Wednesday 25 July 2012


Hello Lovelies,
 finally we are enjoying a hot sunny week. I was beginning to think the rain would never stop.  I've been enjoying some al-fresco crochet at the park whilst the boys played tennis.....

Yes this is the border I'm working on . I decided I ought to make my Daisy squares into another baby blanket to sell .It's almost finished :0)

It's just lovely to spend time outdoors now we have some real summery weather. At the weekend I enjoyed taking pictures of some of the wonderful wildflowers that are blooming at the moment......

We also visited a small garden centre that we haven't been to before.We were  looking for more pond plants and were delighted to see their natural looking pond...........

There were lots of outdoor seats and a small welcoming coffee shop. Not to mention reasonably priced plants.It really was a little gem of a place . So much nicer than the big garden center chains ......

I loved this seat and dry stone wall, perfect for sitting quietly and enjoying the sun......

Back home I picked my first bunch of sweet peas this year. They have been struggling with the poor weather  but I'm so glad they are finally blooming . Their scent is my absolute favourite and it's so strong that the aroma from this little bunch greets you as you enter the room...........

Hope your week is a good one.
Back soon with a ta-dah .
Jacquie x


  1. I really like the colours you have picked for your crochet blanket. You've inspired me to pick up my crochet hook again this afternoon, and get to grips with some of my stash :)
    x x x

  2. It's wonderful that we have a little bit of real summery weather, and those wildflowers are every bit as lovely as the cultivated ones. I love the bright colours in your room too - really spirit-lifting!

    Thanks for sharing,
    Ali x

  3. I think I was a bit late with with planting my sweet peas. Such a disappointing year for the garden I think.

    Those wild flowers look amazing!


  4. Those wild flowers are gorgeous and I can almost smell your sweetpeas.
    Anne xx

  5. Your baby blanket looks soooo soft, some little baby is going to be very happy wrapped up in that, I can almost smell the sweet peas! Ada :)

  6. Your blanket is looking gorgeous Jacquie! Your sweetpeas are so so pretty, mine have really struggled this year - too many slugs and snails enjoying the rain me thinks!
    Victoria xx

  7. Lovely flower shots. Those sweetpeas are glorious and quite perfect in that cheerful jug and on your beautiful crocheted doily? Your flowery blanket is looking really good and I'm looking forward to seeing it quite finished!

  8. Love all colors in the pictures! And the baby blanket looks so pretty already :)

  9. Lovely photos. It's just too too hot for me! Love the blanket. x

  10. beautiful photos!!!! love the blanket.
    have a nice summerday,
    love regina

  11. Fabulous photo's again. And al fresco crochet . . . what's not to like? I can just imagine the sweetpea scent.

    Sarn xxx

  12. Lovely!! Please show more of that crochet blanket!!

  13. Stunning photos, I can smell the sweet peas here!!
    I love your colour choice for your blanket.

    Many, many thanks for your tutorials. I have made
    my first cushion, just need the buttons sewn on.
    Then it will be on my blog.


  14. Glad the weather is better now in the UK, here in Holland too. I just came back from a 3 weeks holiday in Italy, where the weather was also beautiful, even sometimes to hot for me.
    Love your photo's, as always. Your countryside is gorgeous, as I saw in your last post.
    Lovely blanket!!

  15. Wow, I can actually smell those Sweet Peas Jacquie, oops, nope, it's the bunch of Jonquils on my dresser but for a split second I really thought I could!!

    I love Sweet Peas and they actually grow best and flower first in my garden rubbish pile! Each year I see them growing in amongst all the cuttings and they flower before any of the cossetted garden planted variety.....

    Beautiful photos with blue sky backgrounds. So glad the sun has finally come out to play, it's just started pouring with rain here.....

    Claire x

  16. What wonderful photos! Every thing is so green...! I love the flowers.

  17. Beautiful photos! Enjoy the sunshine.

  18. Very nice the yellow wild flowers..beautiful! Also your blanket is coming along very the colors!

  19. Absolutely beautiful post, I love reading your blog. Its always a lovely, calm and enjoyable read. Have a great day!


  20. Hi,I love your blog so cheery,fab pics too.We have GREAT weather at long last too here in Cornwall,the beaches are packed lol.xx

  21. Such a beautiful blanket and gorgeous summer photos!! Enjoy your week! xo Heather

  22. I love your pictures!! The daisy blanket is beautiful. I have been crocheting outdoors as well, while the kids play. It's relaxing... Enjoy the rest of the week:)
    aly xx

  23. Beautiful pictures, flowers and crochet.

  24. Bom dia Jacquie, muita paz!!
    Cada dia que vejo seus trabalhos e suas fotos fico encantada!!Você é de mais!!
    Olha estou aprendendo a fazer squares com você! Vou fotografar e postar para você ver!!
    Suas combinaçoes de cores é fantástica!!
    Tenha um bom dia!! tina artesanato. Brasil.

  25. What beautiful sweetpeas Jacquie, my absolute all time favourites. It's nice having our kids growing up and becoming a little more independent allowing us mummies to get on with relaxing with hook and yarn! Your blanket is coming on a treat xox Penelope

  26. I love your blanket! The little daisy squares are so sweet. And the sweetpeas! What pretty colors they have. We don't really have many flowers here yet as we haven't been here that long, but next year I'm definitly going to have to plant a few sweetpeas as they are just to hard to resist.

  27. Great pictures. Summer came to Denmark this week too, Im glad it came now.... its my last week of vacation :)

  28. Helo, I'm a new follower. My name is Janice I love your photos they are so bright and pretty..I would love to see more of your blanket it looks wonderful. Sweetpeas are one of my favorite flowers...I have some too in my garden but the same this year they are struggling ...just recently got a few..Last year I have one and it grew like mad..they have the sweetest smell indeed...I hope you come by and visit and join me as well @ Friday..with love Janice

  29. Hello Jacquie - I love your blog and I;ve awarded you the One Lovely Blogg award. Take a look at my blog -

  30. I love your blanket! The colours are just beautiful.
    The yellow wildflowers just leap out of the screen at me and make me feel summery just looking at them.
    Thanks for sharing :)


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