Saturday 5 May 2018

Images from Wollaton

Hello Lovelies,
my little camera seems full of pretty images at the moment. May is just THE most photogenic month.
I'm sorry my "simply Seasonal" posts seem to have fallen by the wayside at the moment.
They were quiet time consuming to write and I do like to write a post when the inspiration takes me and when time allows.

Tonight I'm popping by the share a few images from a recent visit to Wollaton Park in Nottingham. I went to meet up with friends and we had a gentle wander while we chatted. Of course I couldn't resist taking a few pictures too.

It's just a few pictures as I didn't want to appear rude. I hope you enjoy them. I'm thinking shorter blog posts are a good idea. Well at least sometimes :0)

This is the back of Wollaton Hall. I have shared pictures of these views before, but I hope you enjoy looking at them, none the less.

The people of Nottingham are lucky that this is a free Museum.

Which is set in pretty gardens.

It's a pleasant walk downhill from the hall and gardens to the large lake.

Which has views back towards the imposing hall.

I love walking by water, and here I noticed a lot of birds on the island.

Wow, so many Herons building nests.

I wonder how bis a Herons egg is ? :0)

Maybe I'll be lucky enough to see their offspring later in the year.

Jacquie x


  1. That's not too far away from me, but the last time we were there was 2015. I remember the walk round the lake, It was lovely. We will definitely have to go again. Such a stunning building. X

  2. What an amazing place, and how wonderful to see so many herons all together. The orangery looks beautiful, I bet it's lovely in there. Hope you have a good long weekend. Hurray for bank holiday sunshine! CJ xx


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