Sunday 5 December 2021

Festive Beginnings

Hello lovelies, 
thank you for all your thoughtful comments on my previous post. It's nice to be able to share concerns as well as joys some times. Thankfully I'm still relaxed about taking local walks by myself..... it's one of the most important things I do for my wellbeing, physical and mental. I don't think that's overstating how much benefit I get from being outside just noticing the seasons and small details.

Obviously sometimes it's more photogenic and inviting than others.

 Oh my, we've  some beautiful weather since we last talked. On Monday morning I couldn't wait to get outside as we had the rare treat of a blanket of snow.

 A frozen wonderland.

I was certainly glad of these mittens I made last winter. Touching the cold metal with bare hands would not be pleasant . 

They have my own phone photography adaptation too. This is rather strange looking but means I can use my phone without removing my mitten. It's easy to draw my hand back inside the mitten too. It looks funny but works great.

The icy sunrise was beautiful.

and the world looked like Narnia.

Of course I had bird seed in my pocket to leave on suitable fence posts. I always put these picnics where there is tree cover so the small birds will hopefully be safe from birds of prey....though I appreciate they have to eat too.

Here I followed the footpath through the remnants of the horse paddocks. They have now moved a bit further on.

This huge field can be a boggy mess in winter but on Monday it was a crunchy glory. A space to breath, feel small, and wonder at the "mother of pearl" sky.

Snow clung to every surface.

and I do love this sort of scene.

Snow in the trees but not on the roads, ideal.

It was just a light dusting and warmer temperatures soon saw it disappear completely. This was Tuesday. The garden is looking more open again as I had to remove all my sad Cosmos which the snow has finished off. 

I've been moving the more tender of my plants to sheltered positions. This cordyline looked pretty sad after spending last winter outside so I had put it in my arbour.

Just look at this amazing firework of a plant. I love it's colour and form.

It's looking really healthy at the moment and I'm not sure the arbour would be enough protection so I moved it into the potting shed on Tuesday. There's a growing collection of things I don't want to succumb to the winter weather in there. It's not heated but I hope they will be happier than outside at least.

Most of my pelargoniums are in the conservatory, which does have some underfloor heating to keep the chill off. 

They flower happily all winter in here and brighten the darkest months. I just love going in here on a mildish afternoon and removing the dead flowers and brown leaves. It smells a little like summer and is the gentlest of winter gardening.

Midweek it was time to turn the calendars over on to the final month of 2021. I love this Robin on my recycled  Carolyn Carter calendar so much.

On Thursday the colour of the berries caught my eye and I picked a few to look at them more closely. Rosehips, hawthorn berries and sloes from the blackthorn.

So much colour compared to Monday.

Indoors the colour is growing too. We have a mix of Christmas and birthday vibe going on at the moment as youngest turned nineteen this week....Nineteen! 

We always used to leave the tree until a week after his birthday but he was keen for it to go up this weekend so it has.

This weekend I've been busy trying to straighten up the house again, as well as  making a start on the Christmas decorating. I have had my first mince pie though. I saw somebody online making little puff pastry mincemeat parcels with ready made pastry and though it looked worth a try.

Super easy and they looked good. Eldest said he likes my mincemeat better than the bought stuff. Bless him. 

I liked it too, which was a relief as you may recall I experimented by omitting the suet this year. I will made some proper shortcrust pastry mince pies next time but these were nice for a change.

And a little treat after my Covid booster vaccination today....for which I am very grateful.

Wishing you a healthy and happy week ahead lovelies, chat soon.

Jacquie x


  1. A lovely lead-up to the Christmas period with the crochet on your hook, snowfall and a lovely cosy scene in your living room with an armchair. A good idea to bring your geraniums inside.
    I'm sorry you didn't feel safe on a recent walk on your own. I hope that the experience will not repeat itself. I had something similar happen to me once and asked my tall son, then 17, if he would come on a few walks with me just to show that I wasn't alone. I had no more trouble! Sons are useful that way!

  2. The morning sum over the winter landscape looks amazing.

  3. Happy Healthy week to you too Jacquie. Such lovely photos and beautiful plants you share. It often makes my day ❤🙋‍♀️😀

  4. Those mincemeat parcels look lovely and a brilliant alternative to the traditional version.
    Your tree looks good with all the trimmings and is looking very festive x

  5. The winter landscape and skies are like old paintings. Absolutely beautiful and so peaceful.

  6. Come back Bunny Mummy! You are very missed!


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