Thursday 3 May 2018

A May Day Outing

Hello Lovelies,
although it may not look like it on my blog, most of my day to day walking is done straight from home. I like that it's free exercise and there is no environmental impact from my regular walks. 

Sometimes though, I like a change.

 I usually work on Tuesdays but this week I had the day off. It was such a beautiful morning and I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I hopped in my little car and travelled the scenic route to my destination. 
The countryside is looking so lovely at the moment I couldn't resist stopping a few times.... when it was safe to do so :0)....and capturing the roadside views. Oh spring greens you are SO welcome.

And blossom trees.

and blue skies.

Thankfully the sun was still shining when I arrived at The Outwoods, a beautiful woodland with lots of paths and public access.

It's on a hill so there are lovely views to be glimpsed between the trees.

The air was still and the morning light was quiet magical that day.

Of course there was one seasonal beauty I had particularly wanted to see on this day, the first day of my most favourite month.

The sight of massed Bluebells in a sunlit woodland is a joy to lift your heart.

I don't think I could ever tire of this magical sight that we have waited for all through the winter.

There was still very little shade from the sparse new leaves here. I loved the sunlit paths and the sound of birdsong.

And interesting old trees.

This simple bench had a brief but touching a lady who "loved the Bluebells"

I was so happy to have time to wander along paths I had not discovered before and be able to admire the display from many different angles.

I couldn't stop taking photo after photo...just hoping one or two would actually capture the beauty of the day.

The new ferns were gorgeous too.

The sunlight made the spring leaves glow.

Beech leaves are a favourite, so soft and luminous when they are new.

Here there were bigger trees giving more shade, and the rocky outcrops typical of Charnwood.

I wandered down the steep paths and here I stopped to chat to a gent who knew these woods much better than me. I loved hearing how he likes to come here at dawn some days. How it's a different world where you can see so many birds and deer. We chatted about other local spots he likes, how this special landscape is made of some of the oldest rocks in Europe.  And mostly how mother nature does beauty the best :0)

By this time I had been walking for about an hour so I stopped here for a drink and a snack.

What a perfect picnic spot.

After a break I headed back towards the car park as there was something else to see.

What do you think to this? It reminded me of wizards hats :0)

Or how about this Guardian Angel by the bus cafe.


And suspended spheres.  I loved all the willow sculptures which were temporarily on display.

And this serpent made from twigs and branches.

How great is this giant too.

It's a shame that are not a permanent fixture and the display will have gone now. At least the cafe stays all year. You can sit upstairs amongst the trees. How lovely.

On the journey home I stopped and admired the pretty villages I passed through

There was no rush and another opportunity to stop made me smile.

The cloud had started to gather as I neared home, but it could not spoil my happy mood.

What a perfect start to the new month.
Happy May Lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. Happy May to you, too, Jacquie! I love the place you visited with all the bluebells and far vistas. You're such an adventurer! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. That looks like a brilliant place to visit, I'd love to have walk around there. Lovely way to begin the new month :)

  3. Olá ! Meu nome é Maria Cândida e moro no Brasil.
    Eu amo o seu blog. Passo horas admirando as fotos que você posta aqui.
    Muito obrigada por permitir que eu aprecie tanta beleza.

    Um beijo

  4. Thank you as always for sharing your journeys....makes my heart happy.

  5. Thank you for another wonderful post! I feel as if I'm with you on your walks. The photos are so beautiful :) x


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