Saturday 22 April 2017

Bluebell Time

Hello Lovelies,
on Wednesday morning eldest and I went for a walk in the same woods I visited a couple of weeks ago HERE
I had seen lots of pictures of lovely Bluebell woods on Instagram and wanted to see if our own area was in bloom yet.

The path certainly felt more shady than on my last visit.

and just a few Wood Anemones were still flowering, but disappearing rapidly into the undergrowth.

After climbing the steep hillside path we found a beautiful glade of Bluebells.

I think another week or so and they will be at their best.

I do love the woodland in springtime...I think I may have said that before :0)

Eldest liked the bluebells but things like this twisted tree....

and this Amazing spiral fungus were more of a draw to him.

I loved noticing the tiny saplings.

and the green fields.

and, of course, the Bluebells

The Red Campion also made me smile. Blue, pink, white, yellow and green. The colours of the woodland in spring are just perfection.

I loved the patches of multicoloured prettiness, but for eye catching perfection it's hard to top that sea of blue.

Another glimpse of the view through the trees.

the low path led us back to the start of our circular route.

Not so many Bluebells here, but delicate Stitchwort made me smile.

and the fresh green of the new leaves is so uplifting.

Here eldest spotted a Hare. Can you see him?

Let me zoom in. Not the best picture, but always a treat to see.

Soon our circuit was complete

It's such a special time of year, and on a sunny morning the woodland really did seem the nicest place on earth to me.
Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful bluebells and the newness of everything in spring - just so uplifting, if that doesn't sound a little cheesey! Brexit and the election just seem to be happening in a parallel universe on days like that, don't they? Thanks for the lovely photography. Vicki

  2. I am heading out for a bluebell hike too - only I am hiking in Naperville, Illinois USA! Thanks for sharing these pretty photos!

  3. Thanks for sharing your hike and your woodland flowers and trees with us. I have a bluebell blooming at home, too! We're at the beach in our caravan in the middle of a gale today after a sunny day yesterday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Absolutely glorious, that stunning blue against the fresh spring green. Perfection. How amazing to have seen a hare as well, brilliant spot. Glad you had such a lovely walk, and nice to have your eldest along too. CJ xx

  5. Beautiful photos! I've not seen any hares yet this year which is really unusual. That big fungus looks like a dryad's saddle.

  6. Dear Jacquie, it's been far too long since I last caught up with your beautiful posts. What a delight to discover tonight that you've shown us lovely bluebell forests! Thank you so much allowing us who live so far away a chance to see the spring beauty in which you are taking your walks. xo

  7. That was a simply beautiful post.. So glad to come across your blog from clear across the ocean.. I will be following you for sure.. xo

  8. That was a simply beautiful post.. So glad to come across your blog from clear across the ocean.. I will be following you for sure.. xo

  9. What a beautiful walk. That spiral mushroom is really something. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  10. Beautiful! The bluebells are so wonderful, but I also like to see the other smaller flowers too. The spiral mushroom is amazing, I have never seen anything like it before.

  11. I loved the pictures.
    Janicce/ Brasil.

  12. Your pics are beautiful! Such a lovely place!

  13. What beautiful photos. That bluebells are lovely and always make a wood seem so enchanting, don't they? I loved the fungus too

  14. I always enjoy your bluebells, wish they filled our woods. The honeysuckle is more like it here, and in full bloom now. x


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