followed her advice in this post and ironed some interfacing onto the back of my cushion front for added strength. It was a big advantage when it came to sewing the two sides together...no seams to get caught up on.........

Here's the finished cushion ,from the back ...........

And here's the front.......I love it , wonky seams and all :0)

The idea is to make two patchwork cushions to take with us on holiday. We don't have our own touring caravan but hopefully these , some bunting  and crochet blankets will add a bit of crafty prettiness to what will no doubt be a bland, beige rented static caravan .....

If you are in the U.K. I hope you have had some fun this long  Jubilee weekend. Jacquie x

 P.S. the roses at the top of this post are David Austin "William Morris ", rescued from my wet garden , and popped in candle holders to cheer up my kitchen windowsill....a bit of a brain wave I thought :0)

P.P.S. I've removed the word verification from my comments as some people commented how difficult they are to decipher these days ...I hate them too .


  1. Love the roses and the cushion beautifulxoxox

  2. This is quite a good start I think ;-)
    And ooooh, that books makes me want to drool!!!

  3. Lovely roses bunny. I love your pillow. I wish I could that. Someday

  4. your cushion is great, I would like to achieve something like that!!!
    Lovely roses!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  5. Ohhh its lovely, gorgeous fabrics & trim
    Karen x

  6. The roses look beautiful - very eyecatching in those little tealight holders. And the cushion cover is fab - I'm sure I had a dress in that blue flowery print as a little girl in the early 70's... :-) x

  7. Fabulous cushion cover! Well done Jacquie!
    Victoria xx

  8. The patchwork cushion looks really pretty and your roses look beautiful in the tealight holders. Ali x

  9. Adorable! Sometimes rainy days are the best crafting days. The pillow looks smashing with your hexagon blanket :)

  10. It looks really great,and beautiful. And thanks for the heart pattern, I will have a try.

  11. Your cushion front looks great. And so do the roses. :-)

  12. Hi Jacqui - your cushion is beautiful!! Years ago I made a double bed size quilt for my mum's 50th birthday and I've never quilted since but your post has inspired me! I'll use my machine this time tho I think!!! Thanks for sharing... xxx

  13. You have inspired me to try a small cushion cover....I want to make a quilt, but time prevents me from a large project. Thanks for the wonderful photos....I'm in Texas, but I have been following the Jubilee Celebration!

  14. The cushion looks ace!!!! The 3 squares I made yesterday were a bit wonky.....

    Luv Jane XX

  15. beautiful cushion! Looks gorgeous on the chair!

    Shame about the weather too - but ive enjoyed nothing more than snuggleing on the sofa watching it all on the tv with some wool or thread in hand!


  16. Lovely lovely lovely cushion! I love when the weather is not so great as it's a great excuse to stay in with Pjs, hot drinks and blankets!

  17. It's beeeutiful! I love the quilt on the front of that book too, I have that book on my wishlist. It is much more tricky to match up the seams that you might think, I did a similar cushion to this last year and ended up sewing buttons on at every intersection as 3/4 of my seams were wonky! xx

  18. I get wonky seams too! It's kind of good to know I'm not alone... Lovely patchwork cushion x

  19. That's lovely, I'm sure your holiday caravan will look much improved with your ideas. I especially love the trim on the back. Victoria xx

  20. Rain - ther perfect crafting weather! And it looks like you took full advantage! People think checkerboard sewing is so easy - but those match-ups are hard!! What a lovely, cozy camping item!

  21. You and Lucy are so talented and full of inspiration. The cushion looks a dream and what a great idea to take home comforts with you.

  22. Love the pretty roses in the votive cups! And you did a beautiful job on the pillow!! I'm a new follower and so glad I've found you-really have been enJOYing your blog. I LOVE Lucy, been a follower of her for a while now.

  23. Lovely cushion, you'll soon make your caravan look like home! Claire xxx

  24. I really love this cushion! Such a nice way to use lots of different fabrics. Sarah x

  25. There isnothing more cheery than patchwork Jacquie. I love it wonky and all xox penelope

  26. Wow, such a beautiful cushion cover! I'd love to be able to make a full size quilt one day.

    I'm very much looking forward to trying out your crochet hearts, I've only just started crocheting and I'm currently doing granny squares. I've challenged myself to do a blanket, as I have a habit of starting projects and not finishing them when they are for myself.

    Are you enjoying the jubilee celebrations?

