Tuesday 5 February 2013

My Weekend

 Hello Lovelies, 
for Christmas I was lucky enough to get a years subscription to my MOST favourite magazine ( thanks Mum ).
This is the first issue I've received.....you have to be patient while waiting for this kind of gift to pop through the letter box, but boy it was worth the wait. This issue is filled with so many lovely and inspiring images and stories. I love this cover image ...........

And was very good, when I got a while to sit and enjoy it on Saturday. I did not flip through the whole magazine , but took my time , reading everything that interested me before moving on.

I always do this with my favourite blogs. Slowly savouring the words and waiting for the pictures to unfold.

Anyway, back to  my magazine. An article that I particularly loved was about a talented artist Emily Sutton.............

 this is  a closer look at one of her paintings.........

I adore all the detail, colour and timeless, illustrative style of her work. I could look at this picture for ages, with its Autumnal palette and pretty house. 

It's this picture that first caught my imagination though. We have allotments locally that look a lot like this. I'm fascinated by all their higgledy piggeldy sheds, neat rows of veg and imaginative bird scarers  so this subject really appealed to me.......


THIS is Emily's website if you want to see more of her work. I loved THIS image too.

As you might have noticed I'm very drawn by the garden at the moment. It was sunny on Saturday so I headed out there to prune my huge Buddlia . And also planted some garlic, simply using a few cloves I had and some recycled "pots".
 I haven't tried this before so who knows if it will be a success. HERE'S how to do it if you fancy giving it a try too.........

On Sunday I decided to go for an early morning run , hoping for a beautiful sunrise. But it wasn't to be. The early light WAS pretty...........

But the wind blew fiercely across the open fields and it certainly felt like spring was a long way off......


I stopped momentarily to capture the silhouettes of some bare trees, then headed home to warm up.....

In the afternoon we all headed to the park and fed the birds. Last years cygnets are getting really big.....

I'm trying to enjoy the seasons and not wish too much for spring. February is a short month and in the mean time I have a pocket of spring on my Kitchen windowsill to enjoy..........

At what other time of year can you enjoy a bunch of such wonderfully happy flowers for a few pennies........

Jacquie x


  1. Ooh I love your cheery kitchen windowsill Jacquie, daffodils always make me smile, and as you say they are so cheap we can all enjoy them!
    Your local scenery looks remarkably like mine....
    Right, I'm off to explore Emily Sutton's website now, I love those pictures!
    Angie x

  2. Hi Jacquie, I love CL and have hundreds of back issues threatening to bring down my ceilings as they are all stashed in the loft (and the past seven years worth in cupboards throughout the house) ... must say your kitchen windowsill picture looks worthy of a place in Country Living! I, like you, savour the magazine when it arrives ... I have to have the time to look properly and not just flick through ... and it is always read from cover to cover and brought back out a year later! Lovely present and a gift that keeps on giving xxx

  3. Thank you for sharing Emily Sutton's works. I always love to find a new artist with pictures that ... I don't know how to put it in English...speak to me? I like her style.
    Your flowers are beautiful. Daffodils are my favorite flowers.

  4. I get CL on subscription (from my Mum too!) but hoard it for a bit - looking at the cover and thinking about reading it! So skipped over your pics to the outdoors - ah so fresh. I agree about the daffs - flowers for pennies, wonderful!

  5. It is always a pleasure to come around your blog, it's really lovely :)

    Have a nice day!

    Lluisa x

  6. Yessss! Daffodils and spring flowers, they are the way to go. I find myself so drawn to them at the start of the supermarket shop. I bought some extra ones last night to bring into work. I can't wait for the pop of yellow on my desk, cheer the place up a bit and take my mind off work monotony!
    Fingers crossed for your growing endeavours, love the loo roll planters ;)
    Jones x
    PS that mag cover is a delight, and with the subscription something to look forward to each month. What a lovely Christmas present!

  7. such a lovely bright post!...i love the look of the new CK mag!!!! exciting! looks so bright and pretty.
    i do so enjoy your countryside walks and your homely photographs ~ lots of colour! x happy week to you~ you inspired me to take part in the 52 weeks of happy- I know im a bit behind but did a kind of catch up post ;0)x

  8. I'm a subscriber too, Emily Suttons work is fab isn't it! I've not braved the garden just yet, need to find my thermals first! :) x

  9. Thank you for the link to Emily Sutton's website, I loved her songbird sculptures. I always enjoy your blog!

  10. I'm still waiting for my (indoor)bulbs to flower - but love the pop of colour on the windowsill when they do.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Country living has landed on my door mat too, I've had a sneaky peek, just a flick through but am saving mine to read in half term as I have a busy time up to half term and feel a bit stressed - I want to savour the magazine when the stress is over in half term! Those illustrations are beautiful and your kitchen windowsill looks very cheerful.

  12. I collect so many pots of daffs/hycinths this time of year and then when they are finished they get put into the garden - its lovely each year seeing them come back to life again :)

    I have fallen back in love with CL at the moment so will be getting my copy tomorrow when it hits the shops :)

  13. The little "Fish & Chips" sign is my favorite detail in the picture, so cute!

  14. country living is also my favourite magazine!

  15. What a nice weekend.
    I decided last year to embrace the season, rather than hoping for better weather :-) So when it started to get cold, I looked forward to my winter sheets, stews in June, the thicker winter duvet in July, imploring the August winds to sweep away all winter germs etc.
    Looking forward to this issue of Country Living - couple of weeks to arrive in SA!

  16. Love the painting, reminds me of another artist out there - just can't remember the name!

  17. I love Country Living too and this month's issue was lovely, Lucey x

  18. Your kitchen windowsill makes me very happy. Love the garlic planting, I look forward to seeing how that progresses.

  19. Jacquie, this post was such a delight to see. I've also got some brilliantly yellow cut daffodils cheering up my little apartment...they opened slowly and are lasting a lovely long time.

    Emily Sutton's work is lovely, and I am trying to remember where I have seen some of it before...the vintage shop front views in particular. She's quite talented and has a unique way of capturing what she sees and knows.

    You are brave to test your fit self in an early morning run against the wind. Thank you for taking your camera along, so that we could also see the magnificent landscape and light.


  20. Aw, happy flowers! You make me want to go out and buy CL! Love the artwork, like you say, it is such a timeless style. Good luck with the garlic! Abigail x

  21. oh *sigh* your window sill is so cheery and springlike... I am green with envy here in the middle of the summer heat. Those daffs are gorgeous!

  22. Country Living is my favorite too. I wonder if our U.S. version is completely different than yours though. I'll be curious to see if my March cover is different than yours (mine hasn't arrived yet). I hope not because yours look like fun.

    Thanks for the link to the artist - love her work.


  23. I have that very same magazine subscription and it's a treat. I love it when the new issue lands on the door mat. And the flowers, yes, I can't get enough of daffodils at this time of year because as well as being yellow and gorgeous they are so cheap!

    Gillian x

  24. I enjoy your blog so much!! I love your photos, and just everything about it!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Sandy

  25. Doing the washing up must be a whole lot cheerier with the sight and smell of those flowers!


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