Wednesday 20 June 2012

A Sunny Cycle Ride

Hello Lovelies ,
 with rain forecast to return later this week I knew I would regret it if I didn't get out in the sunshine for a while this morning. I was planning on going for a run but reading THIS post yesterday changed my mind. I love Cuckoos new bike and was suddenly inspired to haul my old , but still rather lovely, bike out of the garage this morning. I'm not a fan of running in the heat anyway , but cycling is perfect for a sunny day. I'm so lucky to live  close to quiet lanes and open countryside and they are looking soooo pretty at the moment......

My sort of cycling is pottering along , taking time to notice all the wonderful views and flowers......

I'm cycling in a dress's not as long as this shadow makes it appear. It's a simple cotton shirt dress that flares enough to make pedaling easy ...yes I really love cycling in something a bit floaty on a warm day's so cool and relaxed.....

I stop under my favourite tree to enjoy the shade and admire it's impressive branches.......

As I pedal along I'm suddenly met with a  strong's I pull on the brakes and head back to hunt it out .........

the Honeysuckle looks gorgeous growing wild in the hedgerow. 

As you can see my bike is showing her age in places. I have had her from new...late 80's....and the only new things are the gel seat cover ( so comfy ) and the wire basket( she originally had a white wire basket). I'm hoping to get a nice wicker one soon. She is a Raleigh and I still love this style of bike , which is now making a bit of a comeback.  THIS is today's equivalent  to mine  and  I love THIS one but not more than my own lovely old lady ....

She suits me perfectly  . I like the way you sit up straight on this type of bike , it's great to get a good view....true, her brakes are not the best, but I don't go very fast, and she only has three  gears but  I understand them and use them all :0) 

Traveling a bit further I hear the sound of running water and stop on a bridge to gaze at the ripples and   reflected sunlight.......

On the way home I'm happy the get a close up of some clover.....I just adore this colour and it looks perfect with the yellow buttercup.......

Nearing home now , I finally spot some poppies....they are not as plentiful as last year but still look stunning close up with the sunlight shining through the papery petals....

I could really get used to cycling in the fact I'm hoping for another nice day soon so I can explore a bit's so easy to cover a good distance, compared with running, but still good exercise  :0)

Oh, and in case this all seems very idyllic.... and it was.... I spent the rest of today tackling a mountain of washing and an exceedingly cluttered boys bedroom.
Hope your week is going well.
Jacquie x

P.S. thankyou for all your lovely comments, they always make me happy.


  1. That looks like a rather lovely bike ride. When the decent weather hits, there's nothing like being outside in the sun! x

  2. Hi Jacquie
    I love your bicycle too and I couldn't agree with you more regarding some sunshine, nature and two wheels to pedal around the country lanes. I smelt honey suckle this evening when I took my glass for recycling and could have transfixed myself to the fence it was growing on,so sweet and such memories it conjures up for me.We always had sweet jasmine growing in South Africa and on warm, heady evenings the scent was intoxicating.
    Lets hope the sunshine lasts for a while longer xox Penelope

  3. What a lovely bike ride - hopefully there will be plenty of long hot sunny days soon!

  4. My kind of cycling! I love the poppy picture. Hopefully there'll be lots more nice days for you to go exploring. Rachel x

  5. What a wonderful day you I am in the mood for a bike ride. I am pretty sure I could get going but not sure if I could, I been a very long time since I rode a bike. The honeysuckles are HUGE..ours are very skinny and small or that is a great up close picture!!!

  6. What a lovely trip, and today has been perfect for cycling, I may have to get the cobwebs off my bike!

  7. I love your pics!! It was beautiful in my neck of the woods too, just got back from my dog walk!

  8. What a lovely outing! I admire how you are always able to stop and admire the little things. I need to do that more!

  9. Such a peaceful, serene outing. I relaxed a degree just reading your post. Thank you for sharing. I love to bike too when the weather is nice.

