Sunday 14 July 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy♥ 28/52

Hello Lovelies,
 it's been a rather busy week here with many school activities to attend and plenty day to day stuff that needed my attention. I will be glad when the school holidays finally arrive.
Here are my happy things from a week when I've not had time to write any other blog posts.

1.Picking the first bunch of sweet peas from my garden. I'm sure they are late this year , but oh what a joy...and their scent is amazing, so pretty and intense........

2. Yesterday afternoon was sooooooo hot, even though some cloud had appeared. I sat in the garden and watched a cute bunny enjoying some more garden roaming. Can you see her?

Zoom in a bit......... Here she is :0)

3. Last Sunday was also a scorcher..........

 so I sat in the shade with my little sketch book.........

And drew Sparkle with the geraniums.......

She is featuring here quite a lot at the moment isn't she.

The next 14 photos really deserve their own post but I just don't know if I will have time to write one so I'll include them here.

4. Early morning sunshine. This was 7am yesterday morning. I set out for a run but quickly decided it was already too warm and everywhere looked so gorgeous in the early morning light that I wanted to slow down and enjoy it. 
The year is turning, and the colours of this hot July are mellow . The farmers are already hay making.........

and wild geraniums look pretty along the roadside........

The hogweed is turning to seed, love the pinky colour .......

Thistles are having their moment........

Trees cast long shadows and the distance is hazy.........

The brambles are flowering, with promise of yummy blackcurrants to come..........

And the grass seed heads are rather comical when you look at them close up..........

I'm happy to come across a clump of rose bay willow herb as I wander along in the still warm air.....

As pretty as any garden flower and looking stunning on such a perfect day...........

The fields are full of crops that are getting pretty tall.........

It's  wheat and I take a  close up shot as the footpath goes right through the field..........

I do love loving in an area where there is mixed farming as it's lovely to see livestock as well as crops.......

 There are a lot of animals ( horses and sheep ) in this picture.....almost all of them are sensibly hiding in the shade.......

Yes, the countryside looked just perfect in the golden rays of the sun rising on a hot, high summers day.

And on the way home I couldn't resist taking a picture of this wonderful garden . When I'm walking I always stop to peer over the fence at this delight. Isn't it beautiful...........

Hope you are coping with the heat if it's hot where you are . Wishing you a week with time to enjoy some simple pleasures.
Jacquie x


  1. Oh Jacquie those sweet peas! My plants have suffered a bit - not a single flower yet :(

    Very impressed by your run/walk - I haven't attempted anything so energetic in this heat!

    Lovely happies from your busy week,
    Jones x

  2. It just goes to show what a beautiful place we live - sometimes we just need a bit of sunshine to appreciate it! I can smell those sweet peas from up here in sunny Staffordshire - delicious! Hope Sparkle is keeping in the shade x Jane

  3. You have made my day with that beautiful post. Thank you x

  4. Isn't everywhere looking lovely in the summer sunshine? Apparently it was hotter in the UK than Malaga yesterday!!

    Have a lovely Sunday in the sunshine!!


  5. It certainly was a scorcher yesterday, did you get the thunderstorms later on? They were a perfect welcome to clear the air (and to save any watering of lawns). Your walk looks idyllic and I love the shot with the ladder and the hay trailer I can just see that on a postcard! Sparkle had the right idea, as did my little doggy who sheltered under the outside table all day daring not to move. I hope you have a wonderful week. Chel x

  6. I'm not doing well with the heat, I can't cope with a prolonged period of these temperatures - I wish I was one of those sun loving types who can laze in the garden or get out and about! It's a tad cooler here today so I may risk an adventure outdoors this afternoon, maybe! I love all your photos :) I've been enjoying the haymaking and all the lovely flowers and wildlife. It is nice to have all this sunshine, even if it is too hot!

  7. What wonderful photographs, looks like you live in a lovely area. The good weather is great, everyone is out and about and so much happier in themselves. I have some sweetpeas but only a few flowers yet. Yours are really pretty.

    All things nice...

  8. Some very lovely happies. Yes it does certainly seen that sweetpeas are late, but then so are many other things. It's a late summer this year and what a beautifull couple if weeks we've had. I love bunny, he looks so content and happy. You have done a very gorgeous picture of him, it will look very beautiful in a frame. Enjoy your weekend xo

  9. Oh your summer pictures are beautiful! Sweet peas are my absolute favourite- it's the scent! Bunny is adorable and very sensible for staying in the shade. One of the fields I walk through with my dog is full of hay bales. I had a real urge to go and touch one of them. They have a real "presence"-perhaps it is the size of them (my daughter said I was mad when I said that to her!). They seem to look a lot shaggier than they did a couple of days ago too!!! Have a great weekend :)

  10. I love seeing your sweet rabbit. We had pet rabbits when my son was small.

    Your walk is so pretty too.

  11. Great photos. Such a sweet little bunny! I love her.

  12. Your sweet peas are gorgeous. And suuuuuch a cute bunny!

  13. I love the photo of the wagon and the hay ... I feel that deserves to be drawn!! I have been running early in the morning otherwise it is just too hot!! Fabulous four happy things!! xxx

  14. I do love your photos and your garden :)

    I stopped doing the happy posts when life got tricky but I think today there might be one from me ;)

  15. Jacquie I love your pics!! I love your bunny pic you drew! Awesome!!!

  16. Love all your photos. It looks like you live in the kind of area I wish I lived in. I can't get over the footpath going through the field. We don't have those things is the US. Again, it seems so nice.

  17. love your sketch of the bunny, flowers and garden, alison

  18. What a gorgeous post Jacquie - thank you for sharing your summery pics - now that is an overall picture of beautiful Britain!
    Love your sweet peas - there's something very special about those lovely little blooms - and little Sparkle is so sweet, as is your sketch! Happy Days to you and yours!
    Joy x

  19. That garden in the last photo is so lovely - I dream of having a garden like that one day. I'm glad you didn't run, it's been much too hot for running this week! (for me, anyway) An early morning walk is a perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous warm mornings. x

  20. A beautiful post full of lovely happy things. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  21. A lovely post Jacquie, your beautiful images tug at my heart strings and I wish I was there.
    Love haymaking season when the fields change colour and the countryside becomes a wonderful patchwork.
    Sweetpeas.......mmmm.....delicious scent.
    Thanks for taking the time to slow down, enjoy it and share some photos with us.

    Claire x

  22. Hi Jacquie,Sparkles is so gorgeous!!!I love her!!!I really also love all the wildflowers in your area!!!Just growing on the side of the road!!Beautiful!!!Have a happy,sunny,creative and fun filled week!!!

  23. Gorgeous pictures, the weather has been so lovely and it's nice to be outdoors - all my garden seems to be growing is weeds though!

  24. what lovely photos. My sweet peas are only just beginning to flower, yours are beautiful and I can almost smell them myself.

  25. Awww! Sparkle's drawing is lovely.

  26. I love it when I see you have a new post. Beautiful pictures and I love your sketching.
    Hugs from mee

  27. You have completely captured the feeling of hot summer days! I think your photos are so beautiful.

  28. Oh those sweet peas are divine and that bunny is just the cutest

  29. Oh my on earth do you stop your bunnies eating all the garden? Ours ate practically everything and now we have had to fence it off :(

  30. Such lovely summer photos...!
    Loved your drawing too :-) !

  31. lovely Jacquie, Sparkle is a great name for your rabbit! The summer colours are mellowing aren't they. I've started to walk with-out my camera, it's just felt to hot to photograph! but you have caught it well. The thistles are looking lovely with the grasses, and I would love to have that lawn, it looks so easy to mow! Heather x


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