    I'm having a Jubilee giveaway over on my blog if you would like to enter, or share with someone that might like it :)


  27. Congrats on the beautiful patchwork cushion.

  28. Hi Jacquie I love your large patchwork cushion it is absolutely beautiful!!!! these will certainly brighten up any bland space, and the wonky part show how much love and dedication went into the making of your project, I love it maybe one day I will get around to do this too..
    I have been gathering bits of material, but you have inspired me so much with your crochet makes over the last several months that I have taken to crochet again after nearly 30 years, been busy making a child's blanket made up of granny squares, and also a large lounge granny blanket which I must try and get finished!!!!
    Jacquie I would like to thank you for all the help with your fabulous tutorials and projects on your wonderful blog which is such a joy and a pleasure to visit always...
    Lots Hugs
    Sarah x

  29. Now that cushion is proper summery! And I love the ribbon detail- very pretty indeedy.
    I must have a try at patchwork someday (although the blinkin' sewing machine was making weird buzzing noises today when I tried to fire it up)
    Hey ho!
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  30. Pretty roses and I love the dinky little candle holders, just perfect for the job. Your cushion is perfect in it's little bit of wonkyness, that's what makes it perfect, oh and your granny hearts from your last post.....gorgeous. People are so talented making up patterns, I guess I could if I put my mind to it. I sort of 'get' crochet now.
    xx Sandi

  31. Hey Jacquie, I love David Austin roses and actually planted William Morris last season. The flowers are just gorgeous looking forward to a wonderful display next Summer.

    Your cushion looks great, love the red, blue and green colour combo..........

    They will make your van look very cosy and cheerful, 'just perfick' for a seaside? holiday.

    Claire x

  32. LOL Lucy's post has me looking for a older travel trailer that can be made over for me and my girls LOL. I have been looking at pics ever since :)

  33. hi jacqie. ive just blessed julie at toadstool house 4 or 5 times trying to decipher the words so yeh, here i go. my name is trillian and here in nz we are sheltering from a winter storm.what to do. my rag rug, yoyo cushion,crochet rug, grandsons quilt, or do i start something new inspired by your lovely cushion. it looks great and the roses a blessing. thankyou and bless you. trills.:-)

  34. Thank you so much for removing the word verification, it was becoming more and more difficult to decipher and a deterrent to leaving messages!
    I love your patchwork cushions, though hate sewing myself! I do admire people who do it so well though!
    Thank you for the spray starch tips on your previous crocheted hearts posting. I bought myself a spray and am now weaving in all the loose ends on my hearts. They look so lovely! A gorgeous pattern and thank you for sharing it!
    Have you had time to re-create the pattern for those adorable little boats with the golden sun and little fish wall hanging? I always understand your patterns so well! :)

  35. What a gorgeous little patchwork, will make anywhere feel like home. A perfect way to spend a rainy day too. And love those rescued roses, I was too late some of my roses were battered to death by the rain!

  36. such a pretty cushion. You did really well with your points, I've never met a seam I couldn't make mismatched yet!

    Yay for removing word verification, I've been really struggling with it. If you do start getting spam, just turn off anonymous comments. I don't get any spam at all

  37. Fantastic job! It is tricky to line up the corners, you did very well. I love that you used bits of outgrown clothes--that's so perfectly crafty. :)

  38. Love the patchwork cushion cover. So lovely and the idea of using the snaps is inspirational. I hate to do zippers and that's an idea I had never considered. Thanks for the tip.

  39. Witaj! Piękne, ciekawe prace są u Ciebie!!! Serdecznie pozdrawiam

  40. Oh how lovely a whole day devoted to sewing!

    My daughter and I are having a sewing day next week as I've bought her a new sewing machine and we are going for a shopping trip so she can choose her own fabric so she can make a striped patchwork cushion - a bit like the one Lucy made a couple of weeks ago. I really can't wait for a whole day of fabric & stitching!

    Definitely going to use your tip for snap fasteners ..I think a zip may be too much for a 9 year old!!

    Have a lovely week.
    Fleur xx

  41. So pretty. Everything here is lovely. The roses are my favorite and I just love that pillow.

  42. Love the cushion, the wonky bits make it seem even better. I think small imperfections show something is handmade rather than shop bought. Such a cosy cushion should certainly brighten any caravan.

  43. It's an adorable job!
    Love the colors, the fabrics, the history...
    And, of course, love the amazing roses!


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