Sunday 10 June 2018

Catching up 1 ♥ A Walk along the Soar

Hello Lovelies,
gosh I've been away a little while haven't I. I don't really have a reason, but I'd like to catch up with my posts so here goes. These pictures are from mid May, when I did a solo walk starting at Hathern in Leicestershire. 

It began along shady lanes and the opened out onto fields with a view of the church spire at Normanton on Soar.

My first glimpse of the river.

It's not possible to reach the opposite bank and the village from here.

Except certain weekends when there is a Chain Ferry. Oh that sounds fun.

said chain :0)

I loved the views across the water, but wished that tree was a bit smaller.

There are lots of waterside homes, or holiday homes I presume.

They looked idyllic on such a nice day.

A passing craft.

Big skies

Nice homes.

and a pub.

Where you can launch your Kayak

Beautiful Wisteria.

and an impressive tree house.

Thirsty cattle.

With carves, looking at me, yikes.

Hellooooo, nice cows.

Excuse me but I need to go through the gate please.

Phew, they were calm but I was still glad to get out of that field.

This was my favourite riverside chalet.

This one was getting some TLC.

The next part of the walk was along a short stretch of canal.

then it was back to rejoin the riverbank, this time the the river was on my left...somehow? :0)

And here it was time to say goodbye to the water.

And head across fields to pretty Sutton Bonnington.

I love exploring quiet lanes.

spotting cute cottages.

And more lovely wisteria.

The post lady was making her deliveries.

and I was getting hungry as it was lunchtime. I walked up this lane.

and found a lovely, simple church.

It was hot by now and I was happy to sit in the shade of the church porch, my back against the cool stone.

After my simple snack ( hadn't really planned such a long walk , so I only had a cereal bar in my rucksack) I had a peek inside the church.

Then, before I left the village, I came across a corner shop and treated myself to a cornetto ice cream.

I just managed to capture it's beauty before my camera battery died :0)

There was still another couple of miles to walk, more fields, canal and river to take me back to Hathern.

It was a lovely 8 mile walk, on a perfect spring day. I'm glad I finally got around to sharing it here and recording it for myself.

Jacquie x


  1. What a wonderful walk you shared with us! I'd love to have a house on the waterside. I'd even love to live on a canal boat. And a well-loved church it looks like. Good for you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hubby and I used to walk miles and miles, but now his hips are full of arthritis so even a short walk is painful :( I love joining you on your blog walks. Thank you x

  3. How glorious it all looks in its early summer greenery. And what amazing houses on the river, really beautiful. A Cornetto is my youngest's favourite ice-cream, he'd eat one every day if he could. Yours was very well deserved I think! CJ xx

  4. So many beautiful green and watery scenes! I'm glad those cows were calm...I would have been worried too. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  5. Vibrant summer pictures. One day I will grow a wisteria like that - they take ages to get that big don't they? Better get a move on! Pretty cute calves too. Jo xx

  6. That sure was a beautiful walk and I always enjoy joining you for them xoxo Yum to the cornetto ♥

  7. What a beautiful walk. Your English countryside is always so beautiful. Anne xx

  8. I’m so glad you are back. I so look forward to your walks. Hope to someday get “across the pond” and follow in your footsteps.

  9. Oh,sooooo Beautiful I love where you live,thanks for sharing.We have cows with calves ( the same breed ) practically in our back garden.I never go in the field when the beautiful babies are in there.The ones you saw did look ok,phew.Hugs xxx

  10. What a lovely walk. Beautiful photos. Looks like it was a lovely day xx

  11. Always pleased to see your posts Jacqui, and join you in your beautiful walks, Those cows are beautiful but I would have been very wary! glad you were ok! such a lovely part of the country, Thank you for sharing as ever.

  12. Very pretty scenery, cottages, church and village, Jacquie! What an enjoyable walk that was! xx


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