Tuesday 9 November 2021

A Mixed Bag

Hello Lovelies, 
I hope you've had a good day. I'm back, sharing the random selection of pictures I captured on my camera today. Things that made me smile.
I love the early morning sun as it shines under our silver birch tree.

It's leaves are only just beginning to start getting their autumn colour, where as my little cherry tree is the most gorgeous orange already and positively glowed in the morning sunshine.

 Here's a bit of a rubbish photo, but I took it as I was so pleased I can finally recycle soft plastics locally. I know the most important change is to try and reduce buying plastic wrapped things in the first place, but in reality that's really tricky at the moment so THANK YOU CO-OP for having recycling bins in your stores.

Out and about with my mum in law this morning we loved this beautiful window display. I especially adored the painting of a winter scene on the glass.

It was Christmassy but overall just felt like a homage to winter and I love winter.

I'm not wishing autumn away though. We went around this beautiful square of grass and magnificent mature trees. I'm sure the residents of the bungalows and flats here must appreciate having this view. I know I would. Such a great way to keep in touch with the seasons and encourage wildlife.

It was a very short walk with mum in law and I was busy this afternoon so I headed out to do a couple of miles after dark. 

It's so mild out again at the moment it was very pleasant , even a bit too warm for my coat wearing self. 

Think I'll be regretting changing to the winter duvet tonight.

Is the weather strangely mild where you are lovelies? 
Jacquie x

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  1. The lighting on the Silver Birch and the painted shop windows are lovely.
    Yes, the weather has been unseasonably mild here too, though for three days now we've been having icy winds and scarves and gloves have been coming out!


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