Thursday 28 June 2018

Yorkshire with Mum 2018 ::Part 1

Hello Lovelies,
today I'm feeling rather sorry for myself as I have a head cold and I'm aching all over. Bother, I haven't had a cold for ages and I'd forgotten how miserable it makes me.
 I've had to miss my walking group outing  too. Double bother.

Still, it's given me chance to sit quietly and look back on my photos from this time last week, when Mum and I enjoyed our annual mini break in Yorkshire.

I'm not too keen on long distance driving so I worked out a route that included a break as soon as we arrived in West Yorkshire. We took the steep road through the northern part of the Peak District, and turned right to climb up to impressive views from Holme Moss.

This high spot has a radio mast.

and a handy parking place.

I loved this rusty steel frame.

Which helped you to focus on this far reaching views towards Holmfirth and beyond.

I had found a route online that looked promising for an afternoon's walk...THIS ONE

So I left mum to sketch in the village of Holme and set out along the easy to follow track. It wasn't long before I was enjoying fine views of this area which has become famous as "last of the summer wine country" 

I was feeling quiet hungry when I got to this sheltered bench.

Time for a lunch break with a view :0)

I ate half of my picnic, then decided it was time to press on.

It was quiet along the track, though I did see a few other walkers. It's always nice to see lone females like myself.

As I climbed higher the call of Lapwings caught my attention.

and the landscape became wilder, the reeds here showing how boggy it can be.

I'm not the best navigator but I did find it easy to follow the one and only path across this part of the moor as I approached Hey Clough.

Here it is 

I've just looked up the word " Clough"'s northern English for "Steep Valley or Ravine" . This one had a little waterfall too.

Swathes of Bog Cotton  dancing in the wind made me smile.

The moorland around here was so similar to the landscape I grew up in ( a few miles further north in Haworth). I was thrilled to wander these paths on such a lovely day.

Time for a rare selfie. More wrinkles than the last one I'm sure, but that's life.

Oooh look another Clough. How delightful this sheltered valley was.

There was even a sun-warmed wall to sit on and finish my picnic.

Whilst I gazed upon this lovely view.

I didn't see another soul here, but the Curlew called from a wall high above me

Time to cross the rickety bridge.

Notice the ferns and flowering heather.

Then climb steeply up the valley side.

Next it was a gentle stroll down this track.

Spotting Skylarks.

and abandoned barns.

To Bilberry reservoir.

it was lush down by the water.

and there were already a few Bilberries to be found.

Then my route looped away from the water.

and across the fields along the Kirklees Way...notice the blue K  :0)

I just loved this view with the fluffy clouds and the peaceful cattle.

And the impressive Emley Moor transmitting station on the horizon.

 After 5 miles I was nearing the end of this delightful ramble.

Pretty stone cottages in Holme.

Then it was onto our hotel, and my second favourite part of our mini I haven't had to cook. What a treat :0)

I do hope you enjoyed this walk Lovelies.
Pop back in a bit for part two of our Walking/Painting break
Jacquie x


  1. Oh! This looks exactly as I imagined from the descriptions in the James Herriott books!

  2. What an adventure you're having.. I do hope you share you Mum's sketches with us. I'm happy you had such perfect weather for your hike. Have a super weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That was absolutely delightful! Thank you for sharing x

  4. What beautiful capture of your day out.

    I've decided to try and get out more in my local area and write about it for being able to look back on and also to share with world, is such a great thing to do.

    I hope your feeling better soon.

  5. What a lovely, lovely walk! Thank you so much for sharing it. Wish I had that meal right now, it looks delicious!
    You look great, by the way! You will NOT see a selfie on my blog, NEVER!! LOL!

  6. Hello Jacquie. I enjoyed your walk via the gorgeous photos and narrative. Reading your blog is one of my favorite things to do. I admire your endurance on the long walks. How nice that you get to encounter sheep so often. I can't say that I have ever come across a sheep in passing. Cheers, Alexine

  7. Hello Jacquie! As always, I enjoy walking through parts of beautiful UK through your lens.
    I very much want to see it for myself one day, but until then, I'm so glad to have "met you" :)

  8. Wow! What a wonderful ramble. Sorry you are ill and hope you are tip top soon.

  9. What a beautiful route! That's my favourite sort of terrain. Hope you feel better soon; summer colds are horrid. Susie x

  10. i so love all the photos you lovely..

  11. Oh yes I sure loved your walk and your selfie pic too hello there looking good Jacquie ♥ Hope you are feeling a whole lot better when you read this xo

  12. just catching up with blog reading....what a lovely walk and not too far from us!

  13. Hello Jacquie: I hope you have begun to feel better. I like your new banner heading. I've just re-viewed the marvelous photo tour. It is so naturally beautiful and wondrous. Best Wishes from Maryland,USA-- Alexine

  14. I did enjoy this! What fun. Me thinking of you, with your mum...wishing is could be me with my mum...not to be though b/c she's in Heaven now. But I did love an outing with her. She was the best. And I do love the series Last of the Summer Wine. In fact I purchased all the available video sets, LOL. My husband and I have watched the series a gazillion times. And I hope you and your mum have have a gazillion more of these outings. Also, hopefully you are well past your cold by now too. Miserable thing, a cold.


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