Sunday 15 September 2019

September Scenes

Hello lovelies,
only me, popping back in with more recent images. I've been having trouble with my old point and shoot camera , so after months (and months) of something else cropping up that needed paying for, I finally found the funds this month to replace it. 
You can't beat a bit of sunlight for photography purposes and last Sunday we had quiet a lot. I was happy to get out early enough to  capture the dew on my Dahlias with my new toy.

A little later that same day I was out walking with a friend. It's our regular once a fortnight walk and chat. Nothing strenuous this weeks, just a couple of loops of the boating lake at the lovely Highfields park

Loving the reflections

and the Chinese lion.

The September light and shadows were beautiful.

My new camera has a good zoom which I was experimenting with. I was particularly pleased with this shot.

This is the un-zoomed version, so you can see how far away I was from the purple flowers.

In the afternoon I dragged hubby out to see a concert in the newly restored bandstand HERE.

Love those original 70's? deckchairs :0)

We also had a walk along the riverside path.

It was great being able to get a close up of this swan as it glided past on the still water.

Here the council has recently constructed a new war memorial. I thought the outer banks covered in meadow grass were very effective.

there were even a few poppies in flower catching the sunlight.

More zooming....a squirrels bottom :0)

These next 5 pictures were taken on Tuesday morning, on a walk before work. I love to see the Ivy flowers reappear each Autumn.

And the rose hips.

Trickier to capture was a sparrow, high in the tree branches.

this view always pleases me.

zoooooom :0)

My new camera has a viewfinder. Here (Wednesday I think) I was messing about testing it out while I sat in my comfy window-seat. Awwww, my "lived in" house looks OK I think. It's funny how seeing things through a camera lens makes you really notice your surroundings.
Eldest and I decorated this room in the spring as we simply had to have a new carpet (the old one had holes on the stairs) and I'm still unsure of this blue (I liked the creamy yellow we had before). It's kind of dark, though it looks anything but in this image.

Also midweek I was cooking a vegetable and soya chilli. I'm still trying to get the family to eat less meat. This was simple and very tasty. I served it with some strong cheese grated on top, rice and garlic men have big appetites. Recipe HERE.

Are you doing Secondhand September?  It's easy for me as I really only ever buy shoes and underwear new. I'm more than happy to buy secondhand clothes from the charity shops, though I haven't felt the need to buy any so far this month. I did however donate £3 to charity this week, and they gave me two of these sweet plates as a thank you :0)

I love the blue chicken and the country cottage scene.

In other happy news the milkman gave us a free bottle of juice this week. Pink grapefruit. My favourite.

These final pictures are from a sunny group walk I went on on Thursday.

I still love my walking group, though I don't get out with them as often as I did. Sometimes life just gets in the way or the weather is too off-putting. I'm most likely to be discouraged my hot weather than any other ( ok heavy rain is also up there) . But this week the conditions were perfect and the family did not need me. Hurray.

I love the hills and the rocky outcrops of the Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire.

Shady paths with distant views are also lovely.

There's always something different to see, even if you know the route. Sometimes there are free gifts too.

This walk even had a loo where we parked. Bonus :0). Here's a picture from inside...a very leggy but oh-so-pretty geranium.  Little touches like that always make me smile.

I'm still experimenting with my camera, but so far so good.
I hope you enjoyed this varied selection of images from my week.
Jacquie x


  1. Brilliant images clear! Thoroughly enjoyed the selection! Are milkmans back in the UK???? Something I always missed when popping back to see the family in Devon and Somerset.

    1. Hi thank you. Yes we can get a doorstep delivery around here via Milk and More

  2. Jacquie, your new camera is giving you wonderful images... but my dear.. you need to tell us WHAT kind of camera! :-) A good zoom is invaluable. I'm so glad you're back to blogging.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hi Jacquie,
    I haven't seen your posts on my feed for a while so lovely to be greeted by one today and what a treat. Your new camera has produced beautifully crisp, detailed images. I especially love the dahlia with dewdrops. I agree with Teresa - would like to know what kind of camera you have now. I think these images are of higher quality than previously and considering two factors: a) new technology; and b) you are very well practised at photography and well-equipped to make the most of modern features. How much is a) and how much of b)?

    In any case you have given us some fabulous photos of both outdoors and in. You were lamenting blue over yellow. Your blue interior looks modern, calming and fresh while bringing out the warm tones in your brickwork and woodwork. Good choice is the blue.

    Our skies are beginning to look blue again in South Australia as the Spring light has returned. Maybe I too will get to go for walks like you do.

  4. Lovely photos with your new camera! So nice to see your blog moving again - so many of my favourite blogs have been abandoned.

  5. You've had such an interesting week and your photos are great. I think we are so used to seeing pictures of homes that are Instagram perfect, but that is not real life and I know my house looks like yours, comfortable and cosy with all the things we love around us. Have a great week. Jan

  6. Great photos and I really liked the variety! Well done! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your zoom is very clear. What a great camera and of course photographer. I hope it serves you well. Jo xx

  8. I love your walks and all the interesting photos. Your zoom is amazing when I saw how far away you were from the flowers. What a lovely area you live in. You haven't said anything about your mother so I hope she is doing well.

  9. oh wow your photographs are detailed and beautiful...
    I miss my old camera...I still have my little pocket one. But I just find i use my phone these days to take photographs. meaning theyre less detailed and in focus!...But i find i can capture a moment quicker!.
    I love all your walking adventures...wonderful places you've visited.
    Lovely to see you in blogland...
    p.s your room looks beautiful...
    kazzy x

  10. Looks like you have a great new camera! What kind did you get? A zoomy camera is a must have item for me, I like to be able to photograph landscapes one moment then zoom in on a far away bird or whatever the next!


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