Friday 24 May 2013

Bunting for Lucy

Hello Lovelies, 
I know most of you will be familiar with  the wonderful blog Attic stats tell me most of you find your way here via Lucy's deservedly popular site.
Lucy is currently one of the talented people organizing Yarndale. I'm very excited about this event and plan to make the trip up to Yorkshire to visit it.....try and keep me away :0)
When I read this post asking for help to make bunting triangles to decorate Yarndale I didn't hesitate.

I've been missing my hook a bit lately , but not sure what I wanted to make. Of course I SHOULD return to the blanket at the bottom of  this post....but I fancied a quick , colourful project and Lucy's granny bunting looked so yummy that I had to start immediately.

I made half a dozen of these triangles, they really are quick and easy.........

I love their happy colours ( I used Stylecraft special DK ) and perfect points. Of course they don't work up like that , but Lucy shows you how to steam block them in her post and it works beautifully........

How happy this picture makes's been too long since I had any pretty crochet to share with you lovelies ..........

I was on a roll now....grabbing my crochet and pegging it out between showers yesterday....

 Crochet on the washing line....yay ! I've missed this .

The traingles with seven colours are my favourite, but I think it's good to have some plainer ones too.

I hope  Lucy will have a HUUUUGE response to her request for these fun granny triangles as I would love to see masses of colourful bunting decorating the hall, or wherever it's used ...I think it will look wonderful don't you.

As I was making my donation I wondered if I would be able to spot my own work in among all the other peoples........and an idea popped in my head.........

Eeek, I hope Lucy doesn't mind but I've added a little felt bunny to one of my triangles.....I thought it was appropriate  for Bunny Mummy and I hope I can have a bit of a Where's Wally game trying to spot him :0)

This is the back .......

This week has been so inspiring for crochet in well as this bunting there have been some gorgeous blanket ta-dah's HERE and HERE. I keep looking at my stashmerino ( luxury yarn collection) and wondering...........

It's a big decision of a girl who's used to the budget option.And I think I need a few more colours before I can start on a project with this.

That's why it was so nice to get my crochet vibe back by giving something back to Lucy, who has inspired and helped me so often in the past.........

If you would like to make some of these fun granny triangles there is a pattern link in Lucy's post and she is going to do a photo tutorial soon.

Any of you lovelies planning a Yarndale visit ?

Jacquie x


  1. Oh I love the bunny, what a great idea for personalising.

    I too am so looking forward to September I am going up from Saturday to Monday it will be amazing. I will have a look out for said bunny.

  2. I love Lucy's blog her colours like yours are so inspiring. I'm really new to crochet but the lady who taught me at my creative class and a few others are going to sit and crochet some bunting at the next meet up. Hopefully it will look as good as yours.... loving the bunny ... Sarah x

  3. I adore the bunny!!!!! Lucy is the reason I started to follow and then start my own site.. I really new nothing about blogs...I went in search of a pattern and google dropped me to her " Attic 24" ! When I open up her site I opened a whole new world!!! I owe all this fun to her!
    Your color choices are perfection ..... Xx

  4. I love it when you blog about your crochet projects and those bunting triangles look just lovely in their vibrant colours. That felt bunny is just perfect! I like his back view as well! I shall look forward to seeing the finished bunting. I'm sure it will look glorious! Well done for your participation with your perfect pointed corners!

  5. I'm joining in and also going to Yarndale on the Saturday.I live close enough to just go for the day.I have also been thinking of a way of personalising my bunting so that I can try and spot it.Your triangles are perfect.

  6. I looooooove Lucy's blog and I loooooove too your blog, Jacquie!
    The bunny is very nice! It make me smile!

  7. these are so beautiful! Super jealous I cannot crochet to save my life now! xxx

  8. Luckily I am I a localish girl in York so I aim to spend Saturday at the event....

  9. Lovely bunting. I would so love to join in with this but unfortunately I still can't crochet! Very frustrating. I'll just have to admire everyone elses. I would love to go to Yarndale but just a bit too tricky with my little ones. We are going to Yorkshire in September but the wrong end of the month unfortunately. Hopefully it will become an annual event and I will be able to go another year when the boys are a little older. Love your little bunny by the way. I'm sure lovely Lucy won't mind you adding it. Fiona x

  10. Well Jacquie, you done it again, you're a genius! Fantastic! :) x

  11. Your bunting is gorgeous. It is funny I have just posted about Lucy and triangular bunting too. I tried to put a comment on Lucy's post to offer to make up some strings as I think she will be inundated by lovely bunting triangles from all over Blogland but it would not post.... What a shame

