Thursday 31 January 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 5/52

Hello Lovelies, 
so much to be happy about this week...... here are four simple joys

1. Sunshine and blue skys on my day off. The landscape is very different from all the wonderful snow of last week, but still gorgeous..........

2. After the big melt it was great to explore the garden and find little shoots and buds appearing...........

3. This year I seem to be gripped with a keen desire to grow Veg......this is a surprise to me as in the past I've wondered what all the fuss was about. I preferred pretty flowers any day.
We do have a small veg patch.....due to pressure from the children......but this year I'm actually looking forward to ( hopefully ) growing some of our own food. I've borrowed books from the library and already purchased some seeds ( floral and vegetable ).
I've even been getting excited about composting......I know !

4.My latest quick and colourful crochet project.....can't wait to share more with you lovelies.

 Crochet is such a major simple joy  in my life. It's relaxation, creativity and endless possibilities continue to keep me enthralled .

Hope your week has been blessed with happy.
Jacquie x


  1. Wow, I can't believe how green your landscape is. We still have snow on the ground in my neck of the woods. I have been swooning over the seed catalogs arriving by mail and itching to grow something. Love the granny squares, I have a baby blanket from granny squares that needs to be pout together still for a show next weekend. I better get crocheting:)

  2. As usual, lovely pics.

    The granny squares are just beautiful.

    Have a nice time!

    Lluisa x

  3. Love your colourful crochet.
    Good luck with the veggie growing - top tip: don't overdo the courgette planting or you'll have a massive glut of them.

  4. The long awaited appearance of the sun has really boosted me this last couple of days too Jacquie! Love your cute little crochet squares, can't wait to see more x

  5. Love that first photo!! Your crochet is beautiful as well, can't wait to see more!
    Kate :}

  6. Hi Jacquie!
    The landscape is wonderful! And your new project too!
    You're right, crochet gives immense pleasure
    and very relaxing. For me this is how yoga!
    Even better, right? Sit by the window and make crochet
    and more crochet... what a pleasure so gorgeous ...
    Your blog is delicious ... I loooooooooove it ...
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  7. It is definitely looking like Spring is on its way! Lovely pictures!
    Angie x

  8. All pretty pretty pretty. I would be happy too! :)

  9. Oh, I can feel spring in the air in your photos.
    The colours in your crochet project are beautiful. Love them. So bright.

  10. Lovely happies! I haven't been out in the garden in ages, I hope that we'll find little poking buds too :)
    See if your library has this book: Allotment month-by-month by Alan Buckingham. We don't have an allotment, but found the tips and tricks perfect for growing our own at home as it tells you what you should be doing each month. Good luck with your planting plans!
    Jones x

  11. Lovely. Good luck with your veg growing. I've been thinking about planting sunflower seeds but that's about it. Claire at Just a little less xo

  12. Looks like another lovely week. x

  13. We have lots of shoots coming through too, but the snowdrops seem to have disappeared which is a bit disappointing! Good luck with the veg plans! x

  14. I love these blue grannies! May be it will be a cushion?
    Have a sunny day!

  15. Can't wait to see your finished crochet project. the colours look lovely. Hope your veg patch is good and bountiful for you!! I wish i had green fingers xx

  16. I love your colorful crochet project and I can't to see more! I can't believe you already have shoots coming up; that's really exciting to me.

  17. I love the colors of your afghan! Very beautiful!!

  18. Lovely pictures, so much green and you will have fun with the vegies.
    Crochet is such a wonderful thing to be able to enjoy.

  19. Lovely....waiting for some more works from you

  20. Love your photos, but I was so struck by your pretty little crochet project. Gorgeous!
    Good luck with the veg! They will taste better than anything you have ever eaten before; the kids will eat the veg, where they might not have tried something in the past.
    A tip for you Jacquie : when you ask the kids to pick things for you, beware that you might not get as much as you thought you would. My boys would eat the peas and tomatoes off the vines! Carrots always need a wash, so they weren't plundered. It will be great.

  21. oooh, have fun with the veg growing. I used to grow my own stuff on a small shared allotment space out the back of our row of cottages. Then I took on a couple of days a week helping the gardener at the big house I work at. I now get to bring home as much veg as I wish for, so the allotment kind of died a slow, sad death. There is so much joy to be had from all the stages of gardening, just like any other creative experience. Enjoy!!!!
    very curious about your new hooky project :-)

  22. Gorgeous colours in that crochet :)

    I expect I will grow some stuff in tubs again this year - usually tomatoes and strawberries - just hoping the weather is kinder to them this year. Might even grow some chillis in our conservatory - last years did really well.

  23. The crochet pattern, colour combination is too good. The landscape pic is so refreshing.

  24. Dear Jacquie, I just want to let you know that I had a lot of fun with your owl tutorial!
    Once I started making those owls I could hardly stop; they are so nice to make! Thanks a lot for the pattern!
    (If you have a minute, you can see the end result on my blog...) Have a nice weekend, love from Mirjam.

  25. Gorgeous happy moments Jacquie.
    Anne xx

  26. just came over to say huge HUGE thanks- I finished my owl (pic posted on my blog) which is not only my first ever crochet project, but the first thing I've ever crocheted!
    I didn't do hdc cos I couldn't quite figure out how to do that, but your tutortial is SOOOOOO wonderfully clear everything just fell into place!
    THANKYOU- your time and trouble is so very much appreciated

  27. Great happy things this week, Jacquie. I do like popping over to your blog, your pictures are always so colourful. Blue skies are great, aren't they? And I know just how you feel about the crochet - I'm relatively new to it and I feel the same way. How did I ever NOT crochet??

    Gillian x

  28. Thanks for your lovely comment :) So glad you like the tutorial. I love your little hand warmers below too, such a clever idea. Must try it!

    S x

  29. Oh my heart actually skipped a beat at the spring bulb shoots...can't come soon enough for me!

  30. Beautiful pictures. I agree it's lovely to see the little spring shoots appearing.
    M xxx

  31. What a fun and wonderful blog you have. Your tutorials are delightful and you seem to have a great many followers who appreciate you dearly. Good on you! Well done. I've enjoyed my visit very much! Cheers

  32. love love love your blog. its such a happy encouraging place to visit.

  33. I've noticed buds on my magnolia, too! I am counting the days to spring!

  34. Last year was my first veg growing year and I loved it, unfortunately so did the slugs! Oh well, no one can say I don't look after the wild life in my garden!
    I wonder if I will ever be able to say, 'my latest quick crochet project'! Colourful yes, quick, not sure! :) x

  35. I see your willing on a huge burst of spring colour in your crochet! I too am going to have a go at growing. I fancy lots of kale and rocket, my favourite greens! Heather x


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