  10. What a lovely bike ride you had enjoying the sights and smells of gorgeous nature! I love your blue bike and agree that a real wicker basket would suit her perfectly!

  11. I do love proper bikes - nice & simple and not to many gears to confuse.

    Lovely photos too - you made the right choice - the weather isn't summery today :(

  12. Glad you managed some lovely me time. Beautiful pictures, I almost feel like I was with you. I had a late meeting this week and came home shattered, as I walked into the garden the fragrance of the honeysuckle was amazing and I felt quite refreshed. Thanks for sharing you cycle ride. Elaine x

  13. Such lovely cheery pictures and I love honeysuckle too, really like your blog and will be trying the crochet bowl tutorial and much more :) x

  14. Hello!
    I´m from Spain. I don´t know English very well, but I have followed your blog for a long time. I like it a lot of and the photos are very nice.

  15. Right - mind made up - I am going to get a bike!

    But one with a basket and I am going to crochet a seat cover :)


  16. Your bike ride sounds fab! Very relaxing.

    Gemma xx

  17. beautiful post x i so enjoyed having a bike in Essex and suffolk when i was in my early 20's...i loved that sense of freedom but also being able to see the hedgerows and feel the breeze on my face. you must enjoy it so much.
    Thank you kindly fr your comment it really meant so much, i find your blog so inspiring ;0)x

  18. What beautiful pictures! Any wildlife photographer would be proud of photos like those!

    I grew up in the Lincolnshire fens, which was perfect for cycling. I miss it, but the roads where I live now and my declining sense of balance make it inadvisable. I'll have to live vicariously through your bike rides. Thanks!

    Ali x

  19. I've not got out on my bike as much this year - but I am a proud owner of a green pashley - a most lady like ride especially in a dress - it changes how you peddle and dress when sitting on a 'sit-up-and-beg' bike! I love it :)

    1. My tricycle is a Pashley and it is so lovely with its chrome and shiney paint. Its very girly indeer. xxx

  20. What a lovely post. The flower photos are so pretty; I love the way the light shines through the papery poppy. I like cycling in a skirt too but once I got it caught in the wheel whilst going down a 1 in 5 hill - very scary!! Lily. xxx

  21. What wonderful photos, especially all the flower ones.

  22. Thank you for the 'dink' around on your bike, I did so enjoy the view and yes the honeysuckle was just lovely to come across. Beautiful pics.
    xx Sandi

  23. Beautiful photographs. You are lucky to have had some sunshine to experience all those lovely wild flowers. I haven't been on a bike in yonks but this has put the notion in my head now!

  24. Your photos are always lovely to look at. Very clear and interesting compositions........xx

  25. A lovely way to spend some time the sunshine, it looks beautiful. It made me smile when you added the mumsy stuff we all gave to do at the bottom lol.

  26. Hi Jacquie, I hope you don't mind I've nominated your lovely blog for the Versatile blogger award. You don't have to accept but if you do you need to thank the person who nominated you, select 15 blogs that you visit regularly or have found recently, nominate them and let them know their nominated. Then tell them 7 facts about yourself. You can find more info here Thanks Ali x

  27. What a gorgeous poppy photo! I love your Bike, just might have to drag mine out and pump up the tyres...

  28. thankyou for sharing your lovely adventure along the pretty lane. im sure it made it easier to tackle the chores. nw that its winter here in nz i must plant my field poppies i was given on anzac day. our equivalent of remembrance day. they dont grow wild here unfortunately. blessings, trills:-)

  29. Your post is making me want to get out on my bike now! Sadly mine is just a 3/4 size mountain bike and not nearly as pretty as yours. It was bought when I was about 10 to tide me over untill I was tall enough to get a full sized bike. I'm 20 now and still waiting to be tall enought for a growed-up bike! :P It's been a while since I actually used it properly though and you've definately inspired to get back out there and give it a go again. It's certainly a lot cheaper and more enjoyable than learning to drive this summer!


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