Monday 27 May 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 21/52

Hello lovelies, 
all my happy things pictured here are from yesterday, it was a particularly happy day.

1. My eldest telling me that the first poppy had opened in the morning. I love that he noticed and I love these flowers...they had their own post last year :0)

2. Getting ready for a family barbecue, recycling last years diamond jubilee bunting  ....I love any sort of bunting.

3. Making simple accompaniments for  barbecue food ( Mr BM and his brother take charge of the grill ) ....this is Ratia ....I made it with mint from the garden ....perfect with spicy food .We also ate the first homegrown lettuce of the year.

4. We were blessed with wonderful warm sunshine yesterday, but when the sun went down and it got a bit chilly, sitting round the chiminea, chatting with my boys and their cousins was wonderful.
A day to treasure.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely Jacquie, I would love the Ratia too.
    Cool here and now heading to night time, only gas heating here, love that fire ☺

  2. Sounds (and looks) a lovely day. Enjoy your bank holiday. x

  3. happy happy. lovely post. thank you for sharing your happy with us! :-)

  4. Lovely colours in these images. First lettuce - my goodness you've done well - mine are nay higher than a grasshoppers knee! Bet it tasted wonderful. Enjoy your bank holiday x Jane

  5. What a beautiful poppy still waiting for mine to pop open not long now I hope. The bunting looks lovely flapping in the breeze. Mx

  6. I love poppies! The fire looks so inviting - may you have many happy barbecues throughout your summer! Joy x

  7. So much weekend happiness around in Blogland just now. And yours looks picture perfect x

  8. Hi There, Just a perfect happy family weekend!!! What more can anyone want!!! Have a great and happy week!!!

  9. Love all your happies, especially the poppy. Not a sign of ours yet! It was perfect BBQ weather this weekend wasn't it? Such a welcome bit of warmth!
    Jones x

  10. That sounds like a lovely day. We had our first barbecue on Sunday and it was so nice to eat outside. x


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