Thursday 28 October 2021

Thursday scenes

 Hello again, I'm happy to be back so soon. Thank you for reading and even commenting so thoughtfully on my post of yesterday. 
 The picture above is today's sunrise. I'm currently taking youngest to work 5 days a week. He's been unable to get a driving test slot yet and his first job is not on a bus route. At this time of year it means I'm getting to see some lovely sunrises. 

I drop him off and come home for breakfast.  Porridge at the moment is my winter version.  Sultanas, a sprinkle of ginger and a drizzle of golden syrup. So warming and satisfying. 

After breakfast I had a walk. There's only time to do 2 miles as I need to go to help my mum in law in under an hour. 

It was such a lovely sunny morning. 

I really like how this image turned out. The long shadows and hint of autumn colour. It was the gathering cloud which had caught my eye.....

No mistaking the autumn's glory here. Glorious.

I've started feeding the churchyard birds again, though they are not very hungry at the moment.  It's something I love to do and one of my favourite things about winter, when the birds are so keen to fly down and eat, meaning I get to see them up close.  It always makes me smile.

Today the sunlight on these yew berries were a highlight...they really glowed. I know they are poisonous but so beautiful. Mother nature's Christmas tree decorations 😊

It was really warm again this afternoon. I'm sure Fred is usually hibernating by this time of year, but today he was enjoying the sunshine and some tomato. 

Soon he will be cosy in his box for the cold months.

It was really breezy today, great weather for drying the washing, though you can see the amount of shade our north facing garden is already in as the sun doesn't rise as high in the sky.

I'll end today's post by sharing the painting mum did today. She sends me photos of her paintings most days as painting is an almost daily activity for mum. This one really appeals to me. We went out earlier this week and I had a walk while she sat and sketched this view.

I'm so glad mum still has this passion to fill her days. 

Creativity is a wonderful thing isn't it lovelies. 
Jacquie x


  1. So good to see you again Jacquie 😃 Delicious breakfast Fabulous being on your walk too and seeing Fred 🐢 Your Mums painting is awesome and do love seeing. Take care out there very windy here in Oz today

  2. Lovely to see you pop up again so soon! I do like the pretty yew berries in the sunshine and Fred enjoying his tomato slices.
    Your mum's painting is charming. I have always enjoyed seeing it!

    Yes, creativity is a wonderful thing. Is there something special happening on your crochet hook at the moment, Jacquie?

  3. I'm glad to see you posting, Jacquie. I've not posted in so long, I'm not sure I can anymore. Lovely photos and your Mum's painting is beautiful, as always.
    Hugs, Sharon

  4. We are starting to have porridge again now and that makes hubby very happy. Your mum's sketching and painting is stunning. Do you still sketch? I know you did some lovely drawings yourself.
    Sleep well Fred x


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