Tuesday 1 December 2020

Scenes from my week

Hello again Lovelies,
I'm back for another chat, to share and document the nice bits of my life...as this blog was always intended to do. My happy place. 

Here's another happy place for me. Our garden. Obviously it's not looking it's finest in late autumn, but it's not looking too bad and this time of year is perfect to tree planting. Can you spot my latest addition?....on the left.

Oooh, oooh ,ooooh.....This scrappy looking specimen is making me smile. Most of those sad looking leaves have since dropped off, but it is what happens at this time of year :0)

This is my Christmas present from mum. A bare root Rowan tree...THIS variety to be exact. I'm keeping everything crossed that it survives.

I just love gardening for wildlife and tree planting is one of the best ways we can support nature in our gardens isn't it.

Indoors I've been crocheting rainbows. I made this colourwash cushion cover recently and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

Then last week I had the idea to make a banner using Lucy's great pattern you can find HERE. Gosh is it really eight years since that post was published...seems so recent in many ways.

Mine is not a Christmas project though.

Here's a clue...big clue :0)

More on that later. Amazingly I've still been picking Dahlias from the garden in November.

These are the very final ones, looking so much paler than their summertime relations, but still beautiful when supplemented with a few bought carnations.

Shall we go outside again now? This is a walk from last Friday. I set off about 9am, on my usual route, past my favourite simple church.

There was a thin layer of mist still hanging in the air and all the cobwebs were strings of tiny water droplets.

as usual I had birdseed in my pocket for Mr Robin, any any other feathered friends.

He's just the least camera shy 

The sheep looked like they were laying under a duvet. They were actually watching that squirrel.

Who quickly scampered off as I approached.

Here I was walking down the pavement and had just crossed back over, after getting out of the way for these ladies. Social distancing is a bit of a pain, but I'm always cautious and people around here are generally grateful. I was thanked by this group and we exchanged a few friendly words, from opposite sides of the carriageway.

I am extra happy when it's quiet though...as it was here. I just love this view.

 What a great setting

And what a gorgeous house.

Anyway, back to my walk. The sunlight was lovely here.

And the seclusion here was so relaxing.

Nice to stand and admire the views in silence.

Further on I walked past this old caravan. So cute. I wonder if it travels anywhere these days?

At the weekend I finished my birthday bunting by adding all the felt letters, along with buttons and beads.

it's youngest's birthday in a few days, so I haven't got it up yet, but I couldn't resist having a practice as soon as it was complete.

Yay, I'm really pleased with how this has turned out. More jolly rainbowy goodness fresh off the hook. It's just a shame I didn't make it a few years ago when the boys were younger. Making it as youngest turns 18 seems a bit late. Still, I think birthday banners are good for adult birthdays too, don't you?

I do hope you are all continuing to cope OK during this strange time, and that there are many small, joyful moments in your days. 

Thank you for reading about mine
Jacquie xx


  1. Love the colourful birthday bunting hanging on your mantel.
    Glad you are still enjoying the garden. The dahlias look fab in their soft mellow colours as the season changes. Enjoy your walking this week if you are out and about x

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you have a nice week too x

  2. A nice little read before bed... thank you for the lovely photo's ( as usual)
    The misty morning ones are magical.

  3. Fabulous to hear from you. It seems so comforting to see your walking views, your crochet and news of family. Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo. Thank goodness for home, family, craf and mother nature xx

  4. So happy that you are back posting...love your photos !!

    1. Thank you so much Corinne. It's lovely to be back x

  5. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Your banner will be a joy for many years to come and I am sure it will be a family heirloom in the future. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Thank you so much Teresa. You always say the nicest things x

  7. What a lovely post! It's been many months since I've caught up on any blogs, and what a good one to start back on! You have made me feel nostalgic for England. My favourite thing to do when I lived there was to go on leisurely walks through the countryside. I will have to live vicariously through you. Thank you for sharing your days.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment x

  8. I know it is cold and wet and all that but these wonderful photos of the English countryside make me feel homesick! I was supposed to have returned home to visit the family this last September but of course that wasn't possible! I have postponed it until next Easter! That colourful birthday banner is gorgeous and hung over the fireplace like that makes it look so inviting. What a lovely gift! Very special. I hope the Rowan tree pulls through and you get to see those pink berries decorating the garden. keep well Amanda x

    1. Thank you so much Amanda. I hope you get to visit at Easter. Such a pretty time of year x

  9. Dear Jacquie, I seem to come visit here at the right times, shortly after you've posted, but I've only just read that you retired in the summer. Congratulations! As always, your walks and photos are so special. What a gift for your viewers. Yes, bunting is wonderful for adults as well as younger people. I have an urge to get back to my crocheting, and I am looking forward to ordering yarn packs from Lucy's shop and also from Angie's new offerings. Thoughtful of your mother to give a tree for your garden! Alexine in Maryland

    1. Hi Alexine, thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such a kind and thoughtful message. I hope you do enjoy a return to crochet this winter.
      Jacquie x


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