Sunday 2 April 2017

A Woodland Walk in Early April

This morning's sun tempted hubby and I to go for a walk locally. None of the boys were keen to join us ( eldest is fully of cold and the other two still have a bad walking! )

I decided we should head to the nearest woodland. Now the days are longer than the nights, and the sun has a little more heat, the landscape is looking prettier by the day.

All that fresh green makes my heart sing.

 I think I love spring so much because it is a season of firsts. New growth and the first sightings of favourite flowers always makes me smile. The delicate Wood anemones caught my eye.

And the Celandines shone in the sunshine.

New Birch leaves unfurling.

and old trees with great texture.

Here I smiled at this patch of sunny woodland floor, with Primroses, Wood anemones and Celandines.

There's still a lot of sunlight reaching through the trees and giving the early plants a good start.

The woodland really felt a special place this morning.

The first Bluebells. How perfect.

I spent a lot of time staring upwards, trying to spot the birds we could hear, without any luck.
 I'm not very good at recognising birdsong...but I did identify the Chiffchaff. It's song sounds like it's name. Hear it HERE.

 Suddenly there is so much green, and yellow.

 It's a very welcome sight and I can't wait to return in a few weeks to see the Bluebells at their best. Spring is just wonderful, don't you think.
Jacquie x


  1. Really wonderful views and nature in the wood near you!!Have happy spring week

  2. Your spring comes earlier than ours - I am in Naperville, Illinois, USA and we just have a few blooms - not so many as you. Thanks for sharing! Sweet pictures of spring!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures of the woodland. I used to love to tramp through the woodland just like you did, spotting and delighting in the new seasons. I'm in a wheelchair now but gorgeous pictures like this help me to remember the thrill of doing this on a quiet Sunday morning with my own (now late) hubby.
    Hope oldest is well soon, and the walking allergy does pass in time :-)
    Have a lovely week.
    Lucy, in Kent

  4. PS thanks for the lovely crochet patterns too, I've been crocheting since childhood 50 yrs now and it's great to still be learning new things.

  5. Oh it's glorious out there at the moment isn't it. As you say, so much birdsong, even after sunset now. Beautiful photos, I love wood anemones too, so pretty. Glad you managed to get out for a good walk, it was like summer here yesterday. Have a good week Jacquie. CJ xx

  6. I love that fresh green colour. I knew you of all people would appreciate a good hedge! Dry stone walling? it is next on the list! Jo xxx

  7. Wonderful, Jacquie. I love all of the seasons, but the newness of spring is certainly very special. Great photos, as usual.

  8. A beautiful walk :) I didn't manage a weekend walk, sadly.

  9. Hi there.Another lovely walk which no doubt you both enjoyed.Beautiful pics lovely scenery.I used to be a Cake Maker,made loads of lovely Sugar Flowers.Your photos reminded me of just how Beautiful nature is.Yes Love "Spring",so uplifting in every way.Happy Week.xx

  10. Spring is my all time favorite season. For all the reasons you gave!


  11. Such a lovely walk to go along with you on! You take the best walks and always seem to see such lovely things. It is all in the details and you notice them beautifully!

  12. I love taking walks with my UK friends on their blogs! You have such beautiful countryside and walking paths and flowers. What is that big estate in the distance? I would walk more if I had that type of walking area. Here the woods are full of poisonous snakes and the only other place to walk is the ditch where you get full of ticks or the road which is hard on my dogs and my joints. I think I need to move there! LOL!

  13. Goodmorning!
    So lovely to discover your wonderful blog! You have the most heavenly view indeed. I love all of the seasons but spring is wonderfull..

  14. Lovely photos. Our beech leaves haven't appeared yet - another favourite moment of mine. I too struggle with birdsongs, but Chiff-Chaffs earn my gratitude by being so distinctive!


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