Wednesday 27 October 2021


 .....I  felt the urge to write a blog post, so I'm going with it. Sometimes I  do miss blogging and it's nice to share the small joys with more words than feel appropriate on Instagram. 

This morning I was ironing ( another rediscovered small joy now I have more time in my day.) It's an ideal job to do whilst waiting for my grocery delivery as I  can be sure not to miss the knock at the door. 

My favourite thing to iron are tea towels, and this vintage one always makes me smile. I say vintage, well mum bought it many years ago, on a family holiday when I was little.  

She had it stored away for many years and gave it to me recently. I'm using it as I love to use things rather than save them. 
 I can't recall much about those places we  holidayed ( I  can remember the interior of our caravan in great detail) but I know I got a doll in national dress, much like this lady.

I love tea towels as holiday souvenirs , they add interest to the ironing and this one even teaches you a new language. 

I remembered to add some ingredients I need to make mincemeat to my shopping order (the apples were free at the roadside locally). I'm looking forward to the seasonal pleasure of a kitchen filled with citrus and spicy smells . The jars were saved from last year's batch.

Another seasonal thing is bringing pelargoniums indoors.  I've got quiet a few smaller ones in my conservatory already. I'm hoping this big one will be happy in my potting shed. 

Maybe I'm getting a bit carried away,  moving tender plants indoors at the moment.  It's been so mild,  especially today. 18 degrees in late October.  It feels very kind,  if rather unsettling . My cosmos are going from strength to strength.

They are so tall as well!

Maybe I shouldn't have planted any bulbs yet either as they are sprouting. Go back to sleep little beauties.

I decided to pick a few blooms to enjoy indoors,  mostly cosmos, but there's a rose and few dahlias in there too.

I've popped them on the table beside my chair and they are making me smile 

As you can see I've also got the beginnings of a new crochet project here too. I'm looking forward to sharing more about this soon.

I hope this post turns out ok. It's tricky blogging on my phone, so apologies for any odd layout. Still, I'm happy to be adding to my blog and hope to continue.  As much as I love Instagram sometimes all the rapid scrolling feels a bit empty.  I wonder if you know what I mean? Blogging takes longer but I'm kind of hankering for the escape of writing. The world seems so troubled these days I feel like talking with you lovelies about my days is what my head needs right now.  It is so nice to be back.

I do hope you are finding ways to cope with the challenges you face. 

Jacquie x 


  1. I was so happy to see your posting today, and I look forward to reading more of what you wish to say and enjoying your photos as well...welcome back...!!

  2. Yay seeing you here Jacquie. Love to see what you are doing. Here my blog at times is a savour to sanity lol

  3. Yes, blogging does take longer, but it's always a pleasure to see the blogs we follow making new posts.
    I have spread out my blog posts, but I don't want to stop as I enjoy revisiting the places I have visited and the things I have done! So many blogs I used to follow have now closed down. So sad!
    I like the look of your new crochet project!

  4. I blog... I feel sort of nearer to other craft bloggers this way. There are times when I can't keep up and sometimes I think I'll stop but then I it calls again and I want to know what everyone is doing LOL! I don't get on with Instagram but it could be I need to learn how to use it :-) Always good to hear from you Jacquie. I must admit I also like to get tea towels from where I travel to. They are great keepsakes of our holidays. They are also very practical and the really pretty ones I sometimes use as a table cloth on my coffee table at the same time they are a great conversation piece as well when I have my Spanish family visiting. This one is particularly lovely and I do like that you get to learn some Welsh too. I am afraid although I like to see them ironed I really hate ironing LOL! Look forward to seeing what your new crochet make will be. Keep well. Amanda x

  5. I, too, love ironing tea towels and I had that very tea towel. My mum bought it for me when she went on holiday to Anglesey many years ago. We are Welsh but I live in England and it was helpful in teaching my kids some Welsh. I used the tea towel until it almost fell apart earlier this year.

  6. Lovely to see you blogging again Jacquie. My pelargoniums are resting in the garage at the moment but will be wintering in the conservatory where they will probably continue to flower a little more. Pretty flowers from the garden too x


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