    Love the Bunny xx

  12. Love the bunting - I'm going to join in too, and wondered if if was wrong to do something so I could try and spot mine when we vist. Your bunny is brilliant - and no doubt unique! A friend and I are travelling up to "Yarndale" from Sussex on Friday, and have bought weekend tickets - well it's a long way to go for just one day of yarn! And we get a couple of nights in a hotel.
    Regarding merino yarn - have you tried Drops? It's lovely - not quite Debbie Bliss, but it's really gorgeous to work with, and a fraction of the price! :)

  13. I've done a really stupid thing. You know how much I enjoy your blog? Well sometime ago now I missed a heap of posts from you and decided to to a full submersion with a cuppa when I got the time. I do this with Alice (Raymond) and Heather (LTB) amongst a few others. You see I like to read every word and look at everything in each picture. Then I never got to have that cuppa so I thought I'd wait till I had a nice leisurely morning....that didn;t happn either. I totally forgot how time consuming 2 year olds are.

    Anyway, out in my garden your poppies are coming up. It stuck me that I haven't been a good friend and haven't popped in for so long. Sheepishly, here I am, hello, missed you. My own fault I know but still.

    I am going to Yarndale. I'm going with Fee. I will throw myself at you if I see you. Beware!


  14. I like the way you have personalized a triangle of bunting with the bunny. It's so YOU. Great idea.

  15. Loving the bunny. I would love to go to Yarndale but that might not happen, However I do plan to make a bit of bunting this weekend. I don't know if Lucy realises how much bunting she will get ...enough for the whole of Skipdale I shouldn't wonder!

  16. My sis is sending her triangles made with South African acryclic, one of our favourites :-)
    The bunny is a nice touch, hope you'll spot her!

  17. I'm off to Yarndale, it is soooooolexciting! Yes,I will be making bunting for Lucy, like you I find her so inspiring.
    Love your personalised bun(ny)ting, hope you spot it.
    Have a lively weekend, Carol xx

  18. I wont be attending Yarndale but I am making bunting for Lucy. I have just posted about Lucy and her bunting too :o). I love the bunny - what a great idea!

  19. cute bunny! So glad you're making some bunting :-)

  20. Hi There, The bunny is a really cute touch!!!Nice buntings!!!Can't wait to see them all strung up,colorful and happy!!!

  21. First, I love the term "stashmerino"! Brilliant. I am hoping to go to Yarndale and will certainly be crocheting up a few bunting triangles for the occasion. I do love a granny square! Or triangle. x

  22. I adore your blog and have been lurking ever so long, but I too have joined the throng and will be sending bunting to Lucy. Mine will be coming from the USA.

  23. I love the bunting you and Lucy are making, so bright and cheerful.
    Anne xx

  24. Your bunting turned out gorgeous and I love the bunny! I wish I could go to Yarndale but coming from California in the U.S. is just not doable this year. I have started making some bunting to send over, though. So I'll be there in spirit. :)

  25. That is so cute! Love your bunny signature triangle.

  26. Thank you for sharing the secret of those perfect points ... I was wondering how you did it (and frankly a bit jealous until I got to the bit about steam-blocking). :)

    Love the bunny, especially his rear view.

  27. What a beauty!!!
    I love the bright thread! I do every time from the bright colors cheered up! I love to knit and now I knit too Malena squares for a large project
    Signed up to you to regular readers. I liked your blog.
    My name is Katherine, I'm from the city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia

  28. Please can you tell me which blogger page profile you use, my blog used to look like this, thei changed it and now I can't get back to it!

  29. Love your bunny, especially the back view, I'll look out for them at yarn dale. I said jokingly I was going to make a black and white one (on rav thread) but Lucy says go ahead!

  30. Gorgeous. Am hoping to get up to yarndale with my mum, so might get to see you and Lucy there!

  31. Oh your bunting is great, so colourful:) I must try some soon...

  32. Hi Jacquie
    What a lovely surprise yesterday to come here and see this lovely blog post full of granny bunting goodness!! THANY♥YOU so much for sharing your triangles and for your super kind words, I'm very touched.
    You triangles are lovely, and I ADORE the bunny one, such a great idea to personalise it. I've created a Flickr group for yarndale, and would love it if you could add some pics in?
    Thanks a million xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. I will be making and visiting too, love your's especially the bunny one :)

  34. Love the bunting!

  35. I've made one triangle so far. I've still to steam it so it's rather rumpled looking.
    Thank you for the link to my blanket post. I'm just catching up after being away for the weekend and noticed the big spike in visitors to my blog. Not sure if any will come back but nice that they visited thanks to you!
    Anne x

  36. Oh, I just love these!! So happy and bright!

  37. Super bunting, loving the bunny tail.


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