Thursday 9 August 2018

Yorkshire With Mum 2018 :: Part 2

Hello Lovelies,
Sorry I've been AWOL for so long. A few factors have contributed to this but I won't list excuses. Here's my final post from my mini break with mum back in June.

On the second day of our jolly mum and I had the luxury of a whole day to adventure in Yorkshire.
We woke to sunshine and decided to drive into the dales. Yay, the Yorkshire Dales. Such beautiful Limestone countryside.

Just look at that sky and the pretty view.

I left mum painting in her car and walked along this quiet lane.

then downhill towards a dramatic limestone formation.

But first it was time to investigate a spot I had seen many times on photos.

Janets Foss. A tranquil spot, but this dry weather had made the waterfall just a trickle. See it looking better HERE.

never mind, there was so much more I wanted to investigate.

I joined the footpath through the campsite.

And walked between high walls of rock.

The enter the dramatic chasm that is Goredale Scar.

There's a way to climb up the rocks beside the waterfall, and I watched others negotiating it, but decided against trying it myself today.

Instead I walked back past the tents.

and climbed through open fields

Looking back the view was already opening up.

My first glimpse of Pendle Hill on the horizon.

The weather was perfect. Sunny but a light breeze. Here I met a couple who said they were here at the same time last year and it had rained all week. I felt extra lucky.

A first view of the Malham cove.

Peeping over the

closer still to the edge...gulp.

I retreated from the edge and looked at my map. Mum said to meet at 3pm and it was only about 12.30pm...I decided to walk to that lake in the top left had corner of my map.

The path led through Ewe Moor.

Where I tramped over dinosaur bones...not really, but that's what they put me in mind of.

It was tricky going and quiet a hot spot.

I was certainly glad of my shorts and sunhat

I loved all the tiny flowers.

And the amazing landscape.

The rocky steps were a challenge and I had started to hope for a grassy path by this stage.

Looking back.

More rocks

Yay, grass. And a sign post in the distance. I must be nearly there now

A quarter of a mile? three quarters... Really! bother.

I was so glad to spot the blue of the water as I reached the brow of the hill. In the hot dry landscape it looked almost like a mirage.

Not much shade for me or the cows.

Actually the breeze returned up here.

It was so nice to sit by the water of Malham Tarn for a rest

And eat my "saved from the breakfast buffet" picnic :0)

Refreshed I started the return leg of my walk. Happily the map showed an easier route back to the cove. And it was so quiet. I do like having a footpath to myself sometimes.

Soon I was looking down on the cove.

Then walking on the tricksy Limestone Pavement.

And peering over the edge again...oooh errr.

Then descending the slippery stone steps which were hard to make out in the bright sunlight.

Looking back where I had come from at the side of the cove.

Nearly there.

Yay. No more steps, just a stunningly gorgeous spot. I was surprised how beautiful it was down here.

At the base of the cliff Swallows flew past me and stopped to enjoy a drink in the shade.

Such sweet birds, I loved watching them.

I was a bit fed up when my peaceful moment was interrupted but  then this little boy's reaction to this marvel of nature made me smile. He looked up and said "Wow! Nobody in the whole world has ever climbed up there" :0)

Soon it was time to head back to Malham village a meet up with mum. Bye bye Malham cove, you looked so beautiful today. What a treat for a walk on my birthday. I will remember that one for years to come :0)

This is the painting mum was just putting the finishing touches to when I got back to the car. Isn't it pretty.

And here are some more Malham views.

This final one is from our first day in West Yorkshire.

Special mementos of a special trip.

Jacquie xx 


  1. What gorgeous countryside and how blessed were you with the weather. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday although I must say you're much braver than me venturing so close to the edge of the cove. I would've stood well back, lol! xx Susan

  2. Fabulous birthday walk and happy birthday to you Jacquie. Loved all of this walk and especially your mum's wonderful artwork xo

  3. Thanks for enjoying the landscapes, loved it! Byebye

  4. Absolutely beautiful and I just love your mother's paintings!!

  5. I loved looking at your photographs it looked like a fabulous day. I have not been there and we live in Yorkshire, South Yorkshire though. It is on my list of places to go now so thank you. Your mum is a wonderful artist too.

  6. What a great way to spend a day - amazing scenery. Jo x

  7. Amazing views! Such a treat... we live in Cornwall but on our way home from Northumberland today we revisited the Dales as part of the journey! My heart sings whilst in those magnificent hills and dales. Loved seeing your amazing pictures!

  8. Wow.. you really hiked some beautiful countryside this time.. the cliffs and rock-work and creeks and wildlife. Stunning! And I totally adored your mother's painted renditions of the charming village scenes. You're so lucky to have such a talented mother! Thanks for sharing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Just beautiful!! It's been to hot here. The sort of hot you don't want to venture out into unless you must! I've spent more time indoors this summer than any other just trying to keep cool! Thank you for sharing you lovely trip with your mum xx

  10. It really is such a beautiful part of the world, and as you say, so tranquil. Such varied landscape as well, and that breathtaking drop, yikes. Your mum's paintings are lovely, such a great way to remember a place. Glad you had such a good break. CJ xx

  11. Wow! Such incredible photos and those paintings are by your mother? They are fantastic!!
    I have loved your blog for years, all the lovely things you have shared of your crochet work. Looks like your artistic talents must come naturally! :-)

  12. I think you are very brave to do these impromptu walks on your own, I take my hat off to you! My walks have to be well defined and planned. Glad you enjoyed Malham Cove and Tarn so much on your birthday. Lovely photos and I like your Mum's paintings very much. xx

  13. Looks gorgeous and I love your Mum's paintings too :) I shared some of my dorset pics on my blog the other day - several views will be familiar to you ;)

  14. Wow you did very well. Malham is one of our favourite places to walk and I am glad you enjoyed it. I also love your mum's paintings too. What a special day you both had. xxx

  15. Wow...quite a trek for you. I'm impressed, especially navigating those steps and uneven paths. Love your mum's artwork. Very nice momentos.

  16. I love taking some time out and catching up in blogland, i love reading your adventures on foot, the dales look beautiful!!!! and i love the feeling im with you on your walk. great photos! your mother's paintings are lovely. lovely to catch up here. i feel amazed ive kept a post a month on my blog lately...slowly getting back to it, im instagram but i miss the blog style of things...x


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