Saturday 20 July 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 29/52

Hello Lovelies, 
this week has been rather lovely, with much less pressure on my time than previous weeks. I really appreciate having a bit of time in my day to slow down and do nothing much. 
Mum's health continues to improve so a lot of the worry has lifted and school is almost over for the summer.

Here are my happy things from another hot and sultry summer week

1. watching my Zinnias begin to flower.They are a new flower in my garden and I've grown these from seed ( inspired by Claire ). They looked pretty feeble up till a couple of weeks ago , but this hot weather has made them happy flowers.
The way the blooms open up has fascinated me this week, the petals emerge as rolled up "tubes" before unfurling. Then when you think they are fully developed a circle of yellow stars appear .....lovely....

2. Fields of Gold.....Barley crops looking gorgeous ...........

3. fruit and Greek yogurt, perfect in the garden on a hot day.........

4. Seaside dreams. I've treated myself to the August edition of Coast magazine. Yes , it's not long till we will be at the seaside again and I can't wait. 
This feature on Porthveven in Cornwall caught my eye. My most favourite artist blogger has been painting there recently . Haidee-Jo's blog is a lovely place to visit , not only to see her stunning paintings, but also  she is such a positive person who tells you abut the highs and lows of painting outdoors. The best place to see her paintings of Portleven clearly is HERE.

Back to the magazine, I loved this article  on Bournemouth and this artwork that went with it.........

And for a pretty fix how about this fabulous vintage beach hut ..........

This feature is about a mother and daughter who own a vintage ice cream van...expect they are doing good business right now :0)

You may have noticed my much neglected seaside patches blanket in the background of these photos. It caught my eye peeking out of the project bag it's been stuffed in for ages now and the colours seemed so appealing once more. It must be this time of year. Can you remember I was working with similar colours last summer. I think it will be coming on holiday with us this year.
 I'm so looking forward to looking at the sea and enjoying some crochet time.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely post, as usual. Bye from Italy!

  2. Thanks for making us 'HAPPY' with your gorgeous pix.

  3. I love the idea of the time lapse pictures with the zinnias - whenever I've tried to do something like that I tend to forget about it after the first one and before I know it the flower has died! I've popped over to Haidee-Jo's blog - what fantastic pictures she paints (although she doesn't have a Tom Tit!)Have a lovely weekend x Jane

  4. I love those zinnias - the flower that keeps on giving lol!!

  5. Love the photos! It is so wonderful that your mum is getting better and stronger everyday!
    I would love to be looking at Zinnias at the moment. It snowed near here today. It was just so chilly and the house so hard to keep warm. I love looking at your summery photos to bring a bit of light back in!
    Cheers Jacquie!

  6. :( I probably won't make it to the seaside this year, so please can I live vicariously through your experiences?

  7. I love your different zinnia stages mosaic. I just love these expressive flowers and have them in my balcony garden every year. The bees and the butterflies love them too!
    Love your seaside patches blanket. I'm doing a granny square throw for my couch, but it's too hot right now - so contenting myself with smaller projects and working with cotton!
    Have a happy Sunday!

  8. Jacquie so glad that you lovely Mum is getting better. I adore the Coast magazine but don't always buy it because I feel so guilty about all the other magazines I buy. However, looking at this edition has made me hungry for it again so I shall be buying my own tomorrow to drool over. When I was a child we always holidayed in Cornwall and it was always my dream to live there - sadly my husband hates it down there and prefers Scotland so I am stuck, sadly! Thank you for a wonderful post as always, love reading your blog.
    Lots of love

  9. Such summery happy things Jacquie! I've never bought Coast (I'm worried it will make me too homesick) but it looks like my sort of thing. So glad to her your mum is doing well, what a relief for you all. Loved your bike in your previous post, by the way. If I had a bike I would want one just like that. x

  10. Hi Jacquie,Zinnias are one of my favourite flowers!!!They really don't need a lot of attention and they last forever!!!And they are beautiful and colorful!!!Hope you have a great great holiday!!!

  11. Lovely happies for you this week Jacquie. I love Zinnias and think I might just have to try and plant some from seed next year. Thanks for the inspiration. xoxo

  12. ♥♥♥Zinnias♥♥♥

    Brilliant pics of them Jacquie.....I also love the black edged green 'scales' on the bud before you see the colour of the flower. I'm sure you'll be hooked and grow them every year.....
    Great to hear your mum's health is improving.
    Fruit and Greek yoghurt in your lovely garden sounds delightfully delish......
    Coast mag looks lovely and good to see you are once again inspired to work on your seaside patches blanket.
    Righty ho I'm off to visit Haidee-Jo' blog. Have a great week,

    Claire x

  13. I love that vintage shed! I saw one similar to that today and my daughter said to me 'don't tell me, you are moving in!'. Am I that predictable :-) I am glad to hear that your mum's health is improving, that must be a load off of your mind.

    Good luck with the hooking in this weather, I can't bear to be near wool at the moment!

    Have a lovely week. xx

  14. I spied the crochet! I'm joining as you go as we speak! my first attempt. I love the colours on your seaside blanket. Yum.
    That first photo of the flowers if quite something :)
    Jones x

  15. Lovely happy pictures xxx


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