Thursday, 10 May 2018

Whatton Gardens May 2018

Hello Lovelies, 
oh my, my camera keeps filling up with pretty images at the moment. So here I am bringing you more garden loveliness.
The hottest day of the Bank holiday weekend here was Monday. We had record breaking temperatures for this weekend. I think it was 27 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

I decided it was finally time to visit a garden that had been on my "to visit" list for about three years. 
As is usual these days only Eldest fancied making the trip with Hubby and I. No matter. I've learn't it's best to let the other two stay home on such occasions.

Whatton Gardens belong to a country house estate in Leicestershire. Around the back of the house we came to the gardeners cottage.

And this sunny courtyard.

I loved the entrance.

and the lush greenness that lay beyond.

This is an excerpt from their website:-

he garden is now cared for by Lord and Lady Crawshaw, along with their Gardener, Roy Carr, rather less than the original staff of ten gardeners! However above all, the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of a bygone age make Whatton Gardens the ideal setting for a relaxing visit for all the family.  Many mothers, who came here as children, now bring their own children to visit, such is the enduring spell cast by Whatton Gardens.

Why not click on the first images then scroll (slowly) through these pictures. I hope the give you just a small sense of how magical this spot was on a perfect day in May.




 For me this place was just how a garden should be, full of wild flowers along with the specimen plants. Formal areas merging into natural woodland. I haven for wildlife and space for people to relax. All topped off with a nice cup of tea :0)

I think we may have seen the garden at it's prettiest, but I will be back to wander those paths again.

I hope you enjoyed coming along too

Jacquie x


  1. The pictures are lovely. I like the bird picture.

  2. Beautiful Jacquie and I sure did love the fox weather vane lol You sure take some lovely photo's and nice your eldest enjoys going with you both.

  3. Each and every photo was magical! I also loved the fox weather vane. Thank you so much for sharing with this blog friend from across the globe! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Lovely photos - a well-earned cuppa after the walk.

  5. Ohhh my, such loveliness!! I just love your blog! I could wander around that garden all afternoon sitting in those shady little nooks to rest and admire. Thank you for sharing x

  6. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  7. Heaven on earth springs to mind...gorgeous post, Jacquie, perfect to see first thing on a spring Sunday morning xx

  8. A beautiful evocation of a British spring garden! Thank you Jacqui! x

  9. oh I agree, the perfect mix. Too many stunning photos......the yellow azalea, the bridge, the round pond, the sundial..... I could go on! xxx

  10. Thank you for the tour - what a delightful garden to visit.

  11. A lovely garden, thanks for sharing. Loved the birds nesting among the bird statue. Brings to mind the hummingbirds here trying to run off a pot sitter (plastic bird that sticks in the dirt) I have of a bird, they really believe it's real, and after their feeder. lol

  12. Gorgeous..Beautiful..stunning... love the nesting water hens amongst the 'Protector' birds :) Thankyou

  13. a garden full of grandeur and controlled neglect.....perfect! xxx

  14. It certainly is a beautiful garden! So much to explore and enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Your photos really did give me a sense of how gorgeous it was there on the day you visited. It's all so much more lush and green than we are used to here in Southern California. We have our beautiful places too, of course, though different. It's the variety that adds to the enjoyment I think! Looking forward to more of your posts!

  15. What a glorious place! Just my sort of garden too.


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